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When familiar with the yacht market, one would most definitely have heard of the fine build, Cheoy Lee, but there are many interesting facts that may not have come up when walking the docks at the many boat shows about this luxury builder. At present, Cheoy Lee, a world-renowned builder of luxury yachts and super yachts up to 60 meters, are based in Doumen in Southern China with a second shipyard in the Howloon Peninsula in Hong Kong.

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How did it all begin and where? Travel back in time to the year 1870 and imagine stepping into the magical Shanghai and you’ll find Cheoy Lee’s first shipyard. A yacht wasn’t the focus here though… this yard was building and repairing steam-powered vessels. The founding family (still the same family today) came much later in 1936 and relocated the shipyard to Hong Kong where power cargo vessels were birthed with the purpose of out-running the Japanese blockade. It wasn’t until the mid-1950s, that anything that resembled a sailing or motor yacht was created there but what a welcome surprise was had by all when they showed their first teak sailing and motor yachts. They brought aboard top naval architects for this feat. And a successful one it was at that as it grew so that luxury yachts grew to be approximately 90 percent of the shipyard’s production.

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The commercial sect didn’t suffer from a loss as Cheoy Lee continued to build large commercial vessels and to this day is still pumping them out too! The focus continued to remain on this trail-blazing manufacturer come the 1960s and 70s when Cheoy Lee won the applause of the yachting industry by pioneering the use of GRP construction technology. With that, in 1977, they launched the motorsailer Shango II – the largest composite yacht of it’s time measuring in at, then, a whopping 39.62 meters. Then came another surprise to the yachting corner of the world —the first all-foam-cored production yacht named the Cheoy Lee 48’ Sport Yacht!

The year 1999, Cheoy Lee continued to shine a bright light with a new facility that would allow them the fabulous ability to build luxury yachts and ships up to 60 meters in length. Their choice to base this revolutionary shipyard was on the Pearl River in Doumen.

Marco Polo won the attention of many In 2007 as Cheoy Lee’s 44.8-meter oceangoing Explorer Yacht worked up by Ron Holland and featuring completely new power – a single Caterpillar diesel engine combined with a Schottel vectoring bow thruster. Her maximum speed clocked in at 14.5 knots. With impressive fuel efficiency and a fabulous range of 6,000 nautical miles at 10.5 knots. Mazu, was born after Marco Polo and was all the rage with its custom interior.

When looking for versatility in a builder, Cheoy Lee reaches the mark as they offer a few semi-custom luxury yacht series. With customers being given the opportunity to choose from either the Alpha performance yacht range, Bravo raised pilothouse motor yacht range, Serenity luxury cruising yacht range and the Explorer superyacht series, there’s always a match made in heaven in this paradise for any yachtsmen. Impressive choices of steel, aluminum, composite and combinations of these materials are made available to each owner.

Fort Lauderdale has been the home headquarters for Cheoy Lee in North American for about 25 years now. Smart move since Fort Lauderdale is not only the boating capital of the world but a fun spot to travel to when boat shopping. This location is the company’s biggest US market too!

Looking for a builder with over 70 years under their shipyard belt, then Cheoy Lee will be moving to the top of your ‘must see’ list. Birthing more than 5,000 vessels and not just their five types of motoryachts, Cheoy Lee can also be considered a serious source for tugboats, patrol boats, ferries and supply ships to motoryachts, sportfishermen and even trawlers. To take a look at their five different types of pleasure motoryachts, we start with The Global series for those looking for a vessel for long-range cruising. Then we move onto the Bravo line —your traditional motoryacht. Next up, is the Serenity series featuring expedition-style yachts. There’s also the Marco Polo boats with cruising ranges of around 6,000 miles plus. Finally, their Alpha series is a refreshing step into the world of high-tech, performance-based yachts.

The brains behind this yachting dynasty is a family by the last name of Lo. The eight Lo brothers own and operate Cheoy Lee. Back in 1870, the Lo family began running it as a boat repair yard.

What has attracted the many Cheoy Lee yacht owners to this build as their first choice? They are known for their streamlined and captivating designs. Cheoy Lees use of light, yet strong materials draw discerning yacht buyers to the brand for its efficiency in all areas. Slim marble slices and honeycomb technology on wood furniture and aluminum sections, gives each finished product a dose of strength while lightening its weight and making advances in fuel economy.

Unless you’re looking at a used Cheoy Lee, you’ll have to plan the arrival of your newborn beauty out a bit as it takes from seven to 24 months for delivery. Well worth the wait for a masterpiece built to take you

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