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If you’re in the market for a 35’ to 53’ express yacht, then taking a look at MJM Yachts is a must. Designed by Doug Zurn, the Mjm is a fast, stable, comfortable, seakeeping vessel that will rival the competition for sure.

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Next, choose whether you’d like an inboard or outboard engine and then read on for more on each category.

The Mjm Yacht Inboards are fuel efficient, speedy, and provide a smooth ride over the waters of your desired ports of call. Powered with IPS drives, Mjm’s 40z and 50z carry the impressive ISO CE category A Ocean ranking. If you have the ‘I’d like to go bigger’ bug, don’t worry as Mjm’s 40z and 50z very nicely hold their value as do most classic, downeast yachts on the brokerage market.

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If a quick and efficient vessel is on your ‘must have’ list, Mjm takes the cake. With a winning design that Doug Zurn is most proud of with it’s flat aft, sharp forward, variable-warped V hull and narrow beam, you’ll be used to receiving compliments on a daily basis at the marinas and while cruising next to some of the Mjm peers. Constructed with ultra-light epoxy that’s oven cured, your Mjm 40z and 50z inboard model gives you some nice horsepower without emptying your fuel budget.

The Mjm 40z offers a smooth and agile ride, pushing the waves down and away.
Boasting of it’s fuel efficiency, ISO Category A Ocean certification, light but durable epoxy build combined with it’s very well done hull design, there’s not much Mjm left out in this 40 footer.

If you’d like more space, then upgrade to the 50z which offers a few more perks such as it’s triple IPS’ which will surpass the competition by 10 knots without a problem and, yet, burns the same 50-gph at 35 knots which is normally the fuel consumption most get at just 25 knots. You’ll enjoy her flush decks with side doors, Seakeeper no-roll comfort and a beauty of a profile.

If you’re choice is an Outboard engine, to enjoy the comfort of a yacht with the performance of this type of engine, Mjm offers a 35, 43 and even a 53 footer Express Cruiser.

Mjm’s 35z provides for a speedy, yet soft and silent, user friendly ride.
Featuring a Doug Zurn hull and a great layout that is perfect for gathering a group of friends aboard for a good time on the water.

The 43z is known for it’s responsive handling, and a pick-up speed to get your blood moving with it’s triple Mercury 350 hp Verados complete with joystick navigation. This quiet runner offers an optional Seakeeper 5.

Step aboard an Mjm 53z if you desire a bit more living space. Built to offer you the best in stability along with a super responsive ride. And, let’s not forget the 53z’s optional Seakeeper gyro stabilizer which cut any roll by 93 percent, dockside mooring included. Impressive ISO CE Category A certification rounds out the awesome offerings this beauty has up her sleeve.

Boating in the South Florida waters or in the summer, up in New England/Sag Harbor will be a total pleasure aboard your Mjm outboard.

For a bit more on where Mjm Yachts began, we rewind to 2002 when Bob Johnstone started it all. Bob was the co-founder of J/ Boats, Inc., in 1977 which was the world’s leading brand of performance sailboats at the time. Bob, now 84 years young, really wanted to build a user friendly, cost efficient yet fun boat. His wife Mary was the light that started this desire. The brand became Mjm —for Mary Johnstone’s Motorboat!

Bringing his son Peter into the boardroom to assist him in his efforts (Peter was the ex-CEO of Sunfish Laser & founded Gunboat) along with Doug Zurn who had just designed a boat for singer Billy Joel, after 30 days they came up with Mjm we know today.
Bob’s goal was to produce the “best performing brand.” With that in mind, master builder, Mark Lindsay of Boston BoatWorks, known for the America’s Cup and world championship winning sailboats he had been building for 35 years. BBW became Mjm’s licensed builder.
This power team is, to this day, working together to build what Bob set out to do - produce the best performing brand.

Boston BoatWorks were the leaders in advanced laminate construction and brought much to the Mjm table and to each of it’s 300 yachts —each meeting global standards that impress the most seasoned boater.

Using wet, pre-preg materials, vacuum molding followed by post-cure oven processes, you’ll feel confident this build is as study as they get! The glue—epoxy resin is 25 percent stronger then the alternatives sometimes used by builders and offers superior moisture resistance as the icing on the cake.

The combination of the methods and materials are what leave each owner with a boat that’s not only sturdy, but with a lighter hull requiring much less horsepower and excellent fuel efficiency. The Mjm is also know for it’s excellent value retention.

Each vessel is ISO Certified to highest standards. And the notable 40z, 50z and 53z are Certified ISO CE Category A “Ocean” by the International Marine Certification Institute.
This category is the toughest standard for vessels 40’ and over and gets the seal of approval for extended voyages in seas of up to 23 feet, significant wave height and winds of 41-47 knots or less —hurricanes excluded —leaving you with peace of mind for all seaworthiness and safety worries.

Know as an eco-friendly yacht, the state-of-the-art Mjm, is know for using half the normal fuel consumption of it’s competitors, therefore, significantly reducing the carbon impact on the environment.

Putting your faith into an Mjm as your next boat will leave you with a sense of confidence and security, and you’ll hear yourself boasting of it’s capability that backs it all up!

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