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When extraordinary is your norm, perfection on your daily menu and world-class style the default, turn to an iconic build that has been turning heads and breaking boundaries in an industry where new heights are sometimes not welcomed straight away! We introduce you to Mangusta! From the year 1985, when the Balducci family founded the company and chose a name that brings meaning and symbolism to the brand. Tecnomarine’s Cobra was getting lots of attention and much of the sales so the Balducci’s decided to choose their yacht’s name to come from the the one animal that can tear up a cobra —a mongoose. This sent a strong message to Tecnomarine for sure!

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Born in a seaside town in the province of Tuscany, Giuseppe Balducci had lots of experience in the boating world by working in Viareggio in a historic shipyard. His desire to start his own brand, though, took over and hence the builds Elettromare, Effebi and, then the well-known Overmarine Group came to be. Giuseppe’s children, Maurizio and Katia Balducci have joined their dad and kept the family well involved in this Italian team build. Keeping all the family values intact while always ensuring the latest in innovative trends makes for a fine balance that lends itself to someone desiring that extraordinary, perfect and world-class stylish vessel we mentioned at the start of our story.

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Welcome to the 1990s and the launch of the Mangusta 80 —the largest ‘open’ yacht built to date. This changed the game as now you could have it allllll — speed and lots of room, sportiness anddddd luxurious comfort. Not only a substantially sized, high-performance sports yacht, she gets major points for her livability. Hitting all the right buttons, she was a success to say the least, and has now left its mark in history with the name Mangusta receiving much recognition. Their next chapter was the creation of their hot model - the Maxi Open! And as time went on, the yachts got larger and even more streamlined and stunning!

Mangusta's engineers always pushed the envelope when it came to design and performance standards of each new yacht. The first tri-deck yacht was launched in 2016 —the Mangusta Oceano line. This line of displacement vessels offered great range allowing one to get to their favorite destination in complete style. The new Mangusta GranSport line launched not too long ago, as well. This model has merged transoceanic range and topped all previous speed records. The family business is here to stay and ready to surprise us all with a product that doesn’t disappoint in any area!

The Mangusta Open line is the icon of luxury sports yachts that takes you past your wildest dreams. Excelling in functionality, comfort, speed and first-class engineering quality, a superb encounter is on the menu when stepping aboard and heading off to your favorite island. This open yacht is sure to please.

Looking to enjoy the ocean’s scenery to the max with your loved ones, the Mangusta allows you to do so in with much flexibility utilizing the many areas open for lounging and entertaining, inside or out —a popular feature the Mangusta has well become known for.

Many rave reviews have been written up for the Mangusta’s energetic styling and tremendous speed. And the Mangusta GranSport line not only knows how to blend top performance and transoceanic range but is the ideal yacht for exploration cruises as it has the ability to take one on far - off voyages at speeds that will get you there sooner than you would imagine in a vessel of this size!

Mangusta has cornered the market with it’s innovations, superior technologies and the latest in engineering for the best outcome in speed, fuel use and comfortable accommodations. Never compromising each yacht's outstanding performance while still providing ample speed and luxurious comfort.

Mangusta’s vision comprises of a advanced and original, creative spirit. All eyes were on Mangusta for sure with the first Mangusta Maxi Open —which was such a groundbreaking yacht. Her well - designed interior and exterior gave owner’s a powerfully speedy machine - still pleasing the most discerning yachtsman to this day.

The future is here when it comes to Mangusta’s philosophies. The new Mangusta Oceano and Mangusta GranSport lines gave the world two beauties that ensured flawless perfection can be had on any open sea. The family allowed for tri-deck yachts to make ocean-going trips in refined and graceful style and design. Now one can also choose from a wide range of high-performance, sports yachts that have more than speed to brag about —range is it’s best friend too. The legacy goes on… so be sure to take a look at the latest Mangusta unveils!

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