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Fountaine Pajot’s story begins in 1976. When four businessmen, Jean-François Fountaine, Yves Pajot, Daniel Givon and Rémi Tristan, saw an incredible opportunity in the world of yachting and decided to plot their course of action together. How perfectly fitting for this group being their dream was to have a shipyard of their very own after years of sailing and racing —a deep passion of each.

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This vision has been fine-tuned year after year and now, 40 years later, Fountaine Pajot is a leading shipyard in all of the world! They credit their dedication to building the most creative vessels combined with phenomenal service to the huge success. Award after award proved to the marine community that a leader of cruising catamarans was on the trail for being the best.

With 40 sail and power models, every customer has had the ability to fine tune their very own vessel. Fountaine Pajot will continue this path and will be here for many years to come.

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The company is set in its sights to ensure they are the very best in the cruising catamaran industry. In the beginning, the centre-boarders; a 505, 470 and 420 —were built with composite sandwich construction —never before seen or used.
IOR prototypes were impressive in their winning some of this period’s premier races. Fountaine Pajot’s first multihulls soon followed – the Royale trimaran and the Charente Maritime catamaran (which outdid all its competitors doing her first transoceanic race). The key ingredients —innovation and experience —catapulted Fountaine Pajor to new heights!

Their dedicated and phenomenal executive staff are totally committed to the final product and client and never fail in their love of the wind and sea.

Who are these visionaries and what background had they come from? First, we have Jean-François Fountaine — included in the 1976 Olympic Games who is a half-tonner world champion, was second in the Solitaire du Figaro race and won two transAtlantic races on board Charente Maritime. Then we have Yves Pajot, a gold medallist at the 1972 Olympic Games, with a focus on sailing dinghies and cruiser-racers. Next, Pierre Fountaine, a twice a half-tonner world champion, and, finally, Claire Fountaine —a world champion in the 470 class and twice runner up at the world championships.

Another member of the Fountaine Pajot team, won the Hobie Cat 16 World Champion. HIs name was Romain Motteau, Fountaine Pajot’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer. He has crewed on the Extrem 40 and won the Archipelago Open race in the 18-foot class. Romain runs a tight ‘ship’ to ensure the quality that Fountaine Pajot is known for.

Their mission has been to create innovative, seaworthy, high-performing yet comfortable beauties.

Get ready to experience destinations with your loved ones like never before. The Fountaine Pajot sailing catamaran was created with immense living space, maximum comfort and stellar performance.

Step aboard the sophisticated Fountaine Pajot Motor Yacht and get ready for an impressive performance at sea. These jewels boast of fabulous panoramic views from their flowing interior, efficient fuel tank, power to take you away and safety to all.

Each special addition of a tradesmen’s perfect creation involved in the final masterpiece of a Fountaine Pajot catamaran yacht, ensures a collaboration like no other.

With two design offices, there are always perfect results leading to each yacht being built for comfort and performance. The models are unique, sleek and on the cutting - edge in each class.

Aigrefeuille is home to their headquarters and known as the factory responsible for the Fountaine Pajot core range boats, and in La Rochelle, their “Flagship” models, catamarans over 50 feet and Motor Yachts, with its own private team, are born.

There’s a richness in all they do from the quality of the woods to the innovative design.

Their goal is to maintain the greatest level of discernment in the choice of the partners with whom they collaborate with year after year. Specialists in multihulls, and offshore racing enthusiasts, Fountaine Pajot’s suppliers possess a similar passion for the high seas with high - performance equipment that even a novice can be taught on.

Environmental protection and marine ecology is a priority to Fountaine Pajot. With their development of “Eco-cruising”, and, later, “Smart Cruising”, eco-responsible sailing is now possible.

Their boats are also built with renewable energy sources, electronic and connected navigation assistance systems, allowing each owner a handle on the yacht’s fuel consumption and the ability to reduce the ecological footprint in every aspect of life on board.

Their luxury sailing catamarans range from 40 - 67 feet while their catamaran motor yachts are in the 37 to 67-foot range. The impressive power 67’ catamaran is praised for its refined nature and it’s superb performance.

So, if a quality power or catamaran company with more than forty years’ experience and an innovative pulse is impressive, then Fountaine Pajot will make it to your ‘hot’ list!

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