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Although Egg Harbor Yachts are currently not in production, older models in good condition are still highly prized for their seaworthiness and fine looks. For nearly 75 years, Egg Harbor Yachts have been relied upon and admired for world class sportfish and sports yacht models ranging in length from 33 to 50 feet.

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The Egg Harbor 33, originally produced from 1971 to 1982, was able to take its owners out New Jersey’s challenging natural inlets (Shark River, Manasquan, Absecon, and others) into the Atlantic despite rough sea conditions. 

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In 1977, fiberglass was used to build the 33s, and the hull was modified after 1982, though Egg Harbor kept the classic convertible sport fisher profile of a long, high foredeck with stainless steel rails and moderately flared bow sweeping back to a low cockpit with open-back deckhouse and functional flybridge with seating for two. Egg Harbors were known for their beautiful mahogany brightwork (later, teak replaced mahogany). For a relatively small boat, the cockpit offered 70 sq ft of fishability. The 37ft Egg Harbor Convertible Sport Fisher was another classic originally built in the early 1960s and continued for over 40 years, transitioning to fiberglass in the 1970s. Other still-popular models are the Golden Egg 38, 43, and 48. Most of the preowned classics available in the boat brokerage market today are from the 1970s, 80s and 90s, when most were built.

The company went through bankruptcy in 1997, after a series of ownership changes and financial struggles, and the 33s were no longer produced after that. Egg Harbor Yachts was bought by Dr Ira Trocki in 1999, a plastic surgeon who had admired the “Eggs” since his New Jersey childhood. He invested $millions to expand and update the production facility and acquire other popular brands (Predator, Topaz, Davis). Modern Egg Harbor open and convertible yacht models were built in the first decade of 2000s by a team of first-class boat builders and renowned designers like Michael Peters, known for his blend of aesthetics with engineering that is evident in the Egg Harbor Predator and Sports Yachts. Currently, only a very few of the later model Egg Harbor Sport Yachts, ranging between 37ft, 43ft and 50ft from years 2001 to 2008 are available in the yacht brokerage market.

The Egg Harbor name is well-respected as one of the original New Jersey boat builders that got their start after WWII in 1947 with four young boat building partners—John Leek, Russell Post, Phil Boyd, Harold “Pee Wee” Care, and designer Ted Haggis of the then-popular Jersey Sea Skiff. Russell Post was known for personally testing each model through the inlet for performance and seakeeping ability in all conditions, and for keeping the build light and fast. Egg Harbors were known for versatility, strong construction, and seaworthiness. An Egg Harbor Owners’ Association was formed to offer a forum for owners to contact each other, for socializing, and to answer questions about older models and to provide old plans and brochures. Many owners share fond memories and photos of youthful adventures on an Egg Harbor. Egg Harbor Yachts continue to provide enjoyment on the water, as day and overnight cruisers and saltwater fishing boats.

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