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photo of Gulfstream Yachts Featured In New TV Show Discovering Water

Gulfstream Yachts Featured In New TV Show Discovering Water

By Rob Bowman | Posted On Oct 31, 2018
Updated On Jun 03, 2020

Tired of the same old fishing show? What about the same boring center-console? The Discover Channel has broken the mold of what it means to catch fish in front of a camera with an all-new series called Discovering Water. Narrated by the legendary Flip Pallot and hosted by Tyler Kapela (fishing guide and host of NBC Sport's North American Fisherman). Discovering Water aims to bring a breath of fresh air to what it means to be a fishing show by incorporating all of the things outside of fishing that make it such a memorable past-time. Gone are the mundane infomercials that try to sell you on a new rod or a new lure right in the middle of the action. Discovering Water is "focused on producing the highest quality content aiming to draw in a broader audience, bring them with us on an incredible journey, and inspire passion in our viewers," says the shows website. The creators hope to add an Anthony Bourdain-style format into the show that incorporates the culture, surroundings, food, and adventure that comes with travelling to different destinations in search of an epic bite. 

The powerful voice of Flip Pallot sets the stage in each episode as the team embarks on fish-hunting journeys to both popular destinations like Costa Rica, the Bahamas, and Hawaii, but also to lesser known fishing spots in Dubai, Andaman Islands, the Seychelles and Tonga. Host Tyle Kapela brings a level of enthusiasm that is a breath of fresh air to each episode and provides the spark needed to keep you watching. And what better boat to be put through its paces in different locations than the new Gulfstream Yachts 52

Gulfstream Yachts is a fairly new manufacturer known to build some of the most unique, high-quality center-console fishing boats in the world. Highly customized, foam-filled, and unsinkable, the Gulfstream 52 became the perfect choice to be the untraditional boat on the untraditional fishing show. Gulfstream currently builds a 34 as well and has a new 66' center-console sportfish currently in production.


The Gulfstream 52 was designed by world renowned super yacht designers Ward Setzer of Setzer Yacht Architects and Michael Peters Yacht Design who sought to make the 52 a very unique boat. The 52 is not only designed and equipped for hardcore fishing and diving, but also for comfort with some spacious accommodations for a center-console. Using their patented Stepped "V" Ventilated Tunnel (SVVT) hull technology, Gulfstream was able to give this remarkable boat the feature set of a larger yacht with the streamlined package of a center console boat. The 52 CC is the ultimate multi-purpose yacht tender as well and would be a stylish addition to any mega yacht. You can fish and dive in the morning then ferry guests to the dock later that evening, all while keeping them sheltered from the elements. This boat can also provide accommodations for extra crew. Each boat can be highly customized to meet the specific needs of the owner such as configuring the seating arrangements, eliminating the marlin tower, or adding a door on each side of the enclosure for quick access. And owners have the option for choose from triple, quad, or quintuple engines!

If you're interested in learning more about the Gulfstream 52 CC, she's available to see in South Florida. She will also be available at the Miami Boat Show in February, 2019! Make sure to tune in every Sunday as well at 8:30AM Eastern for the latest Discover Water episode. United Yacht Sales broker Paul MacCormack is the Gulfstream Brand Manager for United and can answer all of your questions about the boat. You can call him directly at 772-812-1182.

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