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Vela Boatworks are a rugged, powerful sport fishing catamaran designed to give today's serious anglers the performance they desire. Especially in rough seas, safety and stability are important to everyone on board and Vela Boats are specially designed with a multi-hull platform to deliver the ride only a catamaran can achieve.

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Vela Boatworks

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Vela Boatworks is an exciting newcomer to the catamaran sportfishing boat market! Founded in 2021 by Blake Kingsbury and high school friend, Tommy Jones, after they reconnected with each other many years later at a wedding and discovered a mutual interest in boat building. Blake Kingsbury was inspired to design and build a better catamaran sportfish boat when a boat captain friend remarked that the catamaran platform was probably the best fishing boat, though not the most aesthetic—the excellent stable ride outweighed the unattractive boxy look!

The Vela Boatworks shipyard and service center is based right in Riviera Beach, Florida. United Yacht Sales is proud to be a dealer for Vela and would be happy to assist you with pricing and availability. Please contact our Vela Boats Brand Managers for details:



That observation challenged Blake to create a sportfish center console catamaran that not only offered the renowned catamaran ride and performance, but with the elegant lines of a monohull sportfish. Learning that new builds of the high-end, established sportfish catamaran brands could take 4 years, he saw a business opportunity and, with experienced boat building partner, Tommy Jones, along with the services of a professional naval architect, designed, built, and launched their sleek new 37ft sportfish catamaran, GAMECHANGER! The Vela Boatworks hull #1 exceeded expectations when sea-trialed in rough ocean conditions out of Jacksonville, Florida, riding smoothly, tracking as if on rails, performing efficiently and fast on her double-stepped hulls.

Vela Boatworks models have all the catamaran advantages with a beautiful, sleek profile nearly indistinguishable from a luxury monohull sportfish center console, along with a distinctively modern minimalist T-top and deck layout. Vela sportfish catamarans are not only performance offshore fishing platforms, but thoughtfully designed to please the family with creature comforts and amenities, and multi-purpose usage as yacht tenders, cruising Bahamas islands, pulling up to sandbars and dock & dine restaurants, and other watersports. In fact, experienced boaters and offshore fishermen were consulted to incorporate their feedback into the Vela powercat’s development. One of the key requirements was for storage space, and there is a tremendous amount of in-deck storage, along with options for lounging, seating, and entertaining space with Vela’s hulls that are beamier than most in her class.

An extra-large hardtop not only shades the console area but features an array of solar panels to power the batteries for running the electronics. Vela sportfish powercat hulls are entirely constructed of composite material utilizing core cell foam in a sandwich construction which is fiber glassed together with the gunnel cap and the hull sides, thus eliminating mechanical connections, making a stiffer, sturdier boat to take on rough sea conditions without shuddering or shaking. All components and accessories are built for the tough marine environment, to provide long-lasting enjoyment with enduring quality and reliability.
Now located in expanded facilities in Riviera Beach, Florida, Vela Boatworks continues to improve upon their game-changing hull #1 in performance, efficiency, and ride quality utilizing amazing innovations such as MX props that are “super smooth, delivering faster time to plane, faster holeshot, and increased fuel efficiency.”

Two new 2024 models can be ordered now for a build time of only 10 – 12 months: a 37ft Vela 37TE and a 32ft Vela 32TE. New-build customers have the ability to select the factory options they want, and the boat can be rigged with any preferred power or electronics options. Why wait at least two years or more to get on the water and in the tournament with the marine industry’s hottest trending offshore sportfish category?