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photo of You're Chance To Sea Trial Or Charter A Silent Yacht

You're Chance To Sea Trial Or Charter A Silent Yacht

By Rob Bowman | Posted On Aug 22, 2019
Updated On Jun 03, 2020

You've probably read by now about Silent Yachts, the world's first fully solar-powered luxury catamarans, that has everyone talking. Now the builder is giving you the chance to personally experience what it's like to be on board a Silent Yacht either in a sea trial or yacht charter experience. Spend time with the factory representatives and team behind Silent Yachts and learn the philosophy that drives this innovation in the marine industry.


Sea Trials are completely free to anyone seriously interested in buying a Silent Yacht. 

-Location #1: There will be on going sea trials through October on the Island of Mallorca in Spain. The Silent Yachts 55 will be available to sea trial. This is an excellent opportunity to experience and enjoy a beautiful destination on board an amazingly quiet and luxurious power catamaran.

-Location #2: Silent Yachts will be displaying a Silent 55 at the Cannes Yachting Festival from September 10th through the 15th.

If you have any interest in going to either location to sea trial a Silent Yachts Power Catamaran, please contact Darren Sell at (561) 351-7333.


What's even better than sea trialing a new Silent Yacht? How about taking a charter vacation on one? Interested parties have the option to spend more than a few hours on board by chartering the Silent 55 in beautiful destinations in the Mediterranean (Balearic). Choose to stay on board a few days or even a few weeks and experience what it's like to be on board a truly quiet yacht. Well looked after by the Silent Yachts crew, this will be an unforgettable trip aboard one of the most innovative yachts ever to be built.

-Charter price: $3,900 per day for up to 3 cabins. $1,450 per day for 1 cabin. Both include crew, food, and non-alcoholic drinks provided. 

-Potential dates for charter: September 14th through the 28th, 2019 and October 1st to the 5th and 11th to the 15th.

Should you be interested in chartering the Silent Yachts 55 during these times, please contact Darren Sell at (561) 351-7333.


Silent Yachts 55

Perfect for the owner/operator that wishes to cruise efficiently and in silence, the Silent Yachts 55 is a marvel in yacht design and construction. With a beam of over 27 feet, the power catamaran platform provides a wonderful living space that rivals most 80-foot yachts. Luxurious, stable, and extremely quiet, the Silent 55 is unlike any cruising experience you could imagine. With the massive solar panels, battery banks of the highest possible quality, and a generator that is also solar powered, the 55 offers unlimited range when cruising as well as unprecedented low noise levels. Enjoy four spacious cabins with 4 heads all below deck with an abundance of storage space. Designed for both personal use and to put into charter should the owner choose, the Silent Yachts 55 is re-defining the term "power cat".


Also Offered By Silent Yachts:

The Silent 80 Power Catamaran

silent yachts 80 power cat 

The Silent 80 is the flagship of the Silent Yachts fleet and may be the ultimate power catamaran thanks to its space, layout, and its unlimited cruising range. 

The Silent Yachts 44 (Brand New Model!)

silent yachts 44 power catamaran 

The new Silent 44 was just released and is the smallest model to date for the 100% solar-powered power cat builder. While 44' in length, her 27' plus beam provides an unbelievable platofrm to design massive interior living spaces. This is a great option for the couple that wants to cruise, in peace and quiet, as well as be extremely fuel efficient.

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