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photo of Featured Yacht Broker Spotlight: Captain Ben Pollon

Featured Yacht Broker Spotlight: Captain Ben Pollon

By Robert Bowman | Posted On Mar 17, 2023
Updated On Mar 23, 2023

When it comes to the business of yachting, Captain Ben Pollon has done just about everything there is to do. Growing up in the Turks and Caicos Islands led him to a life on the ocean from an early age and the 'water gene' has never subsided. Ben has done everything from owning a marine repair business, to captaining luxury superyachts for charter, and continues to be a successful yacht broker through his new endeavor - YachtPlay.

They say 'Experience is the teacher of all things' and if so, Ben is well-suited for any challenge. He has crossed the Atlantic ocean 13 times and completed nearly a dozen Panama Canal transits. He's captained countless charters all over the world. "Ben is the consummate professional," said Jeff Palmer, President of United Yacht Sales. "Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about the higher end side of the yachting industry, but he's a hard worker. He's a full time, professional broker and that commitment is on full display to his clients. There's no cutting corners with Ben."

To differentiate himself among the rest of the yacht brokerage industry and to provide his listing clients with added exposure, Ben created 'YachtPlay' as a separate division under United Yacht Sales. "My goal with YachtPlay is to showcase my expertise when it comes to buying and selling a yacht, but also incorporate my network of past clients and personalized level of customer service," says Ben. "Between YachtPlay and the benefits that United Yacht Sales provides, we have a lot of available tools at our disposal to get your boat sold or assist you in find the perfect one for your needs.

If you would like to reach Ben about discussing the sale or purchase of a yacht, please contact him at 954-448-3184 or by email at


(Seen below: Ben and his two kids)

ben pollon and kids


Here are a few gun 'Quick Facts' about Ben:

  • Hometown: Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands – now live in Jupiter, Fl.
  • Retirement Plans: Surf, fish, travel, and spend time with my kids
  • Favorite Restaurant: Carbone in NYC
  • Favorite Thing To Do On The Weekend: Spend time with my kids at the beach or on the water
  • Dogs Or Cats?: Dogs!
  • Favorite Boat Show?: Palm Beach Boat Show and Monaco Yacht Show
  • Favorite Concert?: Coldplay in London
  • If you could own one boat, it would be?: An expedition yacht, so that I could do some extensive cruising and exploring. And of course, with all of the required yacht toys!


Q. What were your earliest memories of being on a boat?

A. My earliest boating memory has to be sailing through the Bahamas on the family boat, which was a steel-hull Belgium built sloop. That’s how we spent our summers and they’re some of my best memories.

(Seen Below: A young Capt. Pollon learning to sail.)

young ben pollon learning to sail

Q. What has been the most fulfilling part about helping people buy or sell their boat?

A. I really enjoy selling someone a boat and watching them have fun and build memories with it. Sometimes it’s introducing someone new to boating and the ocean and it’s really fulfilling to be a part of that journey. I truly believe that boating is the best recreation there is to spend meaningful time with the ones closest to you.


Q. What advice would you give to someone looking to buy their first yacht, but are brand new to boating?

A. Make sure you work with a yacht broker that really has the experience and knowledge to not only educate you about specific boats, but all things related to them. That includes running costs, maintenance, insurance, dockage etc. Not having a good understanding of what they’re getting into can make it a bumpy ride for new buyers. I try and educate my clients so that they have a full scope of all costs and upkeep so they can focus on the fun aspects of being a boat owner.

Q. How do you set yourself apart from other brokers in how you build a relationship with a client, as well as the job you do for them?

By providing years of experience not only as a broker, but as a Captain with a background in shipyards and repair, I’m able to assist clients in ways that most other brokers can’t. I also like to go above and beyond for my clients and that starts by dedicating as much time as it takes to make the buying or selling process as easy as possible and carries on well after the transaction. Whether that’s offering boat handling training, educating a client on a destination or problem solving issues, I always make myself available.


Q. You’ve done 13 trans-Atlantic crossings. What advice would you give to someone looking to do the same?

A. Tough question with a long answer! I would sum it up by saying do your homework, be prepared and have a good weather source. If all goes well by the time you get to the other side you’ll be bored from staring at the same ocean for a couple of weeks.

(Seen below: The motor yacht 'PICNIC' captained by Ben Pollon.)

motoryacht PICNIC

Q. What lessons have you learned from being a captain on high-profile yachts and how have you used those lessons when working as a yacht broker?

I learned a lot of great things in the yachting industry and as a Captain you wear many different hats, all which you have to be good at! For me, the biggest thing that carries over into yacht brokering is having the ability to navigate difficult situations skillfully while maintaining professionalism. Not all boat deals are easy ones, but when handled correctly they can seem like they were.

8. What destination is on your bucket list to visit?

I’d love to visit Alaska. I’ve been to many hard-to-reach places on the globe and Alaska has always intrigued me.


Q. Who has been your biggest mentor in your career in the boating industry? (Or just in life?)

A. I’m going to have to go with my dad on this one. He taught me so much about boats and the meaning of good seamanship that I don’t think I’d be where I am today without that knowledge.

ban pollon and dad boating


Q. Has social media changed how you interact with previous customers and prospective customers? Favorite social media?

A. Social media has certainly become increasingly important in my world, especially with regards to marketing and brand recognition. Instagram is my most used platform, you can find me at @sellingsuperyachts and @capt.benpollon. Having said that I still prefer a good old fashioned phone call to stay in touch with my clients!

Q. What are some of the reasons you decided to ‘hang your hat’ with United Yacht Sales?

I chose United because I really felt that there was a good team environment with brokers working together, not against each other. I also liked the fact that Jeff Palmer and I have both had lengthy careers as large yacht Captains. This level of hands on experience is rare to find at the top of a brokerage and is something that I put a lot of value in.

(Seen below: Captain Ben on board with clients at a South Florida boat show.)

ben helping clients


Q. How is the level of support you receive at United Yacht Sales? Do you feel like there is a team behind you and your clients helping to get your boat sold?

A. United Yacht Sales has a great support staff that is super responsive. I know I can always get the assistance needed to help market my clients' yachts, get answers on closings, access to slips at boat shows, and so much more. There are over a dozen members of the support team at United, each with a different area of focus. They help me get your boat listed on all of the different MLS websites out there, all of the paperwork associated with selling a boat, and a lot more. It frees me up to spend time with my client and focus on the things that matter.


Q. Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

A. Hopefully retired with my toes in the and somewhere.

Q: What is YachtPlay and how will it offer a different experience for potential buyers or sellers?

A. At United Yacht Sales, we are encouraged as professional yacht brokers to grow our own individual businesses. YachtPlay is simply that, my own yacht brokerage business built on the foundation of my morals, values, and commitment to my clients. The beauty of this is it becomes my own personal brand, a name that stands for the things I believe in and will hopefully resonate through referrals and around the network of yacht owners. So I can combine YachtPlay with all of the benefits that United Yacht Sales has to offer, which immediately allows me to compete with other brokers at other major firms. YachtPlay is essentially the best of both works - your personalized service, with the benefits of the largest brokerage in North America.

(Seen below: The goal of YachtPlay summed up in one photo - making memories on the water!)

boy jumping off of boat


With over 250 yacht brokers worldwide, United Yacht Sales has the largest network of boat buyers and sellers in the industry. We focus 100% of our efforts and marketing budget on our clients' listings, not new boat inventory or trade-ins we own. The result is a personal experience with our expert sales and support teams that will leave you excited to get on the water and satisfied with your experience. United Yacht Sales looks forward to many years of a successful relationship with Captain Ben Pollon and his clients!