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How Much Does A Fishing Yacht Cost?

By Robert Bowman | Posted On Oct 12, 2022
Updated On Dec 12, 2023

Let's start off by defining the difference between a fishing boat and a fishing yacht. This really boils down to the difference between a boat and a yacht, as any boat can be equipped to fish; a question debated back and forth on many docks. Looking online for an answer to this only leads one to a series of articles that have are filled with generalities and not much in the way of a definitive conclusion. Generally speaking, a boat becomes a yacht based on a combination of  varying attributes including size, price, attitude, accommodations, and whether or not crew is needed. The price difference between a fishing boat and a fishing yacht can be considerable.

A fishing yacht can also be broken down to being either a sportfishing yacht or a center-console. In recent years, center-console builders like HCB, Valhalla, Intrepid, and others have continued to grow in size, horsepower, and certainly price. This has catapulted center-consoles from being a single-engine, smaller boat, to the stature of a multi-million dollar yacht. The HCB 65 Estrella, for example, can handle six 600HP Mercury Verado outboards for a total package of 3,600 horsepower! Typically, sportfishing yachts are more expensive, but center-consoles have begun closing the gap. So, for the sake of the pricing discussion, we are going to use a minimum size of 40-feet, three engines if outboard powered, and over $500,000 in price.

As we've defined our parameters above, a fishing yacht will cost between $750,000 and $1.5 million on the brokerage market in the United States, with a median price of $1.25 million. Buyers looking for a custom sportfishing yacht will have less of a selection to choose from and may end up paying a bit more. A 65-foot custom boat built in 2000, like a Jim Smith for example, may end up selling for $700,000 - $900,000 more that a production fishing boat of the same size and year.

(Below: This custom 64-foot sportfishing boat has a price tag of over $2 million.)


What Can You Expect When Buying A Fishing Yacht?

It's no secret that the pre-owned yacht market has been difficult over the last two years. After the influx of new boaters, the brokerage market was at historically low levels and new boat builders are still catching up with demand. Ordering a new fishing yacht may take a year or more for delivery. The general sentiment among yacht brokers in this segment of the industry is that prices are still high compared to pre-2020 levels. If you are looking to sell your yacht, having a well-maintained boat with service records, well-equipped and located in a popular boating area can bring top dollar.

Hiring a professional yacht broker to assist you in your search can save you time, money, and stress. An expert center-console or sportfishing yacht broker knows the market and can advise you on submitting an offer at the right price to get the boat you want, along with negotiating on your behalf. Many times, our team of 250+ agents across the world can either find a buyer for your boat before it goes online, or help you find the right boat that's not even listed for sale.


Is There A Big Price Difference Between Sportfish & Center-Consoles?

For the serious angler that wants to fish harder, run farther, but do so in comfort, a fishing yacht that is designed for offshore tournaments and luxury cruising tends to be the most popular choice. Most owners want a boat that can compete, but also double as a comfortable boat for relaxing in the islands. While both center-consoles and sportfishing yachts can fit this description, there tends to be a higher price for sportfish that have larger accommodations. Many center consoles today have cabins below deck, but not many are as spacious and comfortable as a sportfish.

Looking at all fishing yachts sold in the U.S. over the last 12 months that are over 40' and $500,000 in price, the average sold price of a sportfishing boat was over 80% higher than a center-console of the same criteria.

(Below: If you can live without the cabins on a sportfish, a center-console as a fishing yacht can cut your budget. This SeaVee is listed at $665,000.)

seavee boats

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