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This is a story about a boat line that takes us back fifty years! Yes, Raymond “Ray” Hunt, a self-educated designer with an inner knowledge of what goes into designing a yacht along with the wisdom on the best way a boat can cruise in the seas, gave us Hunt Yachts. He has added much to the boat design sector with his incredible designs such as the Boston Whaler, Concordia yawl, 12 Meter America’s Cup yacht Easterner, and Bertram powerboats. His revolutionary Deep-V hull design has made its mark in time. The Hunt Deep-V continues to be the leader in boat design into our current time. Ray Hunt, Jr., Ray’s grandson, has carried on the legacy of the Hunt family and has led each Hunt project as Director of Manufacturing & Engineering for the company.

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Hunt Yachts have a few areas that set them apart from others in its class. As mentioned above, their legendary Hunt Deep-V. This is the heart and soul of the Hunt Yacht’s stellar performance. Ray Hunt developed and patented this extraordinary invention in the late fifties/early sixties. The Deep-V hull is known as the ultimate hull-form for performance and one can feel safe and comfortable riding inside even in rough seas. This genius idea that Ray came up with seems to be one that can’t be duplicated by others and is still considered the original deadrise angle proven as the best ride ever. The downeast yacht style has become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly among sailboat owners looking for a classic power boat.

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Moppie, was the new 31-foot powerboat which, in 1960, caught the attention of all with this revolutionary new hull design. She was the prototype of this incredible Deep-V hull. Moppie won the Miami-Nassau offshore powerboat race to top the excitement off with a bang. It was most impressive as a third of the fleet fell out of the race due to the oceans horrific conditions, yet Moppie won and in record time! Her average speed of 20 knots during the race gained the attention of many. Sports Illustrated even wrote of this event and brought the Hunt Deep-V it’s fame.

The design firm of C. Raymond Hunt Associates has created versions of the Hunt Deep-V for over fifty years for the well - known manufacturers such as Grady White, Grand Banks, and Boston Whaler. Keeping up with the latest in styles and performance, the latest version of the notable Hunt Deep-V, is kept solely for Hunt Yachts ensuring that if you purchase a Hunt Yacht it’s the only one with the authentic design Ray Hunt developed.

Hunt Yachts and the design firm of C. Raymond Hunt and Associates has, over time, been able to achieve optimal performance while retaining the legendary “Hunt style”. You’ll find in this collaboration the most renowned naval architects, designers and engineers all sharing total dedication to passing on C. Raymond Hunt’s legacy, while constantly advancing on the Hunt Deep-V to keep up with modern boat building trends and performance.

Hunt Yachts joined The Hinckley Company in 2013. This blending was most exciting taking two well-known and historical companies, those of Henry R. Hinckley and C. Raymond Hunt, to make American boatbuilding an even better platform to go to for a superb product. Now offering a pool of talent, Hunt owners have the option of being welcomed at any of Hinckley’s six centers from Florida to Maine for not only service and maintenance but hospitality.

To introduce you to the model line-up, let’s look further. Hunt offers an Ocean 56, and Ocean 63, and an Ocean 76. One of the most popular of those three is the Hunt Ocean 63 which has been designed and built for the boater who is used to the best, searching for a special build experience and a custom built yacht that offers speed and performance in nearly all ocean conditions. You will feel confident to come to Hunt Yachts with a specific vision of what your perfect yacht should look like and have that vision come to fruition. Choose from cherry, teak or mahogany or any other custom desire when stepping into the design project. The Hunt Ocean 63 offers several different layouts including 3 or 4 cabins or galley up or down, etc. You’ll find it hard to find another yacht in its size or class offering as many layouts along with the customization the 63 provides.

Their Coastal models include the Harrier 26, SurfHunter 32, 32 Center Console and the Harrier 32. To dig a little further into one of those that seem to be turning lots of heads is the last one mentioned - the Harrier 32.

The Harrier 32 is a version of the classic flush deck runabout and received its inspiration from the sweet Harrier 26. The Harrier 32 is a sporty classic featuring additional space on deck and below making her the perfect boat for daytrips and weekend jaunts. Her enormous cockpit and on-deck galley makes entertaining a breeze. We wish to point out her stand-up, enclosed head with shower, wide v-berth, and plenty of storage. She has a lovely, dry ride thanks to the Hunt Deep-V and also offers fabulous visibility to watch the stretch open up in front of you.

To wrap up our time with Hunt Yachts, we wanted to let our reader know that one new and exciting offering they have rolled out this year is their YachtCare which brings together their 10 state of the art YachtCare Centers to deliver their owner’s an experience never found before. YachtCare for Hunt Yachts will make being part of their family even better!

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