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Power Catamarans, or "Power Cats" as they are often referred to, are one of the fastest growing segments in the marine industry. Sailing Catamarans have long been the preferred choice of sailors in the Caribbean because of the advantages of having two hulls and a wide beam. For a family enjoying a catamaran experience though, sailing becomes more of a hassle for some. For this reason, many of the yacht charter destinations now offer just as many power cats as sailing cats in their selection. This progression of how the catamarans are used spurred many of the catamaran manufacturers to start producing more power cats.

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photo of 124' Seawind 1160 2008


124' Seawind 1160 2008

Guaymas (on the hard), Mexico

photo of 120' Custom Incat Crowther 37M Power Catamaran 2012


120' Custom Incat Crowther 37M Power Catamaran 2012

Phuket, Thailand

photo of 95' Catamaran Blue Coast Yachts 2011


95' Catamaran Blue Coast Yachts 2011

Antigua & Barbuda

photo of 90' Sabre 2004


90' Sabre 2004

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

photo of 84' JFA 2004


84' JFA 2004

Juan les Pins, France

United Listing
photo of 83' Offshore Yachts Euro Style Catamaran 2018


83' Offshore Yachts Euro Style Catamaran 2018

Portsmouth, Rhode Island, United States

photo of 82' Custom Catamaran 2009


82' Custom Catamaran 2009

Brunswick, Georgia, United States

photo of 77' Fountaine Pajot Catamaran 2010


77' Fountaine Pajot Catamaran 2010

Saint George's, Grenada

photo of 77' Lagoon Lagoon 77 2020


77' Lagoon Lagoon 77 2020

Barcelona, Spain

photo of 77' Composite Yacht 77 2003

77' Composite Yacht 77 2003

Marseille, France

photo of 70' Sunreef Sailing 70 2012

70' Sunreef Sailing 70 2012

Hawaii, United States

United Listing
photo of 70' Sunreef Power Catamaran 2012


70' Sunreef Power Catamaran 2012


photo of 70' Sunreef 2012


70' Sunreef 2012

Roses, Spain

photo of 66' HH Catamarans 2016


66' HH Catamarans 2016

Sibenik, Croatia

photo of 65' Wolher Lucien Eve 5 1991


65' Wolher Lucien Eve 5 1991

Cartagena, Colombia

When we hear someone has the bug for a power catamaran, it’s a gleaming opportunity for us to elaborate on their wonderful advantages. Different from the benefits of sailing, of course, there’s lots to entice a buyer with.

Far from being known as a new trend, with history books recalling them from as early as 5th Century India. When most of civilization hadn’t set a toe in the big blue sea out of fear, the Polynesians had been off on fantastic voyages already covering thousands of miles of open ocean aboard —yes indeed, their catamarans.

Below are some of the most well-known power catamaran brands on the market today:

One of the highlights we wish to point out when honing in on these power catamarans is their low clearance. If you’re setting out on a journey that involves a bridge with height restrictions, a power cat makes for a great choice. As we go on naming these voyage ready vessels, let’s point out that any discerning buyer, will be enthralled by the speed and range this option will provide.

Set your eyes on one with a catamaran platform, as it will give out a plush ride and you can leave any chance of rolling at anchor out too! Instead of one wide hull, these boats ride on two narrow hulls which reduces wave impacts and improves efficiency.

A good power cat is less expensive to run than a mono-hull and competes with the economy of a trawler. Her owner’s boast of the efficiency of her hull allowing them to go faster (up to 20 knots or so) when getting to the tropical island is a priority —the steel band sound may be calling the onboard guests to get out there with their Bahamian moves!

There’s a sub category of the power catamaran that holds a tiny piece of the market that many are not familiar with —a power catamaran fishing boat. So for those fishermen, know that there is an option in a cat for you too!

So, why a power cat, you may ask? Well, they tend to ride smoother than most mono-hulls in its size and weight class, offer improved stability compared to single hulled boats and provide more deck space —especially noticed in the bow due to it’s squared-off design. Power cats require less power - for the most part - to reach the same speed as others in its class.

A seasoned cat owner, has been known to brag about their vessel’s stable ride and if they do roll, they correct themselves quickly with a sharp motion otherwise known as the “snap” roll.
NO need for alarm, or a Kleenex, however, the power cat may “sneeze” by shooting a puff of mist out from the bow giving her guests a cool down shower.

To delve in deeper and truly see if a power catamaran is the right boat for you, it’s important to choose one of our expert brokers and get them to take you out on several different power cats in different weather conditions. Power cats are known to offer the unreachable with more space in it’s length, greater speed with less costly engines, and - best of all, lowered fuel consumption.

In a following sea, a catamaran is much better than a mono-hull, as a cat is more buoyant in the bow, as they do not have a V to roll on making them extremely sure footed. An interesting fact, is that there are four times more power catamarans in Australia and New Zealand than anywhere else in the world. Why? It’s to the power cat’s smooth ride, especially in the rough Aussie and Kiwi seas —she is ideal! A great accolade when considering a stable choice with a history of getting thru those oceans with ease!

Intimidated to run a boat like this? Piece of cake! Cats are super simple to operate. We recommend learning the basics of holding what’s called a proper trim and - once you’ve mastered that - you’ll be 90% of the way to being an expert. Driving a catamaran is a breeze when asking an experienced boater - who seem to be sworn off mono-hulls for life. Spend time with one of our brokers aboard a cat and you will realize how simple it truly is.

On other point, if you’re looking to purchase one to offset your expenses, power catamarans now make up the majority of worldwide charter fleets and are most popular with those looking to cruise the Caribbean or even try one before they buy. Our in-house charter specialist can assist you in pointing out models that are popular and great revenue producers too!

So, when it comes to finding the smoothest ride around, don’t let the power catamaran category pass you by as it makes for a top pick for a plesaurable cruising experience.