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When choosing the perfect yacht, if stability, space, and quality are among your needs, consider a pre-owned Leopard Power Catamaran. Known for being seaworthy and very stable thanks for the mutli-hull design, the layout also affords owners an incredible platform for entertaining or even living on board. Leopard Power Cats hold a a strong global reputation in both sailing catamarans and power. Leopard's can even be purchased and used for charter, allowing you to offset the cost of owning your own floating island.

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With a global record for being top-notch, ocean going sailing cats, Leopard Catamarans also builds fabulous, modern and cost-friendly power catamarans. We invite you to contact a United Yacht broker today and allow us to help you find the perfect power catamaran or sailing catamaran.

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Taking a tour of their production line up, a trip through the new Leopard 43 Powercat, is first on the agenda. Robertson & Caine built with a Simonis Voogd Design interior, this stunning Leopard 43 Powercat takes over the place of the Leopard 39 Powercat.

A true winner of hearts, the Leopard 51 Powercat’s new and improved elder, the Leopard 53 Powercat, is actually a 4th generation version and features all the popular 51 features and many more making it all a powercat dreams to be for its owner. This efficient, spacious, magnificent specimen embodies the lavishness of a motor yacht. Pure style and superb performance, she will be launched in 2020 in Miami, La Grande Motte, & Sydney.

The Leopard 50 was a huge success, winning awards, for their lounge version leading up to their Leopard 45 sweetie— being made available with a lounge in Fall 2020 which will include a seating area and sunbed.

Leopard 50 was made as a versatile replacement for the award-winning Leopard 48 (Boat of the Year 2012), the new Leopard 50 is an exciting new cruising, sailing catamaran available, now, with 2 exterior layout plans. The Leopard 50 boasts a spacious flybridge— unusually sweet for a boat in the 50 range.

Built by Robertson & Caine, the Leopard line’s flagship, the Leopard 58, is built to the highest standards. Offering various layouts, she is a favorite amongst the most discerning of center console buyers where amenities never seen before are aplenty!

40 years of customer recommendations led Leopard to contract Robertson and Caine to design the Leopards of today ensuring they cover all the customer ‘must haves’ such as being roomy, powerful and performance-based ocean going cruising catamarans. Being the only catamaran brand certified both in Europe and the Americas (NMMA Certified – ABYC Standards & CE Certified – CE Standards), all will be rest assured of safety. Over 1,800 Leopard cats have been delivered worldwide thanks to the fine standard that’s made owners decide they fit the bill.

Many will want to know where these fine products of exceptional quality were born, So we take a trip in time back to 1994, when South African builder, Robertson and Caine, decided to collaborate with one of the premier charter companies in the world at that time, The Moorings. They were enlisted to build special designed catamarans for their charter fleet. In just less than 4 years, the 100th catamaran was received by Robertson and Caine to The Moorings. Each one of the 100 vessels arrived on their own bottom proving their sea worthiness in every which way.

Hence, with the market demand, the launch of Leopard Catamarans happened in the year 2000. Customers flocked to purchase these wonderful sea going lovelies for their own private use and were pleased with the customization that could be had in every order placed.

In 2007 the power catamaran emerged with Leopard’s 47 power catamaran. Boasting of stellar fuel efficiency, the Leopard 47PC was all the rage. Next came the Leopard 37PC for those desiring a smaller powercat. Then in 2011 it was replaced by the Leopard 39PC. As we fall upon 2015, the Leopard 43PC took the main seat and finally, the Leopard 51PC replaced the Leopard 47PC encompassing lots of exciting features such as a forward cockpit.

Leopard Catamaran hit their 1000th vessel in 2012 proving they are quite a leader in the quality catamaran sector for private and charter fleets across the globe. Their dealership network includes 6 continents and 20 countries and growing. Rest assured— parts and expert advice is always close at hand! Don’t hesitate when dreaming of a Leopard Catamaran as this fine build will be sure to please and make those dreams come true!

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