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photo of 3 Important Reasons You Should Not Rush Your Yacht Listing

3 Important Reasons You Should Not Rush Your Yacht Listing

By Rob Bowman | Posted On Jan 28, 2021
Updated On Mar 23, 2022

The roller coaster ride that is the "boating boom" happening right now has been moving at incredible speeds since last April. Boating has truly become the preferred recreational choice during the pandemic where travel may not always be possible. United Yacht Sales recently published our year-end sales results showing 31% growth over 2019, which was already up over 40% from 2017! Late-model, well-maintained yachts of all types and sizes that have hit the market have sold quickly and UYS continues to replenish our offerings.

If you are considering listing your yacht for sale, you may feel pressure to get it on the MLS as soon as possible and we understand this sense of urgency. However, we encourage you to slow down, make sure you have the right yacht broker for your specific boat, do a review of the condition of your vessel, and get it looking as perfect as possible before it goes out to the public.

Here are three important reasons why you should not rush your boat listing.



Your first 30 days on the market are going to be critical for maximizing your opportunity for a fast sale and one that brings you the most money. The longer your boat sits on the market, the less likely it will be to sell for full asking price. The minute your yacht is uploaded to the MLS websites (we enter our clients' listings into all 3 major boating MLS systems) it will be seen by thousands of yacht brokers all across the world.

You need to be ready for showings immediately on the day it goes live. Even in a strong seller's market that we are in now, things like poor photography, miscellaneous items scattered around the boat, an uncleaned hull, incomplete descriptions online, and a boat not ready to receive in-person, or virtual showings, all work against you.

After 30-45 days on the market, you are typically selling your boat for less money than it would have gotten if under contract within the first month. When it comes to listing your boat on the market, it literally pays to have everything looking good and ready to show.

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yacht sales activity



A lot of effort, preparation, and details go into listing your boat for sale on the market. From the specific keywords included in the boat's description, to our behind-the-scenes SEO best practices that make sure your boat shows up on Google, to re-sizing (and naming) every photo that is uploaded, United Yacht Sales spends a significant amount of time and money to ensure the best possible result for your yacht sales experience.

In today's age of technology and information available at your fingertips, most buyers are making a decision as to whether to see a boat - or pass on it - before they ever leave their computer chair. From high-end video walk-throughs, to Matterport 3D tours, to Virtual Showings through your preferred video app, your yacht needs to have the best presentation possible. When your broker comes to get photos of your boat, even simple acts like moving it away from the dock can make a difference.

In the rush to get your boat listed online, some sellers are skipping these important steps. And buyers are skipping their boats as a result!

Yacht Videos like the one below of this Sunseeker Predator 74 might take extra effort, but the end result is worth it!



Just likes home sales, the amount of yachts sold varies by season and by geography. Winter time in the Northeast for example means that most boat owners are cruising south for the season, only to return home once Florida or the Caribbean gets too hot. How, when, and where we market your listing is crucial to its success. Starting the listing process in February can mean the yacht is fully prepped, cleaned, photographed, the description written, and entered into all MLS systems by March. 

Every yacht company out there sees a spike in boat-related traffic to their website in March that continues to climb through the summer. On, the amount of traffic from March 1st to the end of May increased 72% in 2020, nearly doubling the amount of unique visitors to the website. Prepping your boat for sale now, can mean that even if it goes past 30 days, you still have a growing chance of finding a buyer in the spring to early summer.



We understand if you're still anxious about getting your boat listed for sale as soon as possible and while this 'boating boom' continues. That's why the team at United Yacht Sales is here to help you every step of the way. Call us today at 1-772-463-3131 and we will put you in touch with an experienced, professional yacht broker that can guide you through what to expect and what to do to prepare your yacht. For a quick response, fill out our form What's My Yacht Worth?

Here are some basic things that you can do to help facilitate a great listing presentation:

  • Remove all personal belongings like kitchen appliances, clothes, supplies, or anything that would clutter the interior
  • Remove evidence of any pets that may have been on board
  • Be proactive about getting any repairs done to your boat
  • Take the time to clean under the hatches, change out old lines, clean the bilge pump
  • Hire a professional detailer to clean your boat prior to getting it photographed
  • If the broker is paying for a professional video, take the time to get the boat off the dock and away from pilings
  • Open up the boat so the interior looks light and roomy
  • Be as detailed as possible with your broker about all of the selling points
  • If you can, provide all maintenance and service records

United Yacht Sales is here to help you with all of your boating needs. With over 200 yacht brokers in 104 locations, we have the largest network of buyers and sellers in the boating industry. Our support team is known as the best in boating and will assist you from marketing, to closing, to all documentation. Come experience the difference United has to offer and let us earn your trust, one boat at a time.

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