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If you’ve ever made it to the boat show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, you have either heard of or seen a Lazzara Yacht at some point. The history and roots are quite interesting with owner -Vince Lazzara - a Chicago-born chemical engineer from Chicago with a tremendous fondness for the ocean.

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Vince Lazzara went about building a 40 foot sailboat for his own personal use in 1955. Bounty II was built in unison with “AeroMarine” using fiberglass applications that Vince had created. It quickly became the talk on the docks as the largest fiberglass boat ever built.

Come now with me to 1960. Vince decided to start his own company — "Columbia Yachts” which would become the world’s largest manufacturer of fiberglass sailboats. In 1967 he sold Columbia, moved to Florida and started a new company — "Gulfstar” Yachts” which built high quality power and sailing yachts known for their designs.

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Come now with me to 1960. Vince decided to start his own company — "Columbia Yachts” which would become the world’s largest manufacturer of fiberglass sailboats. In 1967 he sold Columbia, moved to Florida and started a new company — "Gulfstar” Yachts” which built high quality power and sailing yachts known for their designs.

Now to meet Brad and Dick, Vince’s two sons, who in 1974 saw a prospering family endeavor opening up right before their very eyes and decided to join their dad in “Gulfstar” which became the charter sailboat dominator in the world.

In 1975, Vince and the boys began focusing on building high-quality, high-performance motor yachts and took the company to a level that could meet the ever-growing demand. Vince held strong in the industry with a leading reputation. Hence, the story leads us from a renowned sail-boat manufacturer to a turned diesel-powered motor yacht builder! Now I have you sitting on the edge of your seat…don’t I?

It’s not so hard to understand how this shift would happen, as motor yachts were becoming ex-tremely HOT in the yacht world. Say goodbye to Gulfstar as Vince would now make a total 180 degree spin and begin exclusively building larger motor yachts. He seemed to satisfy the need for either an owner-operated or captained vessel.

As one may already know, being Dick Lazzara’s name is synonymous with LAZZARA, he and his brother, Brad were hitting the creative juice buttons and their focus began to turn towards an innovative new yacht that they had confidence would be a trailblazer for the yachting world. So, not only was a new company needed but a new infrastructure too.

Selling their piece in “Gulfstar”, they set out on the task to their goal - building the most innovative motor yachts imaginable at this time.

Turn the page to 1992, the Lazzara 76, was born and what a tremendous response it received . Offering the advantages of being both a production AND custom yacht, the prospective owners were being offered a chance to personalize their yacht while also enjoying the perks of ensuring it was in the hands of a large-scale production boat builder.

Dick and Brad took the market by storm with innovations in comfort, style and nautical reliability and - the highlight - their trademarked Skylounge Cabriolet. For the first time ever, the open flybridge would now be transformed into a studio level living area of luxury on their Lazzara 80, turning into the builder’s most popular model ever.

The fun continued with a 106, 110, and 116 model - each customized to its owner’s desires and unique to its own. Joe, Rich, and Tony – as well as Brad’s son Steve, had all joined the team by 2005 and the family celebrated their 50th Anniversary in the boating industry!

In 2006, the LSX product line had all eyes on it. The LSX 75 won high accolades in the sport yacht category with its performance, style and ‘sexy’ appeal never before seen. The line - up of yachts from 64 to 116 feet were jaw dropping delights as each one was unveiled!

Fast forward to 2019/2020 and you’ll be drooling over the new launches ready for trips out on the high seas starting with the stunning and sleek Lazzara LSY 95. The epitome of contemporary design, welcoming entertainment areas, and comfortably elegant accommodations for your family/friends and crew. Get ready for impressive performance without compromising efficiency due to her deep-v hull and ample use of structural carbon fiber, and the triple Volvo IPS 1200 or 1350 engines. Her five staterooms, include a full-beam master suite, as well as situating the crew quarters forward for maximum privacy ‘below deck’. Picture yourself relaxing on deck with a sweet, luscious strawberry in your hand and a glass of your fa-vorite champagne docked at Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas, where you’ll be turning more heads then Marilyn Monroe! Don’t forget to try out her 360 degree rotating sofa in the aft cockpit or take a dip in the jacuzzi on her foredeck. Now - did we forget anything? Allow the brothers to add it for you if so!

You can also look forward to the exciting LSX 65! This beauty exudes power. Every ultimate feature in entertaining was added to the LSX65 with its innovative fold-down cockpit teak patios which may be lowered to provide easy water access to the water and extra lounge space. The open cockpit and transom provide a platform for all your favorite watertoys. Climb a few teak steps up to reach the raised deck when lounging or sunning are on the menu.

Interested in the best seat in the house, then step up to the foredeck and relax every muscle on the comfy sunpad! For those looking to dine on the chef’s specials of the day, you’ll also have front row viewing of the cruising itinerary ahead of you from the U-shaped couch and teak ped-estal table. Buckle up as this baby can take you up to 42 knots!!

Do we have you convinced that Lazzara Yachts is worth a look see? Why not? This legendary American company has decades of yacht building experience and delivers a unique touch to everything they create. When you desire quality over quantity, you’re ready to join the Lazzara owner’s club —an exclusive group who appreciate the personalization of their very own yacht combined with top notch yachting standards.

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