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The present day Kadey-Krogen trawler yachts come from a 40-year heritage. With more then 600 yachts built today, allow me to open the door to their world of innovative gems. The company principals —Tucker West of Portsmouth, Rhode Island, followed by Larry Polster from Annapolis, Maryland along with Tom Button right here in Stuart, Florida hold these beauties close to their hearts all being life-long boaters and experts in their fields. From 1991 on, the Krogan has been built at a private shipyard in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

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Starting with her latest launches and working our way back to the beginning, we first come to an impressive line-up of what the company has to offer at present. In the Raised Pilothouse category, you’ll have a KROGEN 44' AE, or the Krogen 48' AE, Krogen 52’, Krogen 58' EB, and finally the KROGEN 70’. In the Expedition class, you’ll be impressed by the Krogen 55’ and, finally, in the Open style, the Krogen 50' will fit the bill here.

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In 2018 Krogen released their 50’ Open, which was a exciting shift from any previous Kadey-Krogen models. She holds onto their tried-and-true hull displacement hull form and traditional exterior lines, but she turns down a slightly different road with, what is a new style for Krogen —an open and continually flowing main deck layout. Cruising will be a pleasure in this lovely addition to the line-up and most welcome in any waters, where fun is to be had!

A few years prior, in 2016 Krogen’s 58' EB (Extended Bridge), drew attention as she was quite successful in obtaining new owner’s for these true blue water yachts! Offering lots of outdoor space, you’ll be sure to enjoy eating many meals in this area and inviting 7 additional friends to fit comfortably at her table with ample room for caviar, lobster tails and a big pitcher of Bloody Mary’s!

It was in 2012 that a 44’ AE (Advanced Ergonomics) model hit the high seas with it’s transoceanic hull. Boasting of 25% greater fuel efficiency than other trawlers with a comfortable layout for either cruising or even living aboard, this design broke all the molds in technology and design.

Krogen’s 48' AE (Advanced Ergonomics) was built a year before the 44 footer and took it’s customer’s suggestions seriously to create the 48 AE to provide a user-friendly boat with advanced styling.

As we keep, reversing in time, we stop in 2010 to see the Krogen 52’ popping out. This lovely addition, offered it’s owners a raised pilothouse and ample living areas. She was constructed with entirely new tooling to give it a fresh look.

2008 was an exciting year as the Krogen 55' Expedition had it’s first showing to all and what accolades it received as she provided 25% more interior room than her peers of the same size/type. A true twin-engine expedition capable to take you across serious waters in various ports, this 55 was known for it’s gorgeous looks too.

The Krogen 44 footer, was set apart from the others and birthed in 2004. She stood tall and showed how capable she could be with her state-of-the-art technology.

In 2000, Krogen’s 58 footer was all the rage in her size range. A comfortable and stately model, she was known by all as being quite cable in any type of seas! So well known that 20 were build from 2000-2013!

The 90’s were a busy time, as well, for this company, and in1997, a 39 foot Krogan was released as the ideal coastal cruiser. Many grabbed their favorite couple and their partner and set out to enjoy exotic ocean trips and reported back to Krogan with applause and the desire for another boat or turned their friends onto joining them in boater’s paradise! From 1997—2014 they built 50 of these voyage makers and were spotted in many ports!

1995 was the year of the Krogen 48' North Sea and was the pick of all experienced mariners. She was most capable of trans-Atlantic crossings and was an ideal liveaboard. This model allowed Krogan to pump out 49 from 1995—2010.

The Krogen Whaleback 48’ was built in 1993 and offered many cruise alternatives, and was a comfortable live aboard with lots of storage. The Whaleback was another favorite. 30 were built from 1992—2005.

Back to the year 1988, and Krogen built a 54’ bluewater vessel. For the serious boater it proved Krogen was quite capable on even the rough seas and was known worldwide. She shone with her stunning pilothouse and was a winner in the comfort category as well. 8 of these ocean loves were built during the years of 1987—1991.

As we continue to go back in time, and prove that Krogan has stood the test of time in more ways then one, let’s flip the calendar to 1984 where you would have seen the Krogen Manatee 36’. This coastal cruiser offered more accommodations and amenities than other trawlers in her size range and, at present, continues to do the same! There were an impressive 99 of these popular models built from 1984—1991.

When you lived in the year 1981, as a boater, you were quite familiar with the Krogen Cutter 38’. At this time, this sailboat was designed to handle the shallow Caribbean waters and the blue water areas too! They were busy with this sweetie, with 85 being built from 1984—1991.

And at long last, if we step into 1977, you will truly be awestruck to learn that their Krogen 42’ broke the records with 206 being produced from 1976-1998!! This legend began the story that has led us to today where Kadey-Krogan yachts hold their own in innovative designs, superb cruising and top-notch quality.

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