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photo of United Yacht Reports 114 Percent Increase In 3rd Quarter Sales

United Yacht Reports 114 Percent Increase In 3rd Quarter Sales

By Rob Bowman | Posted On Oct 10, 2020

Thanks to our growing team, our strategic business planning, our rifle approach to marketing, and our commitment to focusing solely on our clients' listings, United Yacht is thrilled to report a 114% increase in sales for the 3rd quarter 2020 over 2019. United also noted that the total number of transactions increased by 80% compared to last year and the average price per deal increased 19%.

"I am very proud of our entire team," said Peter Schmidt, President of United Yacht Sales. "The booming interest in boating certainly helped our results for the quarter, but the numbers also show that we are winning a larger percentage of the business that's available. We have added to our support team to assist in getting closings done faster and better. We are making greater commitments in marketing where over 97% of our entire marketing budget is devoted to brokerage sales. I believe that to be the largest percentage of marketing dollars devoted to brokerage listings than any of the large brokerage firms in the industry. Our clients appreciate that 100% of our focus is on their boat, not any owned new boat inventory we have to worry about."

United also credited its recent monthly HOT LIST promotion as a big lead driver and resulting in the sales of nearly half of all boats listed within 60 days. The Hot List consists of 5 of the best boat deals of the month voted on by a panel of experienced, professional yacht brokers.

Just a few of the notable sales from the quarter included:

United Yacht Sales is here to assist you in any way possible with the purchase of a new yacht or the sale of your existing boat. As one of the first brokerage firms to offer Virtual Boat Showings, we utilize our network of over 175+ yacht brokers worldwide to bring you the boat you want to see safely and conveniently on your phone, tablet, or computer. 

Not sure where to begin? Call our main office today at (772) 463-3131 and we'll connect you with the right broker based on where you live and what type of boating needs you have.