That’s right. If you can do Thanksgiving on a yacht, why not? Yachting is something that can be enjoyed by the entire family, and that’s what Thanksgiving is all about. Being on the open seas would be a welcome change for many from a traditional Thanksgiving.

If you decide to give Thanksgiving on a boat a go, confirm your number of attendees and prepare the quantity of food accordingly. Alternatively, you can set up dinner buffet style. Then, prepare to sit down with an intimate group of your favorite people.

A Seafood Feast

Turkey is, obviously, the most used dish at Thanksgiving. However, since you’re on board a yacht or are docked at your favorite spot, why not embrace your environment and serve Thanksgiving seafood style? Some of our favorites at United Yacht include oyster stuffing made from the freshest oysters of the days catch. For a light yet
filling soup, you can try pumpkin and shrimp bisque. You’ll want to provide yourself enough time to shell the shrimps before boiling. The shrimp heads add a wonderful
flavor and complexity to the bisque. Make sure to strain the broth properly to remove any bits of shell or shrimp heads. You only want the lovely crustacean flavor and a smooth, silky soup to compliment the pumpkin.

Yummy Salmon

Make Thanksgiving dinner even more luxurious with a smoked salmon appetizer. You can buy the salmon really fresh or catch it yourself for a true feast. You can opt to slice and smoke the salmon yourself to get the most out of the flavor. Alternatively, you can buy the smoke salmon ahead of time and garnish it with a light fennel salad and some dill leaves.

For the main course, serve pecan crab cakes and lobster mac and cheese for that comfort food appeal, but luxurious vibe. Of course, no feast would be complete without dessert. Choose to have a traditional apple pie a la mode or a some poached pears with whipped cream. Champagne and white wine all around will make the evening great.

Of course, if your guests are the caviar-loving types, now is the time to spare no expense and be truly grateful for the company of family and friends. Life aboard a yacht is THE life!