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We are asked often whether to go the route of a center console or a cabin yacht, but lately the trend is to find a hybrid and who better to lead the way in steering you in your search — HCB Yachts. Before we divulge who HCB Yachts is just yet, let’s take a look at their product line. The Hcb Yacht is known for its unrivaled hydrodynamics, unmatched performance with their 2500 horsepower power, providing an unduplicated exactness in its steering and mooring capabilities and all without losing an ounce of luxurious comfort that we all seem to desire these days.

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HCB Yachts have turned the page in every way and under the console you’ll be pleased to find an extremely roomy air-conditioned cabin with all the creature comforts —refrigerator, microwave, separate head with shower and a comfy queen size berth for those weekend trips to the islands.

HCB ensured her design was cutting edge and selected all high grade, deliciously tasteful materials to build every customer a superb product that will stay in the family for the long haul.

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Put your seatbelts on as our we take you for a look at their star models —a custom-build work of art and the largest Center Console the world’s ever seen but it’s become known and named as the first ever Mega Center Console Yacht™ — the 65’ Estrella.

She not only offers the best in luxurious styling ever seen on a yacht of its class but also exceeds all bars of perfection for its many applications and cruising ability. You’ll have to stay buckled in as this ocean machine boasts either quint Yamaha (425’s) or Seven Marine (627) outboard power allowing for more time to use this lovely lady instead of having timely maintenance work done. As you would imagine, the cruising experience and performance are exquisite and can be easier to drive then some twenty footers! Get ready to spread out in her massive cockpit, a cabin that is double other rooms aboard those cc’s in its class, standard bow and stern thrusters, and a fuel capacity of 1,800 gallons to get to your favorite destination in the best time. One awesome feature is the ability to study the horizon and her three large Garmin screens from the five-person forward facing helm seats. Rotate the seats 180 degrees and you’ll be able to build an instant 10-person dining area and all situated under the hard top. Your party of five will fit perfectly in the large master stateroom complete with a convertible settee, and comfortably roomy bathroom with separate walk-in shower. For those sun lovers aboard, they will enjoy the sumptuous Euro-styled bow seating and front lounge. Head aft and there is a customizable rear mezzanine seating section to be changed up as you wish. She even has a walk-in machine room that allows for easy access.

The Estrella leaves nothing to be desired and would make for the perfect selection for the most discerning of boat enthusiasts.

Now for the surprise for those who haven’t heard the news… HCB Center Console Yachts, formerly Hydra-Sports Custom (HCB), decided to rename the company to better reflect their extraordinary masterpieces. They uncovered their five-year strategic plan as they turn their focus to all luxury products and phenomenal, unmatched customer service to allow for the most discerning buyers to feel right at home.

They saw the demand for a new category in the yachting industry and was unveiled at the 2018 Miami Boat Show and Miami Yacht Show.

Amongst its changes was turning the models for 2019 into total luxury products and completely re-designing their model— Sueños. Then, as mentioned above, the luxurious 65-foot Estrella yacht now attracts not only center console buyers but the sportfish client looking for a hybrid. Hcb also decided to ensure a totally customized build and unsurpassed ownership experience. There also was the addition of what is called Hcb Factory Annexes, a worldwide extension of the factory experience. Their 2019 portfolio included the new generation of not only the Sueños (53 ft.) but an updated Siesta (42 ft.), a reinvented Speciale (39 ft.), and as we discussed at length, the launching of the largest center console yacht, the Estrella (65 ft.).

CEO Elias De La Torre III is most excited about the reinvigorated look of all the models for the most discerning of custom boat buyers.

What is the HCB customer experience we are referring to? It is known as the Cruces Experience™ where HCB launched a phenomenal one of a kind custom and exclusive approach that takes the customer by the hand from onset through the end when they’ve taken ownership. This is most exciting to the customer who will feel like a part of a family that is royalty!

HCB Yachts is truly a brand that encompasses not only luxury, performance and comfort all in one but with the ability to get in the rink with the best of the sportfishing brands. Scratch off the phrase ‘big center console boats’ and replace this with the new generation of center-console yachts. 

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