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Garlington Yachts For Sale

When you think of the highest level of achievements when it comes to building a custom sport fishing boat and what brands have reached that pinnacle, Garlington Yachts are among the names next to Rybovich and Merritt Yachts. With exceptional detail and craftsmanship not seen many other places, Garlington Yachts build battle-wagons for hardcore anglers looking to compete in blue water tournaments and travel long distances to find the "granders". Let the expert team at United Yacht Sales help you find the right used Garlington Yacht for sale that fits your needs or let us help you work with the factory to build a new one!

Learn More About Garlington And Find Your Next Boat

Richard Garlington started manufacturing yachts in the early eighties when he came to the conclusion that he did not like any of the boats that were available during this time. So, he decided to build his own custom sport fishing yacht. Dan McCarthy, a famous United States Navy submarine-designer, during the sixties and seventies, was asked by Garlington to draw him a soft riding hull with a running surface that could take on heavy seas while still maintaining great tractability and of course comfort! From the day that Richard Garlington started his company he built nothing less of a clean, sharp-looing boat that was designed to run through any sea; calm or rough, and that was a fishing machine. But ever since the Landewear family purchased the company, keeping the Garlington name, even though they have upheld the quality and integrity of their boats, they have started to make custom boats that were designed to the tee with their customer’s wants and their needs. The Landewear family states that it is their firm belief that the pride they put into their manufacturing will always be reflected in the pride and pleasure of all ownerships of their boats. 

United Yacht Sales has a team of expert brokers that have decades of experience working with builders of custom sportfishing boats, selling them on the brokerage market, and in many cases began their careers as a captain on one fishing major tournaments. Whether buying or selling a custom boat, our team can work on your behalf to negotiate the best deal, ensure a smooth closing, and handle every detail of your experience.

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Garlington Yacht Models

Garlington 44’ Express

What a boat! The Garlington 44’ Express is a full 44 feet 6 inches in length, with a beam measuring at 13 feet 9 inches. The cockpit on this boat is quiet grand and spacious, with large fish boxes and freezers. As for the bridge deck, they wanted to design it to have the perfect mixture between comfort and functionality, and that they did. With a full 360 degree view nothing becomes clearer than how the boat is perfectly proportioned. Walk inside and the luxurious feel over takes you with peace and comfort. The modern designed amenities, sufficient room and stowage provide extra luxury for extended cruising. Everything you need wrapped up in a 44 foot customized boat is in the Garlington 44’ Express.

Garlington 49’ Express

Similar to the Garlington 44’ Express, the 49’ Express is a larger Express, one that can efficiently travel longer distances with ease and of course, just as important, fish the open seas like no one’s fished before! This 49’ Express is built with a 15 foot 9 inch beam! The cockpit is where it all goes down! Meaning that the deck is enormous and loaded with fish boxes and freezers, ready for you to reel in the big ones! Just like the 44’ Express, the bridge deck is also equipped with a 360 degree view showing off a spectacular proportioned boat. After a long, hard and tiring day of being out in the sun fishing and enjoying the open sea, the interior of this boat is comfortable to the point of kicking off your shoes and relaxing among the modern amenities the 49’ Express has to offer! If you’re lucky enough to choose this boat, once you are on it, you may never want to leave!

Garlington 49’ Walk Around

Launched in spring of 2017 is one of Garlington’s newer boats, the 49’ Walk Around. This boat is large and in charge with a total length of 48 feet 10 inches and a beam that measures 15 feet 9 inches. Believe it or not this boat is a fully customized project meaning head to toe, you have full range on how you would like it. There is a Garlington 49’ Walk Around named “Perfection” and she was fully customized with twin 725 hp Volvo D11 IPS drives and draws just over four feet. But if that’s something you don’t want, no worries, this boat can be customized to be built with shallow propeller tunnels bringing the draft to under four feet. If you are looking for a project and something that will always be one of a kind, check out the Garlington 49’ Walk Around. 

Garlington 61’ Flybridge

Are you in the market to fish the world? If so, the Garlington 61’ Flybridge just may be your next purchase. With a functional, spacious layout and simple designs, the Garlington 61’ Flybridge offers nothing less than all the luxury you may need while cruising and fishing the seas all over the world. The total length of the 61’ Flybridge is 61 feet to the mark with a beam of 17 feet 5 inches! Like other Garlington boats, the cockpit is more spacious than ever with a great amount of fish boxes and freezers. This boat also has the same 360 degree view off of the bridge. Let’s not forget about the inside. The inside is a modern and sleek design equipped with luxurious amenities for relaxation and comfort. Ready for a trip around the world? Get your fishing poles ready, the Garlington 61’ Flybridge is ready to take on all of the ocean.

How to Buy a Garlington Yacht

If you’re interested in purchasing a Garlington Yacht, a United Yachts Sales professional can assist you. All employees are trained to identify as many ways as possible to improve your experience when purchasing a Garlington Yacht. Being a 100-percent customer-driven business, United Yachts deliver every time.

How to Sell Your Garlington Yacht

United Yachts Sales has experience and the product knowledge to sell your Garlington Yacht. Selecting the right full-service brokerage firm when selling your yacht improves the likelihood of a seamless and timely transaction. Listing your yacht with United Yachts, you can be certain it is in the hands of dedicated professionals. With over 15 years in business, our devoted Sales Professionals work attentively to provide you with first-class representation.


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