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The islands of the Caribbean are calling, with their warm breezes and the laid-back tropical way. What yacht can take you there in utmost style and sophistication while sipping on a creamy Pina Colada? Well we have just the solution!

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VQ Yachts, otherwise known as Vanquish Yachts, came to be in 2012 when a Dutch man with a vision, Tom Steentjes, took his passion for the latest in technology and gave birth to a brand that would not only show the world something very new, but excite the most discerning of yachtsmen. Tom was a master welder and, in just the young age of his late teens, already had a very successful company that manufactured custom equipment for the fast food world. And by the time he turned just 30, he was ready to sell the company!

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In 2013, he decided to merge his knowledge of efficient techniques with the love of breaking the mold with the latest in innovations and toped it off with his extraordinary skills in aluminum and out came the very first Vanquish Yacht - the VQ32… Combining a rich understanding of process efficiency with a desire to push the window of innovation and exceptional skills in aluminum, the first VQ32 was launched to popular acclaim in 2013. He kept up with this creative streak and, with the help of his customers who also had the bug for a one-of-a-kind ‘water baby’ designed various other models —all unique in their own way.

The features are, indeed, special —especially their high-performance engines and luxurious accommodations that fit in perfectly to suit a high-speed yacht as this. With a well-tested hull that’s been adapted in length to suit every client’s requests, VQ Yachts is proud of their ability to customize each model by changing up the aluminum to end up with a new design each time that can suit the wishes of every owner.

Vanquish did it’s research and came to the conclusion that building boats their way - customized - one-by-one —was the most efficient for your pocketbook time and time again. They came to see that production boats made from a mould required a hefty investment and a large marketing budget based on the volume produced of each model. So in reality a series boat is more costly than a customized vessel.

VQ Yachts couldn’t do it all alone so they brought on some of the best craftsmen and engineers to do what they do best to help each budding idea come to fruition. They decided not to stop there but reached out to receive the best expert help from the naval architects, the greatest designers, along with specialist equipment manufacturers.

Who better than the talented automobile designer - boat aficionado, Guido de Groot to be brought into the family of Vanquish. Since, Guido and his clan of designers had a stellar reputation sketching super yachts for the finest builds in the world (i.e. Feadship). The VQ48 was pleased to have received Guido’s special touch!

These fully customized fast driver’s boats offer every operator unmatched agility and fabulous comfort. Hand-built in the Netherlands the VQ Yacht pleases even the most particular people.

Taking a closer look at their premier model — the VQ58 —we see a blend of the best.
This power house offers either a T-top or a fully enclosed hard-top model. With a plethora of customized choices below deck, each of its owners can let their inner style shine through. This stunning specimen of a yacht - being custom-built by hand gives out that confidence of a ride of a life matched with the highest level of comfort. Yes, the VQ58 has broken all the rules and set a new norm for a boat of its size.

This yacht stands out like no other. How can it not being designed in a team with the talented Guido de Groot and built for individuals tired of the usual. This unique 58’ motoryacht comes with endless variations in her layout, propulsion, superstructure, etc.

Thanks to their use of aluminum hull, there is an endless array of interior layout choices. The VQ58 offers a full-beam master suite, VIP/guest cabin, nicely outfitted bathrooms and an entertaining day lounge. The three-cabin layout makes for a perfect choice for those owners looking to entertain a larger group.

Imagine a builder who gives a choice of how many garages your 58 footer can have? Yes, one can pick from a one or two garage design on their VQ58 —deciding whether to have it on the stern and/or as a side bay. When the urge comes to drop the toys into the water, everyone will appreciate how the doors of the tender garage open aft for easy launches. The two garage option allows for the ability to carry the spectacular VQ11 waterscooter, a Williams 285 turbo jet, sea bobs, paddleboards, diving gear and many other toys. There’s never a lack of impressive details when looking at a VQ Yacht, like deciding on your tender colour to the VQ58’s styling exterior —both decisions leaving you the boss to make the final call.

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