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photo of A Green Revolution With Sunreef Eco-Friendly Luxury Catamarans

A Green Revolution With Sunreef Eco-Friendly Luxury Catamarans

By Rob Bowman | Posted On Sep 30, 2020
Updated On Mar 23, 2022

It's often been said that boaters are stewards of the environment, having grown to appreciate the ocean and its inhabitants. One does not need to look very far to see shining examples of marine conservation efforts by companies that build, sell, service, or otherwise make their living from boats. As engine manufacturers improve technology to build more efficient engines and boat builders look for ways to leave less of a carbon footprint, the changes to making boating 'greener' is happening bit by bit, with each new model year.

As the environment has become an increasingly important topic in our society, one yacht builder has taken a dramatic leap forward in terms of how their boats are built, equipped, and powered. Sunreef Yachts has now created eco-friendly, sustainable cruising solutions in both sailing and power catamaran formats.

What does it mean to be an eco-friendly catamaran? As an option, owners may wish for:

  • Eco-friendly propulsion and green energy
  • The use of sustainable materials throughout the yacht
  • Energy efficient climate-control
  • Non-toxic materials in the hull and bottom paint
  • No CO2 Emissions
  • Never sacrifice luxury, comfort, space, or performance

Sunreef is offering their eco-friendly models as sailing catamarans from 50' to 80' and as power catamarans from 60' to 100'. United Yacht Sales is thrilled to represent such an innovative and industry-changing yacht brand that continues to be a leader in luxury and performance cruising. If you have any interest in finding out more about Sunreef's incredible eco-friendly luxury catamarans, we invite you to contact United's Jorge Cabre' at (305) 773-2095 or by email at

sunreef yachts green propulsion

Green Propulsion

The benefit of "Going Green" when it comes to the propulsion of your Sunreef Yacht goes beyond your own conscience, but also extends to the enjoyment of the experience. Boating with electric engines means no noise, no vibration, and no fumes. Completely silent and enjoyable cruising. Thanks to Sunreef's innovative solutions, running your vessel has never been more environmentally safe. Electric engines are also easier for service and allow you to save thousands on fuel costs.

Owners also have the option to choose hybrid engines which combine thermal combustion with electric motoring. There are massive benefits in Co2 emissions compared to traditional thermal engines and the hybrid propulsion also helps to recharge the yacht's battery bank.

Seen below: A Sunreef eco-friendly catamaran has many features that go into reducing emissions and creating a fully 'green' yacht.

Sunreef Yachts eco-friendly catamaran features

In order to power the electric engines, Sunreef sought to maximize the various ways energy could be collected on a yacht. The obvious choice was to harness the energy of the sun which is abundant on the ocean. The shipyard is widely known for its innovative techniques and designs so it's no surprise that they chose to manufacture their own state-of-the-art solar panels. Flexible, ultra-strong, and incredibly light, the solar panels installed on Sunreef's eco-friendly yachts are advanced and powerful. They can be curved to fit flush with the lines of the yacht and maintenance is easily completed.

The solar panels send the energy collected to a battery bank of high-tech lithium batteries that are lighter and outperform traditional marine batteries.

Solar energy wasn't the only option to charge Sunreef's battery bank. Sunreef's luxury catamarans can be equipped with advanced electric propulsion that allow for hydro generation of power. As the propeller rotates while the yacht is cruising by sail, energy can be collected and delivered to the battery bank and assist with running the electronics on board. Hydro generation has been found to be highly efficient and beneficial, as they can recover power from two engines.

The power of the wind can also be harnessed with Sunreef's wind turbine system. If nighttime or cloudy weather is a problem with collecting solar energy, the wind turbines can continue to charge the battery bank while at cruise or at a dock.

Sunreef Yachts wind turbines

Powering and propelling your Sunreef Catamaran isn't the only eco-friendly feature the builder has incorporated. The construction of the yacht is also changing the idea of what materials can be used to build a strong, seaworthy vessel without abandoning their commitment to the earth. Today's monohull and catamaran yachts are generally constructed of a 100% fiberglass or a resin-infused wood core hull. Sunreef's eco catamarans can be built using basalt, a dense rock derived from volcanoes. The Basalt fiber is not only safer for the environment, but is also said to be stronger than glass fiber and outperforms it.

The interior of your yacht can also be a notable topic of conversation when entertaining like-minded guests. Sunreef offers owners the option for sustainable yacht decor without compromising your luxurious interiors. From using alternatives to leather, to sourcing salvaged hardwoods for flooring, your yacht can be completely "Green" both inside and out. Even countertops can be made with compressed paper-based materials for an incredible look while also greatly reducing weight.

Seen below: The salon doors on the Sunreef 80 Sailing Catamaran open to merge the aft cockpit seating area with the magnificent interior.

Sunreef 80 salon doors

Optimization of the performance, weight, consumption, and energy management on board was a serious task for Sunreef. So that the electric motors could perform at the absolute least amount of energy, the hull of each Sunreef catamaran had to be optimized for drag and efficiency. Using computer simulations and a very slick, sustainable bottom paint, the catamarans are able to perform well in a variety of sea conditions. The weight of the catamaran was also crucial to achieving their goals of efficiency and performance, so carbon fiber can be used throughout the construction process.

In order to achieve a perfect balance of energy use, Sunreef has carefully insulated the interior spaces to maintain temperatures. And the insulation? It's sustainable too. Even the air-conditioning system is incredibly high-tech, is battery-powered, and is completely silent. The ultra-efficient lithium battery packs maintain the appropriate level of energy consumption while continually re-charging through the variety of methods Sunreef has offered. Less energy, greater performance, better efficiency, and all sustainable materials combine to make Sunreef the most eco-friendly yachts on the planet.

Seen below: The Sunreef 50 offers silent, unlimited cruising with all of the comforts from home.

Sunreef 50 sailing catamaran eco-friendly

Sunreef welcomes you to the "Green Side Of Yachting" with perhaps the most forward-thinking effort yet to build eco-friendly yachts that also meet the requirements of discerning yacht owners. From highly-efficient water purification systems and rain collection for deck washing, to recyclable sails and kites used in the sailing catamaran models, Sunreef has truly made every conceivable effort to reduce their carbon footprint of every yacht. United Yacht Sales invites you to join our 'Green Revolution' by exploring these advanced solutions for sustainable and eco-friendly cruising. What better time than now to begin your 'green' boating journey?

Seen below: The Sunreef 60 Power has an incredible flybridge seating area that takes advantage of the space its 35' beam provides.

flybridge seating on sunreef 60 power


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