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Back in the year of 1980, a new brand was formed…Riviera. Yes, 1980, the year when Australia’s premium luxury motor yacht builder entered the yachting world. Fast forward to today and you have a global marine industry leader in Riviera with a state-of-the-art 14 hectare site. This discerning builder has handcrafted five superb, long lasting luxury motor yacht lines. With their stable of owners rising to more than 5,300 boat enthusiasts world-wide, it’s clear that anyone would wish to know who is this popular brand?

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The pulse of Riviera is their innovation. The roots began in Sydney, Australia, with just one—the 38 MKI model, which in 1980 got the ball, or boats - rolling. One year later, with hopes for much more they situated themselves in the Gold Coast, Queensland. They were producing just eight boats a year with a team of five.

Then the expansion slowly started gaining speed as a dozen of their new models (in the 80s) were born and shipped to both the US and Europe, where their excellence was gaining track. Flip forward to the 1990s, Modern Boating’s Boat of the Year award was given to three of their new models and for three years straight!

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Coomera was the home they moved to in 1998 with an ever growing team of almost 250. This state-of-the-art facility was the factory pumping out more and more Rivieras into the early 2000s. They were a leader at this point due to their ongoing innovative and exciting new models, the prestigious awards they were nominated for and the expansive international dealer network that followed.

Rodney Longhurst, decided to buy Riviera in March of 2012. This Entrepreneur/Gold Coast developer also wore a ‘substantial builder and joiner by trade’ hat. Now Chairman of Riviera, Rodney’s passion for boating, high standards and his business acumen serve the company quite well!

He sought out to make it one of the best names in boating - and that he’s done!

Rodney was joined by Chief Executive Officer, Wes Moxey, who added more power to the team and Riviera stands tall as one of the world’s finest in its class.

The company takes pride in their state-of-the-art digital kitting for perfect cutting of moulds. Their precision joinery takes a regular cabinets to a new level being hand built by master craftsmen. You’ll quickly see the superior high gloss, water and fade resisted finish as Riviera ensures that each mould is inspected thoroughly before the isopthalic gelcoat is sprayed on. Riviera features a sleek exterior obtained by their closed moulding technique to manufacture small parts which require lighter weight and high quality finishes. Each yacht’s rich timber finish is made possible by a robotic varnish machine, utilizing a humidified drying room. This cures the painted surface and then up to five gorgeous coats of varnish get painted on. Another standard in the Riviera build is their immense durability as the hulls are hand-laid with multi or quad fiberglass matting over core materials. It is then locked in and sealed with vinyl ester resin—creating a perfect combo to withstand water absorption.

The list continues as we outline the reasons why so many boaters choose the Riviera yacht as their chosen boat. Let’s not forget her handcrafted strength as her hand-laid fiberglass construction is superior in strength - by far - to all other methods.

This leads to a reassuring hull structure, as the hull and deck surface finishes of the Riviera possess superb impact resistance. A 20 mm thick finished hull is the norm with these solid fiberglass boats that are strong below the waterline, providing assurance of great strength.

They also have bragging rights for their enduring strength as most of the yacht is manufactured from glass reinforced plastic (GRP) which also adds service life to each one built.

The model line-up is complete with the essentials to cover every taste and passion. There is an Enclosed Flybridge, Open Flybridge, Sports Motor Yacht, Sport Yacht and an SUV!

The Enclosed Flybridge collection takes boaters to a new level. Superb performance, fabulous layout and extreme comfort are at the heart of the stately 57 and 54 Enclosed Flybridge models. Standing the tests of time, with fantastic handling and sumptuous living, each customer quickly comes to see why this collection is internationally renowned. Structurally strong and beautifully spacious, these beauties are equipped in luxury. A flowing layout will make boating a true pleasure as you seamlessly move from dinner to lounging to relaxing in the salon. Her owner’s rave about her spectacular three stateroom, two bathroom accommodation and her enclosed flybridge set up with all the bells and whistles of a much larger vessel. Get ready to cruise with her Volvo Penta Inboard Performance System (IPS) —economy and performance modes —with joystick maneuverability to allow the novice or beginner captains the chance to take the helm with confidence.

Take in a peerless view from the Flybridge pursuing grand dreams of blue-water yachting, fishing and entertaining. Choose from two classic open flybridge designs offering you exceptional ‘easy living lifestyle’ over three levels.

Riviera proudly present the sensational 45, 43 and 39 Open Flybridge models, for serious yachting and serious fun. These are incredibly easy-to-skipper, brilliantly well designed craft featuring touchscreen technology.

The 45, 43 and 39 all deliver spirited performance and economy. Both a joy to command and to be on. Enjoy class-leading space, light and lifestyle. Luxuriate in accommodation decks offering you a choice of two or three spacious staterooms with one or two bathrooms.

Sports Motor Yacht Collection makes for an experience in true long range cruising as Riviera redefines what a 72, 68 and 64 Sports Motor Yacht model can be. With the world’s leading naval architects involved in this project, you will experience an exceptionally silent ride and super cruising ability with a smoothness that’s noticed immediately. She features a great layout with your choice of three or four luxurious staterooms and three bathrooms. There is also an optional crew cabin or utility room. This collection takes you to all extremes of pleasure.

Onto the Sport Yacht Collection and you’ll find a most sought after vessel. Known for their designer styling and super sports performance. These grand models include the 6000, 5400, and 4800 Sport Yachts. You’ll appreciate the Volvo Penta IPS performance and economy as you are able to cruise to all island in the Caribbean and feel at ease that you’re not blowing through the fuel budget! Her interior is one of a kind and you may make your choice from models with four staterooms and three bathrooms, three staterooms and two bathrooms or two staterooms and two bathrooms.

Finally, the SUV Collection! This collection is like having two luxury yachts in one with its spectacular offshore performance and the open cockpit of their Flybridge models but with the addition of entertaining ease of their flowing Sport Yachts. The hybrid SUV Collection features the 395, 445, 545, 575 and now the new 505 SUV —which has the yachting industry in a buzz.

If you choose any of those in the SUV collection you will suit the needs of the most adventurous as well as the host/hostess types—and all in perfect style. Smooth performance, open cockpits and a selection from three staterooms and two bathroom models, two staterooms and two bathrooms or a two staterooms with single bathroom design, make the SUV an awesome choice.

The Riviera family ensures that if you join their family, you will have the backing of their team who have a passion for all things boating and promise that they will time and time again build you a product that will have you coming back for another.

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