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photo of Darren Sell, Professional Yacht Broker

Darren Sell

Professional Yacht Broker

Darren Sell grew up in Allentown, PA, where his winters were spent snow skiing in the Poconos and summers sailing on Lake Wallenpaupack with his family. Having seen enough snow for a lifetime, Darren moved to West Palm Beach, FL in 2010. 

There, Darren began working for Eastern Yachts Service Department, a Division of Florida Yacht Group, and spent four years managing and servicing the full-range of Beneteau & Jeanneau sailing yachts. Acquiring extensive knowledge of the marine industry, the stage was set for his career as a Yacht Broker.  

“That experience had a life changing effect on my passion for the boating industry. It was then that I realized my years of hands-on experience was best directed at matching the perfect yacht with Buyers and Sellers”. 

Acquiring his license as a Yacht Broker, Darren joined the brokerage side of the business where he continues to facilitate successful transactions for customers achieving their dream of yacht ownership.

Whether buying or selling, Darren’s commitment for new and used sailboats led him to a position with United Yacht Sales handling every detail of the transaction: before, during, and after the sale.  “My goal is to match the perfect yacht to every client”.

Whether buying or selling, Darren’s commitment for new and used sailboats led him to launch “Results Count, LLC” where he handles every detail of the transaction: before, during, and after the sale process. “I’m dedicated to matching the perfect yacht to every client. Results do count!”.



I know that I already did a review online for you about the work you did to sell our family’s sailboat over the last few months - but I wanted to also send you a letter to express my sincere appreciation in greater detail. 

It was such a shock to my family and me when our dear Terry passed away unexpectedly in March.  It was all so unbelievable and a very trying time.  I remember reaching out to you in the early days to let you know about the situation.  You were so compassionate and kind to me.  You didn’t even talk about the boat situation and what needed to be done.  You simply listened to me, told me how sorry you were, and suggested that I take the time I need to sort things out before we did anything with the boat together.  Your kind words and patience meant a lot to me as I know you had already invested a fair amount of time into the sale of VII with Terry. 

When I did reach out a week or so later, your compassion continued to be evident but you also were able to smoothly transition to a very productive conversation about the status of the boat, what you had already done to support Terry, and what I could expect in terms of your on-going services.  We also had a very good discussion about the market, what was available and what was not, and what our opportunities were from a pricing and sales perspective.   Your honesty and knowledge at that stage was appreciated and extremely valuable given I have no experience with sailboats. 

As the weeks went by you were nothing but helpful.  As was your staff in the office. Evelyn in particular was awesome - always there to answer questions, help me navigate the sales, documentation and various processes, and make sure that we were addressing outstanding invoices and such.  Given the loss of Terry I know that I was probably not the best client you could have had in terms of timeliness — but both of you were patient and understanding throughout it all.

It seemed like each week that went by we found a new challenge that needed to be dealt with.  Whether it was the navigation system that wasn’t working, or the generator that wouldn’t kick in, or the air conditioning unit that just wanted to be stubborn and not turn on.   All this in between multiple viewings by prospective clients - who would call with very little notice to come and view the boat and then spend hours of your time.  I had to ask you on multiple occasions to work throughout the night and even into the early mornings to prepare for the next sales visit.  You never complained.  You never said you couldn’t accommodate.  You were always there 24 x 7.  You made yourself available every single time, at all hours, and you got the job done.   You even went above and beyond and cleaned the boat and made it look sparkling and beautiful when the timing of our normal washes didn’t fit into the buyers’ schedules. 

The final sales process came with its own bumps and bruises as we both know.  Our buyers were beyond high maintenance, making new and unrelenting demands as the process went on.  A week did not go by without them contacting you with requests, asking questions and making demands on your time.  Again you were always there to take care of everything.  And what I really appreciated was that you stayed in close contact with me through every step, letting me know how things were going, what was being asked of you, asking for permission to take on special asks and basically just giving me white glove service from start to finish. 

All this to say - I appreciated it all.  Thank you so much.  You took a huge concern off my mind, and through he ultimate sale of the boat, relieved me of a financial responsibility I had no interest in retaining.  And through it all you made it all seem easy. 

Congratulations on the sale and please let me know if you ever need a reference.  I will always be your loyal client. 

- Sincerely, Lori Vaudry