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Look over the ‘horizon’ and step right into your dreams. NOW, imagine yourself stepping aboard a - yes - A HORIZON. Wait…you don’t have to imagine this as Horizon Yacht truly exists as your very own platform to create your ultimate dream vessel!

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CEO John Lu, Mr. Gong Shan Chiai, and Mr. Cheng Shun Hui in 1987 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan made this dream possible to all yachtsmen. Lu, a naval architect and visionary to the yachting world, added a new ‘kid’ on the yacht block like no other after recognizing a demand for a special type of yacht and hence, began his journey building 80 foot yachts (24M) and up!

If your focus is on a yacht that adheres to more of an environmentally friendly yacht designs and manufacturing processes, Horizon must be added to your ‘yacht shop’ list. Boasting the status of the world’s fifth largest custom yachts manufacturer, it’s hard to imagine their beginnings started with under 30 employees.

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To find out more on why this builder is catching the eye of all, we decided to look further to find that in 1999, Horizon became the first authorized yacht builder in Asia to implement SCRIMP (Seemann’s Composites Resin Infusion Molding Process). For the layman in simple terms, this is a construction method that was developed by the U.S. Navy to increase the strength of a vessel making it more durable but most importantly, neither adding weight or affecting the yacht’s overall performance.

To continue dazzling all in the ever evolving yacht space we all like to dream in, Horizon was the envy of many builders when they came out with their 3D resin infusion technology. This gave them the advantage of building far larger yachts than ever before that were not only stronger but, the what all builders strive for, lighter. In 2005 their 130-foot (40M) hull and stiffeners infused in one shot, broke the world record and to impress you further, we can report that they have produced five 130ft-plus (40M) hulls utilizing this improved 3D infusion technology in total to date!

The wonder creators continued to amaze all as in 2009, Horizon, through SAERTEX, was certified by EADS (The European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company N.V, now the Airbus Group). The Group then was authorized to add another advanced process technology called VARTM (Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding). VARTM, a breakthrough technology originally developed for aircraft manufacturing, would now assist with the fine art of yacht construction. Without sacrificing the benefits of SCRIMP, VARTM can more uniformly distribute resin and guarantee less air trapped within the composite. Horizon is proud to use this VARTM process on all their hulls. The results are amazing as the final product has impressed all with the yacht’s strong, yet light and durable superstructure and hull.

VARTM & SCRIMP resin infusions assure Horizon of the consistent quality and performance of parts they are known for.

In 2016, Horizon successfully developed an enhanced HYVER resin to add another edge to the already solid protocol of what’s needed to build that ‘dream’ vessel we have you looking over the ‘horizon’ at!

NOW to decide on which of the eight series Horizon dazzles us with, you may want to get more comfortable with a cup of your favorite coffee or tea to ensure you can take in the beauty about to be elaborated on…

Our first look is at the highest in standards for Horizon—the FD Series. This series offers a selection of advanced fast displacement motoryachts all boasting a modern flair in it’s functional living and entertaining rooms all fit to the high standards Horizon is proud of all allowing much leeway for owner customization. When stepping aboard an FD Series yacht, get ready to be impressed by her High Performance Piercing Bow design, hybrid hull shape, and tunnel design. Expect efficient cruising speeds and excellent stability from the implementation of these features. You’ll also be impressed by the FD’s interior volume and comfort in a range of yachts from 70 to 125’.

The V Series is up next…with yachts in the 68 - 80 foot range, you’ll be in awe of their breathtaking style combined with functionality. Looking for an updated classic, this series offers not only a sleek look but you’ll be able to decide on an open or enclosed bridge and even a fishing cockpit. The V series models give those owner/operator types something to consider with the option to accommodate crew, should you decide to join one of the yacht outings you put into play. Head out to Bimini in style and get those fishing rods ready should your design boast a fishing cockpit

The sexy RP series offers many outdoor entertainment options and even an interior pilothouse. An RP works well for those looking to catch some rays, experience an adventure and cruise with excitement in the air! With models from 97 to 120 feet, you’ll be sure to impress the onlookers at the shore line too. Hanging on the aft deck in Sag Harbour sipping on a margarita, you’ll have heads turning to not only look at your bikini clad guests but this beauty of a yacht.

Next, we have the E series which is the classic flybridge motoryacht with models from 56 to 98 feet. This series works well for any of the cruising lifestyles with choices of open and enclosed bridge versions on some and various layout options too. Hop on down to Miami Beach from Fort Lauderdale and check out the mansions in Star Island while they check you out on this lovely classic.

Now, if you haven’t chosen your favorite yet, we will continue to the expedition series. The EP is designed for efficiency and comfort. The series highlights one model - the ice-class EP150 which is built in both FRP and steel in select models. You’ll be in awe of the interior volume of the EP series and it may get your appetite wet to explore this long-range expedition yacht further. Make your way to Alaska from a far away port and never have to worry about a thing!

With yachts in the range of 110 to 140 feet, the tri-deck P series combines Horizon’s leading design with their advanced construction technologies to leave you in refined luxury. Customized to your lifestyle, the P series whisks you away the way you want it! A tri-deck is best seen amongst the yachts of the French and Italian Riviera so you’ll want to take your favorite friends for this trip sure to be repeated many times each summer.

The PC series - with yachts 52 to 74 feet - is designed as an advanced luxury cruising power catamaran series. Suited for the cruising connoisseur, you’ll find exciting features typical of a much larger motor yacht. The elegant PC series is manageable for an owner to operate too! If the warm tropics suit you, this style hull, is well suited to the Caribbean waters. Sip on a Pina colada with up to 7 of your favorite pals and start making new dreams come true.

Finally, if you’re dreams tend to start with Beluga caviar and Dom Perignon champagne, then you’re probably in the market for Horizon’s exclusive CC Series; otherwise known as their Custom Collection.

Can’t decide between a family catamaran, a sleek motoryacht, or an ice-classed steel expedition vessel to cruise the world on, Horizon has what it takes to build you the custom yacht that makes dreams reach you - ‘over the horizon’!

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