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With many different kinds of trawler yachts being built today, it's important to really understand the kind of long distance cruising that you plan to do. Cruising on your yacht for days, weeks, or even months on board can present a variety of challenges, but is one of the most rewarding and memorable experiences in boating. Owning a trawler with the ability to run long distances brings out your inner explorer, quenching your desire to discover places you've never seen while also feeding it. Whether you plan on cruising the Pacific Northwest, island hopping in the Caribbean, or taking on the Great Loop, before you make a selection on a trawler, it's best to discuss your plans with an experienced, knowledgeable broker that can walk you through the differences in some of the brands, styles, and capabilities.

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photo of 130' Pacific Boats 130 Monarch 1971

130' Pacific Boats 130 Monarch 1971

La Paz Baja California, Mexico

photo of 126' Inace Explorer 2023

126' Inace Explorer 2023

Fortaleza, Brazil

photo of 120' Inace Overing 2023

120' Inace Overing 2023

Fortaleza, Brazil

photo of 100' Admiral 100 Steamship 1955

100' Admiral 100 Steamship 1955

Tallinn, Estonia

photo of 100' Custom Tri-Deck Explorer Yacht 2021

100' Custom Tri-Deck Explorer Yacht 2021

Unknown, United States

photo of 95' Inace Aft House New Build 2023

95' Inace Aft House New Build 2023

Unknown, Brazil

photo of 88' Torpoint Steel Boats Motor Yacht 1985


88' Torpoint Steel Boats Motor Yacht 1985


photo of 85' Terranova Yachts T85 2018

85' Terranova Yachts T85 2018

Unknown, United States

photo of 79' Custom Converted Royal Navy Fleet Tender 1972


79' Custom Converted Royal Navy Fleet Tender 1972

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

photo of 76' Custom WJ Development 2006


76' Custom WJ Development 2006

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

United Listing
photo of 74' Custom Robinson Modified Monk 1991


74' Custom Robinson Modified Monk 1991

Poulsbo, Washington, United States

photo of 70' Marlow 70E-CB 2008


70' Marlow 70E-CB 2008

Jupiter, Florida, United States

photo of 70' Custom Blue Sailor Shipyard 70' 2007


70' Custom Blue Sailor Shipyard 70' 2007

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

photo of 58' Hatteras 58 LRC 1978


58' Hatteras 58 LRC 1978

Palm Beach, Florida, United States

photo of 57' Navalia Custom 1975


57' Navalia Custom 1975

Porto Heli, Greece

Finding yourself slowing things down in your world due to the crazy rush of information and speed all around us? Decided you’re ready for a boat, or have one but feel a shift in your style and aren’t ready to dig too deep into your pockets for one but would like a more economical choice to escape the frenzy in? Well, then fast your gaze upon what is known as a trawler - a perfect option for those seeking all of the above points just mentioned. Please meet the well-known boat type - a trawler - which is simply a price conscious motorboat with a full-displacement, ballasted hull that possesses just that perfect cruising range for those long-ocean passages you’ll be heading out on to decompress from the never ending present day chaos.

Below are some of the well-known trawler yacht brands in the industry:

As Ferrari is to sexy race cars, trawlers are to functional ‘workboat-look’ recreational boats. Yes, ‘trawler’ is a classic, non-Euro ‘look’. This lends itself to a specific so called, ‘trawler lifestyle’ which translates to a sailor’s cruising lifestyle with the power of a motorboat.
Those who appreciate their boat to have excellent sea keeping skills coupled with the range to take you to far - off hideaways, are in for a real treat when setting out on a trawler. Invite your family and friends as the trawler yachts offer long-term living accommodations - perfect for desiring an ‘at anchor’ remote boat getaway. These ‘small packages with a punch’ will carry, launch, and retrieve your tender too - thanks to her efficient crane.

Listing some of the trawlers other features, such as anchor accommodations, reverse windows, a pilot house, and walk around decks for line handling and docking, you’ll find this type of boat is well equipped for leisure and fun!

So get your calendar out and block off a stretch of time, as the trawler embraces trips like those!

Once a commercial fishing boat, the trawler has evolved to meet all boater requests of this present day resembling a comfortable home with the benefit of never having to jump in and out of your car as you’ll be motoring above sea level from one port to the next sipping on your favorite island cocktail and popping shrimp cocktails! You can choose from a more basic trawler or go all out with designing one that rivals a luxury yacht with all it’s out of this world comforts.

Don’t be surprised if that block of time turns into calling your realtor to put your house on the rental market as you’ve decided to set out aboard your sweet ride on the water for months on end or even decided to drop the home and move aboard! We don’t see why you couldn’t if your spirit has been calling you out to a sea salt life as there’ll be no compromise in comfort with the trawler’s private staterooms for nights dreaming above the ocean, full galleys to prepare scrumptious fresh-caught fish dinners, and roomy galleys to gather in and share island stories. Why should long-distance cruising be any less as it’s equally important getting to your dream destination. Slow and steady, you’ll be pleased to see the fuel bill is allowing you extra funds for elaborate dinners out or that new tender you’ve been eyeing.

If you’re more of a tropical breeze cruiser, then by all means, get her ready to cruise south for the winter to extend the warm months aboard. The journey up and back on the intracoastal waterway has been traveled by many with the same idea to keep that summer warmth going! You’ll appreciate how little fuel she’ll consume and that excellent range we continue to remind you of too. Built for voyages such as these, the builders have kept the size of the engine areas to a minimal and chose displacement hulls to aid in cutting through the seas instead of sucking up tons of power. Your search for a super trawler is doable as you’ll find many to be ocean-crossing water babies. If you want the speedier versions, there are a few builders who can accommodate you in making that dream come true on your trawler too. And don’t be fearful you’ll have to give up the low fuel bills, as even the fast trawlers typically offer superior fuel economy than many different powerboat styles.

What we find our clients greatly appreciate is the trawler’s expansive cabin space even on the smaller models and some can offer aft cabins in the rear and some manufacturers pulled all stops out and in their larger models have been known to add multiple deck levels to these ever evolving sweet ‘floating packages’.

We hope you’ve come to see that there are numerous reasons many of our clients love trawlers of all sizes because you don’t always need a yacht-sized vessel to make your dreams of venturing to remote ports in comfort and efficiency a reality without exhausting the retirement savings account.