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You know you’re shopping for the right yacht when that particular yacht manufacturer plays an integral role in the success of other yacht builders such as big names like Hatteras, Burger and Amels, etc. Yes, Hargrave —a premier American yacht design firm planted it’s seeds in 1957 with the direction of world renowned designer Jack Hargrave.

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With Jack Hargrave’s passing in 1997, Michael Joyce —having been a Hargrave employee in years past, returned after a twenty year break to become president and CEO. Michael Joyce explained in an interview— that Jack Hargrave’s name was a brand at this point and had an outlined plan to begin construction of luxury yachts under the Hargrave name.

“In our company we measure our design objectives against Jack Hargrave’s dictum that, at the end of the day, the boat has to perform at sea. Everything else in the design process needs to bend to that single principle. It’s the right way to do it, and at Hargrave, it’s the only way to do it,” said Mr. Joyce.

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With a gift of being an innovator, Michael Joyce, CEO of Hargrave Custom Yachts has been able to integrate technology without changing what has worked. As a creative entrepreneur MIchael, with his deep love for yachting combined with thirty years of experience as CEO in the industry, discerned it was the perfect time for an 80 - 150’ truly custom yacht —with appropriate pricing —to slip into the market.

Such things as computer-aided design and ease of communication helped welcome Hargrave into the current 21st Century. Mr. Joyce’s philosophy was that in these days, most buyers customize everything they purchase in life. Production boats were the rage then but they weren’t for everyone. “

In the past twenty years, Hargrave has grown to be awarded as one of the top names in the mid sized luxury yacht market. Winning the hearts of just over 100 individual clients with orders from each, they have quickly become America’s favorite in not only the builder category but qw designers and distributors in this world-class custom yacht. This fave builder averages eight to ten yachts under construction at one time. Then at the Hargrave Concept Studio, they also have six all new models currently going through development and prototyping. Over 52% of the Hargrave owners have built more than one yacht with them and some are onto their fourth new Hargrave! This leaves us to encourage one to take a closer look at this fabulous yacht builder.

Their custom yachts are the most intriguing and sought after by American clients since 1957, and are holding onto the place of number one in their market segment. One is able to bring their ideas of any type, shape or size to Hargrave as they know how to bring the concepts to reality and even on time and, most importantly, on budget. For the first time ever, yacht owner’s to be could now buy a custom made yacht at the same price as a production yacht!

From 1997 on, Hargrave Custom Yachts has been led by Michael Joyce, a well-known figure in yacht industry circles. The latest on the company is that Joyce plans to sell 50-percent ownership —whose family currently holds complete and total ownership.

The founder, Jack Hargrave, a world renowned naval architect has been responsible for more than 7,000 vessels of all kinds. From 1977 to 1981, Joyce worked for Hargrave but then moved on to build the brokerage house— Colonial Yacht Sales. But then in the mid-1990s he became to work on a book about his life and, unfortunately, during this time, the designer died suddenly. Joyce felt strongly that Hargrave’s legacy could segway into a yacht-building brand. He also trusted the legacy could make way for a personal experience with customers. He then acquired the rights to the design office from Hargrave’s widow. They were literally left with the ability to launch a new project in hours because of all the design, engineering, and proven test data that they already had in place.

To continue the historical study, we come to find out the first Hargrave motoryacht was delivered in 1999 at 87 feet and under the name of Hound Dog—today as Boxes II. This sky-lounge motoryacht was the catalyst to bring forth larger, Hargrave Custom Yacht projects. And another tidbit, is the largest-ever Hargrave is currently in build, for a three-time customer and it’s length is a whopping 184 feet (56 meters)!!

Joyce —who had stepped down as president in 2007, while Michael DiCondina walked into his shoes, he has remained the full-share owner. “Mike D,” as DiCondina is referred to, possesses strong leadership. “He has the company poised to expand into even larger yachts,” Joyce asserts. The 184 as one of these.

In addition, Joyce credits the Gong family, owners of Kha Shing Enterprises, with the brand’s success. This Taiwanese yard is credited for the majority of the yachts. 20 years later, they have built 95 custom yacht projects together, with more on the drawing board.

And the Hargrave story will continue on…and thankfully so as a company who has stood the test of time and done so with flying colors!

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