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Used Grady-White Boats For Sale

Grady-White builds one of the most durable center-console boats on the market today by using the best composite material possible on the hull and deck as well as a foam core. This combination makes Grady-White one of the only unsinkable boats built. Let the team at United Yacht Sales help you find the perfect used Grady-White for sale on the market today.

Grady-White was founded in 1959 in Greenville, North Carolina. Grady-White boats are all composite structural components. There is NO wood in the transom or structural stringer foundation of any newly built Grady-White. The Grady-White team pays close attention to detail, they use better hardware and laminates, structural integrity, unsinkable foam flotation – all are quality components that you will not find in other brand of boats. Grady-White boats are built to be elegant and durable with functional features.

PRE-OWNED Grady-White Boats

photo of 37' Grady-White 375 Freedom 2018

Elizabeth Ann

37' Grady-White 375 Freedom 2018

Hampton, Virginia, United States

photo of 37' Grady-White Express 370 2015

37' Grady-White Express 370 2015

Elberta, Alabama, United States

photo of 37' Grady-White 376 2016

37' Grady-White 376 2016

Seabrook, Texas, United States

Photo of Manufacturer Provided Image

37' Grady-White Express 370 2017

Miami, Florida, United States

Photo of Manufacturer Provided Image

37' Grady-White Canyon 376 2016

Ocean View, New Jersey, United States

photo of 35' Grady-White Express 330 2005

35' Grady-White Express 330 2005

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

United Listing
Photo of Profile

33' Grady-White 330 Express 2013

Orange Beach, Alabama, United States

United Listing
Photo of Main Profile

33' Grady-White Canyon 336 2010

Key Largo, Florida, United States

photo of 33' Grady-White 330 Express 2002

33' Grady-White 330 Express 2002

BEAUFORT, North Carolina, United States

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Grady-White’s SeaV2® Hull Performance has been ranked #1 in each of the eight J.D. Power and Associates Marine Studies ever done. The SeaV2® is a “continuously variable vee” hull that delivers a soft and stable ride without fuel efficiency loss. There are no two places on the keel where the deadrise is the same. The vee continuously sharpens from the transom to the bow stern. A SeaV2® hull with 20 degrees of deadrise at the transom will have around 30 degrees amidships. SeaV2® hulls are designed exclusively for Grady-White by C. Raymond Hunt Associates, the originators of the modified vee.

Center Consoles:

The Grady-White Center Consoles line have been around since 1974 and means they are built with the most comfort and highest function. Models Include: Fisherman 180, Fisherman 216, Fisherman 236, Fisherman 257, Canyon 271 FS, Canyon 306, Canyon 336, Canyon 376, and Canyon 456.

Grady-White’s newest flagship is the Canyon 456 Center Console and it is spacious, technically cutting-edge, and has more features than other outboard sportfishing boats. It has the widest beam and is the largest unsinkable boat of its kind. 

Coastal Explorers:

The Grady-White Coastal Explorer series has offshore capability and inshore versatility. Models Include: 191 CE, and 251 CE.

The 191 CE offers great storage, seating and engineered innovation. There is a large insulated area beneath the front casting deck that provides dry storage. Also, contains the anchor locker, which doubles as an additional fishbox. Rod storage around the console makes it easy to clear the trolling pattern rapidly following a hook-up. The low gunnels make reviving and releasing fish eas

The 251 CE is created for inshore use primarily as a sport fishing boat and offers more offshore, rough water capability than any bay boat. It features a sharp entry with some significant bow flare, while keeping fore and aft decks to appeal to inshore anglers. 

Dual Consoles:

The Grady-White Dual Consoles are designed through decades of customer feedback. Models Include: Freedom 192, Freedom 215, Freedom 235, Freedom 255, Freedom 275, Freedom 285, Freedom 307, Freedom 325, Freedom 335, and Freedom 375.

The all-new Freedom 325 32’ Dual Console has a roomy console with a very easy to access head, shower and berth; standard hardtop, livewell, side access and transom doors; luxurious seating, port and starboard swim platforms; SeaV2® ride, all-day, all-play comfort and function. Center Line Length without Engines = 31’2”, 33’1” (with swim platform); Beam Amidships = 10’9”; Hull Draft = 24”; Bridge Clearance = 8’10”; Cockpit Depth = 27”; Maximum HP = 700; Fuel = 288 gallons; Dry Weight (no engine) = 9,300 lbs.; Deadrise at Transom = 20 degrees (SeaV2® Progression).

Express Cabins:

The Grady-White Express Cabin line have fishing and cruising capabilities with plenty of interior space and outboard power advantage. Models Include: Express 330, and Express 370.


Walkaround Cabins:

The Grady-White Walkaround Cabins have been pioneered with customers’ dream lists over the past 40 years. Models Include: Adventure 208, Seafarer 228, Gulfstream 232, and Marlin 300.


If you are interested in selling your Grady-White, United Yacht Sales will provide a strategic marketing plan for your Grady-White, it is our duty to get it sold and do it right. If you are looking for a used Grady-White, United Yacht Sales is the best qualified to help you with your boating needs with over 30 years of experience in the yachting industry. With connections throughout the world there is no doubt United Yacht Sales can find your next Grady-White. We provide complete worldwide MLS results, provide a network of brokers and industry leaders, and we won’t stop until you have the Grady-White of your dreams.

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