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Used Motor Yachts For Sale

If leisurely cruising to far away destinations for days at a time with all of the comforts of home sounds enjoyable, then owning a motor yacht may be your vessel of choice. While there are many different styles and brands of motor yachts, these boats are typically found over the 40-foot threshold with some superyachts pushing over 120-feet. Whether a flybridge style or enclosed bridge, motor yachts come in a variety of layouts that include spacious salons, full galleys, multiple cabins with en suite heads, and lots of storage space for extended trips. Many of the larger motor yachts tend to have a captain and crew to run the boat safely and have their own sleeping and eating quarters below deck for the owner's privacy.


PRE-OWNED Motor Yachts

photo of 230' Custom Jadewerft 2007


230' Custom Jadewerft 2007

Portland, Maine, United States

photo of 184' Wesmac Warsan 184 2008

184' Wesmac Warsan 184 2008

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

photo of 181' Mitsubishi Shimonoseki HYS Conversion 2011


181' Mitsubishi Shimonoseki HYS Conversion 2011


photo of 180' Newcastle 5500 Series 2011


180' Newcastle 5500 Series 2011

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States

photo of 180' Trinity Yachts 2005


180' Trinity Yachts 2005

Split, Croatia

photo of 175' Majesty Yachts Tri-Deck 2020


175' Majesty Yachts Tri-Deck 2020

United Arab Emirates

photo of 174' Oceanfast Custom Superyacht 2004


174' Oceanfast Custom Superyacht 2004

Miami Beach, Florida, United States

photo of 165' GHI Yachts 2023


165' GHI Yachts 2023

Korea, Republic of

photo of 164' Trinity Yachts Tri-Deck Motor Yacht 2010


164' Trinity Yachts Tri-Deck Motor Yacht 2010

Savannah, Georgia, United States

photo of 161' Trinity Yachts Motor Yacht 2005


161' Trinity Yachts Motor Yacht 2005

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

photo of 164' Oceanfast 1998


164' Oceanfast 1998

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

photo of 164' Westport 50-Meter 2009


164' Westport 50-Meter 2009

Newport, Rhode Island, United States

photo of 163' RMK Marine 2020


163' RMK Marine 2020


photo of 162' Oceanco Oceanco 50m 1994


162' Oceanco Oceanco 50m 1994


photo of 157' Oceanfast 2010


157' Oceanfast 2010

Fort Lauderdale, Bahamas

While cruising in a motor yacht is typically done in the 8-12 knot range for fuel efficiency reasons, today's yacht owner wants the ability to get to their destinations more quickly. By coming standard with twin diesel engines that can exceed 1,500HP each, a luxury motor yacht can easily cruise at 15-20 knots and achieve even higher top speeds. The changes in design and improved construction techniques have also led to new, innovative uses of spaces on board. Larger windows are now found on most yachts in the salons, big berths in the staterooms offer a more comfortable overnight experience, and many layouts offer en suite heads in all the cabins.

Below are some prominent motor yacht brands:

Yachts usually offer several staterooms and there will be one or more heads (a.k.a. bathrooms) aboard. Then there’s the “galley” - a nautical term for kitchen - and the larger yachts with a flybridge —the open upper deck— may even have an optional outside galley with a grill and sink. A salon - which is our typical living room - is primarily the main inside social space. The larger yachts will have an engine room. You’ll enjoy a yacht’s aft-deck outdoor dining areas, outside helm steering station, and aft deck and bow sunpads to accommodate those lounging moments.

These stylish and modern floating wonders offer a spectacular level of privacy and opulence for the lucky owners. The standard in a yacht: designer interiors, high-end amenities and spacious entertaining areas…

Get ready to do some ocean crossing, island jaunts, or coastal cruising. Decide on heading out for a fun in the sun day cruise, or for some real decompressing - a week. And when the doctor’s orders are to disconnect and stop to smell the roses, you can head away for a month or — when ready for retirement from what’s been heavy on your shoulders —a few years is doable a motor yacht. She’ll allow you to explore all types of destinations from North America to the Bahamas or the Caribbean and far beyond. A yacht is perfect for making a special occasion something extraordinary so make sure to include her as the ultimate venue for entertaining your gang for a lovely luncheon or an evening dinner and dancing cruise. If you have a long weekend or longer open, then head out further with your friends/family to explore uncharted territory and experience days of bliss.

What will this cost… you may be thinking as we wet your appetite for this yachting lifestyle you’ve been invited out on but never thought to join in on your own? Well, the liberty to head out when you want with the friends you choose, is the motivation and, with the right yacht broker guiding you, you’ll be able to find your perfect purchase within your budget. Prices can range from $100,000 to well into the millions depending on the size, age, brand and onboard goodies —especially how she’s powered, and what electronics she features - which all can add some punch to the price.

Take note that this type vessel is made to cruise long distances and feature state of the art electronic navigation and communication packages to help in that feat. Get ready to get educated on the power of these water babies, as they have some sizable engines and generators. For those who have family or friends whose sea legs aren’t quite developed as others, you’ll want to invest in a good stabilization system to avoid the rocking that can make the ride a bit unpleasant.

Up until the 1950s, yachts were primarily made of wood. As we fast forward to modern day, you’ll find the yacht manufacturers using all types of materials from steel to aluminum, or even plywood or veneers.

You’ll find many yacht enthusiasts even charter these yachts for special outings that leave a memorable taste for all. Some owners have been known to enjoy the tax benefits and include theirs in the market’s charter offerings both of which we are able to assist with - as well.

A yacht will offer many opportunities for insane fun. The list is long and includes additions such as hot tubs, dance floors, elaborate up-lit bars, and even wading pools.

The sky is the limit when customizing a yacht, with only your pocketbook limiting you at all.
Many choose to have a custom-made yacht built new from scratch - which is definitely an option for those unable to find what they are looking for on the used yacht market. Whatever type or style yacht you choose, you’ll be benefitting in more ways then one with this decision. A yacht will allow you to spend more time with your family - providing them with experiences to last a lifetime. You’ll also find that taking up yachting as a hobby opens you up to new horizons expanding your mind with vividly awesome breathtaking moments. Yachting has been known to reduce stress levels too —picture yourself on your yacht anchored out in the crystal clear blue waters of a remote island and your heart rate calms to a peaceful state just from the thought!

Buying a yacht allows you to be spontaneous and hop aboard at any time for an unplanned trip to see the world on your schedule. We are excited to assist you in exploring the unexplored in the comfort of your own luxury yacht!