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Used Power Catamarans For Sale

Power Catamarans, or "Power Cats" as they are often referred to, are one of the fastest growing segments in the marine industry. Sailing Catamarans have long been the preferred choice of sailors in the Caribbean because of the advantages of having two hulls and a wide beam. For a family enjoying a catamaran experience though, sailing becomes more of a hassle for some. For this reason, many of the yacht charter destinations now offer just as many power cats as sailing cats in their selection. This progression of how the catamarans are used spurred many of the catamaran manufacturers to start producing more power cats.

With two hulls comes an extra wide beam and generally many of the power catamarans built today start at over a 20-foot beam or higher. The Horizon 65 Power Catarmaran for example has over a 24-foot beam, providing a massive platform with which to create a luxurious and comfortable living space. Aside from the extra living space, power cats are also very fuel efficient and generally beat the fuel burns in monohull cruising yachts due to the shape of both hulls. Power cat manufacturers like Horizon, Fountain Pajot, Lagoon, Leopard, and Robertson & Caine are have led the way in terms of popularity and production, however there are many different types of power cat applications including fishing cats to multi-hulled superyachts.

PRE-OWNED Power Catamarans

photo of 121' Custom Incat Crowther 37M Power Catamaran 2012


121' Custom Incat Crowther 37M Power Catamaran 2012

Phuket, Thailand

photo of 88' Other 2019


88' Other 2019


United Listing
photo of Profile


83' Offshore Yachts Euro Style Catamaran 2018

Portsmouth, Rhode Island, United States

United Listing
photo of 80' Silent-Yachts Silent 80 2019

80' Silent-Yachts Silent 80 2019

Palm Beach, Florida, United States

photo of 80' Multiplast Custom 2012


80' Multiplast Custom 2012


photo of 80' Redtek Marine Custom Power Catamaran 7 LUNAS


80' Catamaran Custom 2009

Bradford Marine Bahamas, Bahamas

photo of 2010 CATANA 82 FOR SALE

82' Catana 82 2010

Unknown, France

photo of Profile


82' Advanced Marine Catamaran 2009

Brunswick, Georgia, United States

photo of 75' Two Oceans Marine Open Ocean 750 2015


75' Two Oceans Marine Open Ocean 750 2015

Cape Town, South Africa

photo of 70' Sunreef 70 PC 2016


70' Sunreef 70 PC 2016

Florida, United States

United Listing
photo of Main Profile


68' Sunreef 68 Supreme Power 2018

Palm Beach, Florida, United States

photo of 68' Catamaran Powercat 2008


68' Catamaran Powercat 2008

Unknown, South Carolina, United States

United Listing
photo of Profile at Dock


65' Malcolm Tennant Domino 20 2009

Guaymas, SONORA, Mexico

photo of Photo 1


65' Woodwind Kurt Hughes Custom Catamaran 1999


United Listing
photo of Profile


65' Mares 66 Motor Yacht 2020

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, United States

There are thousands of yachts for sale on the United website through our MLS service, many of which are power catamarans. Owning a power catamaran can present some challenges like finding marina space to accommodate a boat with that wide of a beam as well as getting used to docking it. The variety of international manufacturers from Asia and Europe can also make it difficult to find the best possible power cat that fits your needs. The team at United Yacht Sales has the expertise on staff to help you navigate all of the boats online and select the right new or used power catamaran for you.

Already own a boat or yacht? United has more than 150 yacht brokers worldwide creating the largest network of buyers and sellers in the industry. Visit our Why List With United page online to learn more about how we can help sell your yacht faster. We look forward to working with you on the purchase of your new or used power catamaran.