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When you’re asked to think of a true icon sporfish boat, it’s a sure bet the name Buddy Davis comes to mind. Buddy Davis was only 13 years old when he started out as a mate and the story continues in North Carolina with his building a custom-boatbuilding empire. His 70-foot custom sportfish was one of his last boats that drew much attention with its Carolina-flair in the bow that so elegantly pushes the water away from the decks. The industry was also talking about its revolutionary running surface providing a soft ride even in high seas with a very cushy luxury interior. A New Jersey firm bought the company in 2003 and have maintained the high standard of quality along with its customized options. If you step aboard the latest models, you’ll notice convertible salon doors, a sunroof in the hardtop and a sumptuous interior—all with designer wood finished salons, modernized galleys, and tinted windows.

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The wide open teak cockpit found on the Buddy Davis boat is a fisherman’s dream and fully equipped with a center fighting chair, built-in tackle drawers, insulated in-deck fishboxes, aerat-ed baitwells, top-loading freezer, and an important feature— a side door for throwing in the tro-phy fish. The teak deck flybridge, sports the best of both worlds for recreational boaters and true fishing sportsmen with a lounge that still boasts of excellent visibility for the helmsman working on bringing in the big catch of the day. Any serious Bluewater angler will feel proud inviting guests or pulling up to any marina aboard this sophisticated, sea worthy, sportfishing yacht. With a 25 year cult following, Davis has broken all molds for being the sport fish ship to win over your friends and the fish with!

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Known for its infinity lines that flow from one end of the boat to the other, the passerbys will all stop to stare at the shining teak toe rails and curved silhouette. Further aft, the eye will fall upon the yacht’s curved engine vents, and finally to the transom to find teak covering boards flowing gracefully onto the deck. Much appreciated when noticing fine details is the yacht lines’ polished stainless steel wheel and control handles which compliments the soft, rounded corners of the instrument panel and teak control pod. Every interior of a Davis is a manifestation of each per-son’s style and taste. Hang with the design team at Davis and you’ll be working up customized ideas to create a simple yet elegantly bold, superbly special luxury fishing machine. Don’t be fooled that her stylish exterior is the only factor luring folks to the Buddy Davis line as it’s when you experience her first rated performance, that you’ll fall in love on two counts.

The birth of a Davis boat will showcase the use of the finest new materials and technology along with the introduction of state-of-the-art engineering and production processes. Always a step ahead, and for the next generation in boats, Davis has even developed layouts, tooling and molds. Welcome to the ‘better than ever’ new generation of Davis boats which are lighter, faster, and stronger using fewer molds and materials for each boat. The new generation of Davis boats are lighter, stronger, faster and better than ever. The advanced design and construction software allows Davis to deliver each new boat on time.

Buddy Davis’ are built in one facility by the finest craftsmen who recognize the high standards of their discerning customers. Anyone will notice their center consoles and sportfishing yachts are one-factory built. Yes— every yacht is engineered, manufactured, finished and outfitted fully in one factory. The Davis yacht line will have your head spinning in awe as each component is carefully built under the watchful eyes of the Davis team. “She fits like a glove”, are the words you’ll hear when this beauty is completed and delivered. Many enjoy falling on top of a secret area that the builders set perfectly in special spots to make each trip feel like an adventure. There is even a meticulous engine room that will make the most fastidious captain or owner - operator feel at home, or in some cases boater’s heaven. Any of the models are sure to bring years of exciting memories of pleasure on the open seas.

Every trip in a Buddy Davis hull is most memorable as each one of their stunning boats cut through the seas to provide its passengers a ride that’s like no other. Her bottom, is where the magical ride comes from with its deep narrow entry. You’ll be slicing through the waves on this high performance sport fish ride and she boasts of a ride that doesn’t wander, but tracks. The Buddy Davis bow, in any sea, will rise to the occasion for sure!

Feel confident that in choosing a Buddy Davis you’ll arrive at your destination on time, in comfort and feeling quite safe.

So for a superior ride with masterful handling, built-in fishing amenities, ample top deck space, comfortable seating and space for the recreational cruiser, considering a Buddy Davis is a must for the ultimate in a perfect boating experience.

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