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A leading world brand of luxury passage-making trawlers, Selene Yachts are designed and built in the impressive Jet Tern Marine facility along the Pearl River delta in Zhuhai, China since 1998. Jet Tern Marine was founded by Howard Chen who studied architecture under the famous Taiwanese architect, Dr. Da-Hong Wang at Tunghai University in Taiwan.

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Influenced by Dr Wang’s design and name of a commemorative monument of the Apollo 11 moon landing, he called his newly developed line of Yachts, Selene (Greek mythical moon goddess). The first Selene Yacht was delivered to the US Pacific Northwest in 1999. Today there are over 400 Selenes cruising throughout the world and are highly respected for their seaworthiness, safety, and comfort.

Initially, the Jet Tern Marine/Selene shipyard was located in Dongguan, China, an area known for its high-end furniture industry, providing local sourcing for the yachts’ luxurious interiors. Highest quality materials such as woods, veneers, fabrics, granite, and glass along with skilled craftsmen were readily available and a local climate ideal for fiberglass lamination production. An in-house stainless-steel workshop was added in 2006 to fabricate equipment utilizing premium polished 316 steel, reducing production costs and for higher quality control.

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Another Selene Yachts shipyard was opened in 2008, in Zhuhai on the water, near Macau. The new facility included two 150,000 sq ft work buildings equipped with a total of four 100-ton cranes, and a 32,000 sq ft warehouse making it the largest single production facility in Asia, able to accommodate 36 sets of molds for boats in production. Larger vessels were built in Zhuhai and smaller yachts in Dongguan, and together built nearly 400 yachts ranging from 38ft to 103ft in length, over a 20-year period. In 2017, the company decided to consolidate all operations to the Zhuhai shipyard, as it was a superior facility and located on the water for easier testing of new builds.

As of 2018, all Selene Yachts are built in Zhuhai. The Jet Tern Marine Zhuhai shipyard is one of the best equipped and largest facilities building FRP (fiberglass) yachts in the world, with the capacity to build nearly 100 yachts a year. Even with a high production volume, Selene Yachts remain semi-custom, hand-crafted, solid vessels, produced efficiently and priced advantageously. Selene Yachts are designed and built from start to finish in the Zhuhai factory, a “vertical” operation, and do not subcontract work to third-party facilities or so-called partner shipyards. Another Selene Yachts advantage is the 20+ year experience designing and building true ocean-going passagemaker trawlers versus recreational trawlers.

Selenes are built with stronger fuel-efficient, deep full-displacement hulls, watertight bulkheads and doors, full skeg-protected propeller and rudder, backup bilge pumps, large scuppers, continuous duty engines, and automatic engine room fire extinguisher systems, Portuguese bridge and high bulwarks, forward raked pilothouse windows for greater visibility, large storage spaces for spare parts and provisioning, escape hatches in critical locations, solid hull lamination below the waterline (no foam or core), covered aft deck, cockpit and side decks, and beautiful teak or cherrywood cabinetry—just some of the features that differentiate Selene Yachts trawlers and instill confidence in sailors to power across any ocean or sea in safety and comfort.

Understanding the dual roles of captain and engineer often required of the long-range cruising trawler owner, the Selene Yachts engine rooms have been designed to provide good access, headroom, and plenty of space around mechanical and other systems for ease of maintenance and service. First-quality brands are installed for electrical components such as batteries, generators, inverters, chargers, light fixtures and more. As a semi-custom builder, the Selene Yachts engineering team stands ready to assist owners with their yacht’s electrical system and level of redundancy required for their cruising plans, in fact, owner and designer Howard Chen, Naval Architect, personally remains involved with every new project and along with his staff, is attentive to the owner throughout the build.

Today owners can opt for a classic exterior and interior design or a new, more modern exterior and interior, (or a combination of modern and classic) designed by world-renowned Dutch superyacht designer, Guido de Groot, of the award-winning studio, Guido de Groot Design B.V. located in Leiden, Holland. De Groot specializes in high-quality, innovative designs appreciated for their purity and harmony in both power and sailing luxury superyachts. Selene Yachts offers owners the choice of either Classic or de Groot lines for the same length vessel.

In 2017 a strategic consortium was developed by Jet Tern Marine, builder of Selene Yachts, and Kingship Marine, builder of aluminum custom yachts in Southern China, to form SCSA—Southern China Superyachts Alliance. Kingship will be building aluminum hulls, decks, and superstructures, while Jet Tern will be doing interior work—fit and finish; joinery, varnishing, decorating, furnishing, electrical, mechanical systems, and electronics commissioning. Jet Tern Marine models, like the Selene 128 to the 168 Ocean Explorer, are designed for fiberglass or aluminum construction, depending on the owner’s requirements. SCSA is able to take on custom superyacht projects for world-class designers like Guido de Groot, Bill Dixon, or Ivan Erdevicki. SCSA, with two major shipyards and the Selene Design Studio (SDS) is a strong contender in China’s growing superyacht industry.

Selene Yachts have come a long way in a relatively short 20-year timespan, since the first trawler was shipped in 1999! Three new lines have been added, combining the design talents of Howard Chen’s SDS (Selene Design Studio) with the world-renowned Guido de Groot superyacht design studio, expanding beyond the classic passage-making trawler market. The following is a brief overview of Selene Yachts current lines available in the US market:

Selene Classic Explorers (45, 49, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62, 66,72) – combine old world craftsmanship with new world technology. Capable of 3,000 NM range and 10 knot cruise speed. Ideal for Great Loop, ocean passage, islands, and coastal cruising.

Selene Voyager (38 Aft Cabin, 42 Aft Cabin, 42 Sedan, 50 Sedan) – newer design based on original Selene Archer hull. Exceptional design combined with masterful customized craftsmanship.

Selene Ocean Explorer (60, 72, 78, 92, 128) – expedition type boats that can still be operated by a small crew. Can be customized for owners or designed for charter use.

Selene Yachts Bi-Hull Ocean Explorer (70) – speedy new bi-hull passagemaker for exploring shallower island waters and lagoons.

Selene Ocean Clipper (59) – New de Groot designed semi-displacement hull for faster cruising without losing bluewater capability. Twin engines push 19-knot speed.

Artemis (43, 48, 56) – Motor Yachts designed by Guido de Groot. New Howard Chen/de Groot designed line from 43 to 86 ft. Innovative, stylish, fast yachts with twin engines for up to 27 knots.

With over 400 Selene Passagemaker Trawlers built and cruising around the world, there are currently only 5 models listed in the yacht brokerage MLS that are available in the USA. Pricing ranges from about $325,000 for a 2004 Selene 36 to about $1,195,000 for a 2006 Selene 62 Pilothouse model. They do tend to hold their value.

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