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Nordhavn is known as the official name of a line of ocean-going, trawler-styled motor yachts designed and produced by Pacific Asian Enterprises, Inc. of Dana Point, California. The vessels range from 41 to 120 feet and have an almost cult-like following among their owners. If you’re interested in traveling the world in a safe, comfortable cruising yacht, let United review the available Nordhavn brokerage market with you and help you decide on the right course of action for your needs.

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In 1973 in Dana Point, California when two men, —Jim Leishman and Dan Streech —who had been working at a yacht company, came across the other and became friends. Since they both adored the ocean — having each racked up many, many offshore sailing miles and created a strong seafarer bond with similar boating experiences in their history.

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Jim and Dan moved on as the brokerage they worked with closed in 1974. They teamed up with Joe Meglen and opened a boutique brokerage in Dana Point. This would eventually become known as the Pacific Asian Enterprises. This yacht brokerage was responsible for the importation of the highly esteemed Transpac 49. In an eight-year span, there were 35 of them imported, sold and delivered

Soon after, Jim’s younger brother, Jeff, who in highschool, joined PAE part time. He assisted the shipyard with the commissioning of new boats, deliveries and even with a sketch-drawing when needed.

The design work was done by an employee who stepped down from PAE, leaving Jeff to spend more and more time there and on his drawing work when in 1982 he went on full time at PAE where he redesigned many of the models to work better for all and even designed his very own as part of his final class grade!

Step forward to 1998, and just in time for PAE to recruit the Southern California sailboat builder, Pacific Seacraft (PSC). They soon built their hottest creation, the Nordhavn 40—with an increase in volume then others her size. Jim and Jeff bounced idea after idea off each other to design this boat.

Then, Hull #21 became the most famous of them all and was named, Nordhavn. She cruised 26,000 miles in the Around The World project in a 27-week period in 2001-2002. The ATW allowed prospects to take a run out on her to see how they liked what they were looking for.

Next up, the Nordhavn 43. This fabulous boat reflected Jeff and Jim’s style and benefitted from the many lessons they learned before to make for a more perfect vessel now. N40 sales continued to sky rocket and production stayed steady. Sadly, in 2004, in Xiamen, China, they shipped the N40 molds to the new South Coast Marine factory.

The 1990's proved to be wildly successfully especially with the Nordhavn model launches.

Having delivered over 400 models, they all continue to get five star reviews especially in sea-worthiness and reliability. Their shipyard produces all types of custom yachts. The Nordhavn is made for those super extended trips traversing the globe. We can’t forget the attention they get from their customers as they continue to return time after time.

Let’s look at the difference between a recreational “trawler” and a true oceangoing passagemaker such as a Nordhavn. Able to cross any ocean in safety and comfort, the Nordhavn is known for its history. 1989 was the year of the N46 when Nordhavn became the first to launch a production deep-sea passagemaker and sold more than 80 —most which are still with their initial owners cruising the world.

Nordhavn presently manufactures the most complete line of deep-sea passagemakers and offers more than 15 models from 40 feet to 120 feet.

Many of the other builders entered the scene attempting to compete with the fine Nordhavn line but it’s hard to reach the bar in reliability and luxury that Nordhavn’s 30+ years of expert building stands for. Boaters from every corner have come to know that Nordhavn is committed to their proven construction methods which are fool-proof to ensure they and their guests will make it to their destination of choice time and time again in total comfort with all the enjoyable amenities that the Nordhavn family has learned to expect!

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