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The 1990’s brought about many new and exciting trends and one of them was the creation of a wonderful brand. It’s founder was actually Freedom Yachts of Portsmouth, Rhode Island, a builder of top notch sailing yachts, which helped the new boats have a strong welcoming by the Freedom fans themselves. The birth of a new vessel named the Legacy was welcomed by the industry for their outstanding performance speed, superior handling, comfort, and a solid build to stand up to the oceans most high. Especially popular were the Legacy 40, designed by Mark Ellis, along with designer, Bill Langan’s Legacy 28 of Freedom Yachts. The two were the foundation for many more to come and turned heads with their handsome appeal and speedy performance. Freedom Yacht’s philosophy of boat building was looked upon by many as revolutionary throughout North America and a huge following began.

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In particular, the Legacy 34, also a Mark Ellis design, boasted 3 models to its buyers and a made an impressive mark in the company with over 60 hulls sold! Bill Langan, takes credit for designing the largest Legacy ever—a 52 foot downeast yacht.

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2010 was the year a company named Tartan bought Legacy relocating the company’s 32 and 42 molds to Fairport Ohio —where their manufacturing facility was based. At the same time, the recession, hit the boat business and Legacy took a break in building their boat line. But in 2013/2014, the first new Legacy, a 32 hit the waters. Tartan decided to crank up the 32 and 42 production and has just recently presented the new Legacy 36. The 36 is Mark Ellis and Tartan’s design team’s creation all led by Tim Jackett. These latest models all have the industry a buzz due to Tartan’s exquisite composite technology, the finest component vendors and award winning interior craftwork. Known for their stellar performance, these luxury cruising yachts, now have both the power and sail shopper’s adding Legacy to their ‘must see before we buy’ list.

The perfect collaboration between Legacy and Tartan Yachts was started many years ago, and has proved itself most fruitful with the recent launches of Legacy Yachts.
When sailboat builder introduced Legacy in the 90’s, he received high accolades for their traditional styling, meticulously crafted hull designs and superb navigational abilities combined with great handling topped off with low speed planing for fantastic fuel efficiency. This breed was practical and well-constructed.

As we come to the present era….Tartan’s beautifully hand crafted interiors, high tech composites, and repeated delivery of a superbly performing yacht is what makes the current Legacy truly stand out to buyers looking for something in its class. Offering advanced composite lamination technology by it’s engineers, there’s no doubt this builder has an edge on its competition. The line-up of these new Legacy’s come complete with the best components and engines available to date. Their hulls and decks are known for superior strength yet are light weight for performance which is reliable and great on the pocketbook —aka low maintenance. A nice side note is her fine hand crafted woodwork to impress your best guests. Tartan, being known for their stunning interiors, truly has brought Legacy up several notches of excellence.

The 32 and 42 are still designed by the renowned Mark Ellis, and are benchmarks of the fine principle that Tartan sailboat’s known for over 50 years. These traditional and timeless designs portray what a boat should be in the category of excellent performance and handling.

To take a look at their present models and the highlights of each, the new Legacy 32 is a quiet and dependable ride combined with comfort that we all crave.

The Legacy 36 offers many impressive features and makes a great choice for those most discerning boat owners. When aboard, one will notice her performance and low fuel consumption along with a lovely interior with optional layouts. The 36 won’t leave you high and dry in the dependability aisle and all as she features the finest components. Get ready for a comfortable ride with her proven hull design, and you’ll notice the icing on the cake in her fine lines and a timeless beauty.

Looking for a model with proven performance and a classic design without leaving out any comfort or stability? You’ll have to add the Legacy 42 to your shopping list. IPS paired the latest drive systems with her hull design and poured in Legacy’s advanced marine composites for this lovely addition to the seas. You’ll be pleased this stately traditional motor yacht that offers you a gorgeous, luxury interior. Your crew will be most pleased by her tremendously stable ride.

Legacy —a boat that has evolved to please the present day demands. Have a look and you won’t be disappointed!

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