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If purchasing a European-built yacht is on this year’s bucket list and looking for one that is manufactured by hand with state-of-the-art technology, mind-blowing designs, and superior construction, then Galeon yacht deserves a moment —or maybe a spot - at your dock! This company goes back 30 years and boasts of thousands of happy customers spanning the globe ensuring you’re running with a yacht that has what it takes to compete with the best yacht choice head-to-head and winning.

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Jump into the year 1982, and Galeon was born. To this day, this premier European builder holds tight to its privately owned company status focusing on luxury yacht and motorboat manufacturing. Their work team is impressive with 800 well-trained employees throughout their impressive 18,000 square meter facility.

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What makes their yacht ‘recipe’ keep their clients coming back for more? Stand-out concepts to offer each owner something stunningly special. Experienced tradesmen who have their skills honed in on to present you with a beautiful creation for the water. Each year, Galeon promises to stay in the loop on the hottest in yacht trends and technology.

Not only have they expanded their facilities but built a second factory with direct access to the Baltic sea; complete with private marina.

Galeon yachts are known for their dynamic designs, impressive rides and its quality build. There is never a second thought on investing more to keep Galeon yachts in a leader position in it’s class.

For those island hopping trips in the Bahamas, welcome …the Galeon 400 FLY - the smallest in the fleet but offering the cutting edge Beach club feel along with a stable ride.

The Galeon 400 FLY is debuting in this fourth-generation yacht family, as one of the smallest models to offer the innovative Beach mode. She cruises with ease and features a semi-custom modernized interior. Her up-to-date lines brings the famous Galeon design to completion. Walking through the yacht, we first come upon the upper deck with great space for fun in the sun. Our next stop is her flybridge where you’ll be ready to entertain any guest in style and offers a minibar and helm.

Another popular model is her 500 FLY with a Skydeck and the Galeon ‘third generation yacht’ trademark “lots of interior space on all decks”.

What sets the Skydeck models apart from other yachts is having the choice of a bridge deck, a full-sized sunroof, over the lower helm and an automatic soft roof to cover the deck, if necessary. Experience the beauty of innovation in this 510 Skydeck!

The 640 FLY excites most with her beautiful modern design and comfortably chic interior. This eye catching yacht is grabbing all the attention. The Galeon 640FLY is sure to provide great memories time and time again and all done in first-class style. With the strong propulsion systems and advanced electronics, the Galeon 640FLY is ready to create a fabulous dream come true’ ride.

Galeon ensures that their focus on the finest in yachting in every area, will help satisfy even the most discerning clients.

Combine all of the above with their long lasting relationship with the Tony Castro Design Studio and the up-and-coming Roberto Curtò Design making a splendid combination time and time again.

The toughest decision is picking which of the unique models is a fit.

Hardtop Sport
Great performance with open cockpit
and salon below

Functional and ample room
on all three decks

A winning combination
of a fabulous layout and superb style

Everything is crafted with a refined attention to detail. And their handcrafted furniture adds the right touch to the already stupendous interiors. Galeon is sure to grab you - so beware!

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