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Mainship Yachts, while known for their cruising prowess, are actually the re-birth of a classic boat. Rewind to the summer of 2012 and one may already know that David Marlow, owner of Marlow Yachts, bought into Hunter Marine. This brand included the renowned Hunter sailboats as well as the larger Mainship Yachts.

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David Marlow and the design team have been quite busy in the town of Alachua, FL. Yes, four new trawler models —the Marlow Pilot 31, Marlow Pilot 32, Marlow Pilot 37 and finally, the Marlow Pilot 34 were born. The Mainship brand was his inspiration, of course, along with several current and original ideas and skills incorporated from his achievements with his Marlow Yacht brand.

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David decided to hit the modern upgrades hard and added NIda-Core, a high tech offshore capable construction. This replaced balsa-core, Kevlar added and stitched FRP fabrics, vinyl ester resins and finally, the removal of the chopper gun from the construction process which creates better glass to resin ratios, the new Marlow Pilots are proving themselves with a resurgence back into the trawler market.

Then he intertwined some of Marlow’s best —classification to high international standards. This new line of Marlow trawlers can certainly hold a candle to all similar products in price/value, capability/ on others, performance, seaworthiness and quality with the mission statement to “Build .

Then the Re-Imagining of the Mainship took place. Marlow introduces a 32-Footer with flair announcing to all he was adding much more to the ship then his name.

So what happens when two legends come together —when two successful brands combine to create a new power cruiser?

The Mainship line of trawlers who have had huge success, were built in the United States for more than 30 years, with a range in size from 30 to 48 feet —with thousands still being used throughout the country. Having Marlow Yachts behind the Mainship brand, specifically David Marlow, helped it flourish.

As we move closer to the current day, we land on the year of 2010, when Mainship Corporation, so used to selling boat after boat, was hit hard, from the financial meltdown of the economy and in 2012, Mainship’s parent corporation tragically filed for bankruptcy.

However, our veteran boat manufacturer, David Marlow kept on, coming from five decades in yachting. Marlow was a successful boat businessman who -at one time -had been one of the largest Grand Banks dealers in the nation. This visionary’s goal was to design and build one of the most wonderful lines of yachts ever. Marlow’s luxury trawlers were built in China in his own yard and range from 49 to 97 feet in length. To add to the accomplishments, he manages two Florida service yards.

Marlow saw the economy crash of that time as a chance to move ahead and he bought the remaining assets of Mainship from Lurhs Marine Group. Mainship owners had many questions when this took place and the buzz was like a bee hive in the middle of summer.

At the St. Petersburg boat show of 2013, in the center of it all stood the new Marlow Mainship 32. Standing tall in her trademark colors of many of the Marlow yachts —flag-blue hull and sparkling white topsides. She resembled the most recent Mainship 34.

Many critics found the Marlow Mainship 32 as a welcomed improvement compared to previous Mainships, with an upgrade in quality, design, specifications, materials and construction but holding onto a pleasingly competitive price. The appearance was noted as similar, but the execution described as nautical miles ahead of previous Mainships.

So there it is: the well-loved Mainship who was around since 1977— an American boat builder—a leading manufacturer of production trawlers for more than 30 years. Marlow Yachts knew by acquiring Mainship, they would have the opportunity to pump out some enhanced design ideas pulling from the Mainship brand and, hence, created 4 new trawler models: MM31, MM32, MM34, and MM37 Express —all receiving rave reviews —and most from prior Mainship owners! Success has been had in this story and the future looks bright for the Mainship - Marlow Pilot marriage!

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