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It’s quite an impressive feat to be a fabulous power yacht builder or a stupendous sailing yacht manufacturer and of course, all eyes are on those first-rate catamaran shipyards as well but… ever hear of a production company that can build all THREE with the precision and quality of the finest in each to its class? One can feel rest assured when stepping into the world of Bavaria yachts that this world-class manufacturer has a handle on producing sailing yachts, motorboats and catamarans. What makes a Bavaria yacht stand out? Top of the line boat construction combined with cutting edge engineering and design all with a high degree of preciseness.

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How do you ensure Bavaria brings you to experience the joy of yachting? It’s easy… take a good measure of top quality materials, throw in some fashionable fixtures and fittings, and stir it up with A plus craftsmanship and a committed workforce.

We learn that Bavaria is 100% made in Germany. There’s actually 1000 sailing yachts and motorboats in the Bavaria shipyard in Giebelstadt, near Würzburg.

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In 1978, sailor, Winfried Hermann, recognized a perfect space and, his next step was to open and establish a shipyard for sailing yachts there. His idea here was to produce industrial yachts, offer them at rock-bottom prices and give many customers the back drop to purchase their dream yacht for themselves.

It wasn’t til 2001 til they began to build motorboats. Right out of the gate, like the sailing yachts, they were an instant success. These boats were quality; built with a nice price-performance ratio —which helped them to gain popularity.

In 2010, standards for a yacht were raised and shoppers were now looking for something fast, safe, built to the highest standards and with all the amenities a modern vacation home would possess. The construction of a Bavaria yacht grew much more complicated leading to the now 600 employees of Bavaria Yachts based in Giebelstadt with a hefty production roll out of over 1000 sailing yachts and motorboats.

To ensure the best quality products, they secured market leaders in their fields. One will come to be quite impressed by its equipment and accessories. Think modern and innovative in it’s productions and you’ll have nailed it to be Bavaria yacht.

One tidbit you may not have known, but Bavaria Yachts is the first shipyard in the history of yacht building! Each wooden part of a Bavaria yacht is painted up to six times on its own painting line.

What sets Bavaria Yachts apart? The people in the shipyard who offer up their all to reach new standards. Yes, these employees put all their experience, all their skills and all their passion into a product that deserves to bear it’s name.

Each ship has a special look and feeling and they work with the best designers and engineers in the world to ensure not only a unique and stylish exterior but also the interior. The joy of yachting. Yes, it can be achieved in just a few steps when choosing to go with a Bavaria!

They didn’t forget an important part of this successfully equation but pride themselves on each ship’s seaworthiness. This along with a high-sided hull ensures that a smooth ride is guaranteed. There is an R-/S-Line or VIRTESS so one will not only drive safely, but will feel secure when moving around on the boat thanks to broad gunwales and a railing that extends from bow to stern. Another plus in choosing a Bavaria is their use of isophthalic acid (IPA) resins in the outer layers. This is used during the laminating process and ensures that the hull of a Bavaria is of top quality. It also offers perfectly effective protection against osmosis and promoting longevity of the Bavaria.

Last February, 2019, Michael Müller was appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and became the leader for the activities of the whole group, including Bavaria Yachtbau GmbH in Germany and Nautitech Catamarans SAS in France. This position went from vacant to a full house. Dr Ralph Kudla of CMP Capital Management Partners, represents and advises the investing equity fund, who has been delegated to the Board of Management and is now also responsible for finance and controlling of Bavaria Yachts as the Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO), explains: “In the few weeks with Michael Müller on board we have learned how effective he is and how well he has been received by employees and dealers. This is why we have asked him to take on the role of CEO.”

The experienced manager collaborated successfully before with the CMP team on other projects. Graduate engineer Michael Müller is 62 years old and has worked for brand manufacturers throughout his career. “I bring in my experience working for leading brands and I intend to reinforce the position of Bavaria Yachts as a quality manufacturer of modern sailing and motor yachts. At the moment the whole team is focused on preparing for the 2020 delivery season. They promise to meet their quality pledge as well as their promised delivery dates, so that the boats on order get into the water for the spring. In addition, we are continuously incorporating technological improvements into the production lines in Giebelstadt.” For that purpose, the management team has been strengthened by the addition of two experienced product managers: Pascal Kuhn for sailing yachts and Siep Keizer for motor yachts. Both report directly to Erik Appel, the Managing Director responsible for production.

Bavaria will knock your socks off, so add her to the consideration list for sure! She won’t disappoint.

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