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Sunreef Yachts, the world's leading luxury catamaran yacht builder, now offers an entire eco-friendly range for green, sustainable cruising. Sunreef's dedication to the environment is second-to-none in the industry, and while every step is taken to ensure every boat leaves as little carbon footprint as possible, the commitment to the owner experience never falters. United Yacht is proud to represent Sunreef Yachts, a forward-thinking, environmentally responsible luxury cat manufacturer.

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Sunreef's eco-friendly yachts are offered in both power and sailing catamaran models, depending on the style of cruising and you wish to undertake. The Sunreef Sailing cat range offers models from 50' to 80', while the power range focuses from 60' to 100'. 

If you have any interest in finding out more about Sunreef's incredible eco-friendly luxury catamarans, we invite you to contact United's Jorge Cabre' at (305) 773-2095 or by email at

The benefits of Sunreef's focus on clean propulsion, along with the advantages of any catamaran, offer a unique boating platform with limitless possibilities. Electric engines are offered as the green choice for environmentally-conscious cruisers and the benefits are astounding. Besides a clear conscience of reducing the carbon footprint, there are multiple advantages including:

  • vibration and fume-free cruising
  • massive fuel savings
  • very quiet when underway
  • low maintenance

If crossing the Atlantic is in your plans, or you simply wouldn't like to make the full leap into 100% electric propulsion, Sunreef Yachts also offer ultra-modern hybrid engines which utilize combine electric motoring and thermal engines. Hybrid engines greatly reduce carbon dioxide emissions, but also offer solid performance and low maintenance. The hybrid engines also have the advantage of being able to charge the yacht's battery bank.

Diagram of Sunreef Yachts environmentally friendly catamaran

Of course, Sunreef's line of eco-friendly sailing catamarans offer an even different propulsion method and is the most natural way to cruise. The Sunreef sailing range features top quality rigging and the performance sails are 100% fully recyclable! The builder’s model range of power catamaran eco-friendly yachts can be outfitted with high-performance kites to combine the advantages of eco-motoring with wind propulsion. Frequently used for towing large container ships, kites are an extremely powerful support for luxury cruising catamarans.

The Sunreef shipyard has also designed and manufactured their very own solar panels that can be easily mounted on the yacht's hardtop or other surfaces (including on the mast and sails for sailing catamarans). These solar panels are completely state-of-the-art and can be fully-customized to fit to any application. Even removing the solar panels for maintenance is effortless. It's never been easier for yacht owners to harness the energy from the sun to power your yacht's equipment and accessories, while also protecting the environment. Sunreef's industry-leading research and design teams are also currently working on a system to recover heat from the solar panels that will heat up the yacht's boiler.

In addition to solar energy, Sunreef has also harnessed the power of the water through hydro-generation. Each Sunreef eco catamaran can be equipped with an advanced electric propulsion system which takes power from the propeller rotating while underway. This reliable and endless source of energy is powerful as it can be used to power the electronics or battery bank on board, as well as recover electric power from the engines.

See below: Sunreef Yachts goes in-depth on the use of their solar panels.

If solar and hydro-generating power aren't enough, Sunreef is also capable of harnessing the wind. Your Sunreef Yacht can be outfitted with wind turbines which allows your yacht to charge its batteries even when it's cloudy. Wind turbines harness energy at the dock or anchored as well! They are generally placed high above the yacht to maximize the power of the wind.

The methods of propulsion are not the only thing unique about Sunreef's eco-friendly catamarans. These sailing and power cats would not be considered "green" if they didn't use environmentally-friendly materials in the construction process. Basalt, a dense rock derived from volcanoes, is the base ingredient for the hull. Along with linen-based structures, these materials outperforms glass fiber in terms of strength. There are no greenhouse gases emitted, no toxic reactions with the water, are non-combustible, and leave the absolute minimal carbon footprint. These materials offer outstanding toughness and are the preferred alternative in construction an eco-friendly boat.

Even the decor used on board Sunreef's catamarans are eco-responsible. The use of animal skin is minimized with alternatives to leather, owners have the option of using reclaimed teak salvaged from old boats or homes, and compressed paper-based materials can be used for countertops to obtain weight-efficient, functional surfaces. This commitment to our environment is achieved without sacrificing the slightest bit of luxury. Even the bottom paint is non-toxic, silicon-based, and slick for reduced drag. This increase in performance allows for less energy to be used while underway.

Aside from how each model is constructed, derives its energy, and is outfitted, the management of energy and water is also a crucial element to achieving a fully eco-friendly yacht. Here are just some of the efforts made by Sunreef in the process of energy and water management:

  • Commitment to reduced generator use by using ultra-efficient lithium battery packs that can be easily re-charged and provide the perfect balance of efficiency versus consumption
  • Use of sustainable materials to insulate the interior and maintain stable temperatures
  • Use of a smart air-condition system that is battery-powered (and silent!)
  • Installation of efficient water-maker with advanced purification system allowing for unlimited fresh water. The yacht's boiler can be heated via solar or inverted power heater
  • A rain collection system allows you to save water to rinse of water toys or wash the boat's deck

Enjoy this interview from the 2019 Cannes Yachting Festival with Sunreef Research & Design director Nicolas Lapp and filmed aboard the Sunreef 60 E: