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How Much Is A Sportfishing Yacht?

By Robert Bowman | Posted On Jul 28, 2022
Updated On Dec 12, 2023

The adrenaline rush of going into battle with a 1,200-pound Black Marlin is a thrill that only a small percentage of people on this planet will ever experience. While a fish like that might be at the pinnacle of what most anglers target, there are far easier pelagic fish like Mahi or Tuna, that don't require a massive boat. However you plan to fish, an adequate size vessel is necessary to reach whatever species you plan on targeting offshore.

How you search for your next sport fishing boat depends a lot upon your level of experience, the type of fishing you plan on doing, and your own personal style. As one of the largest yacht sales websites in the industry, we know from our data that searching by price is always one of the first criteria buyers use to narrow their choices. If your relatively new to buying a yacht, a very common question asked is, 'How much is a sportfishing yacht?'.

Sport fishing boats for sale on the brokerage market have an average price of $5.3 million. The criteria used to determine that average price including boats that were built in the last 10 years, are in the United States, and a minimum length of 50-feet. If we extend the criteria out to boats built in the last 20 years, that average price drops to $2.7 million.

There are sportfishing yachts of all ages, sizes, conditions, and power for sale across the country right now. Even in a seller's market, the prices of sportfishing yachts range from $11,750 for an old 28-foot Bertam, to $18 million for a late-model, 90-foot Jarrett Bay, and everything in between.

The age of a boat isn't always the determining factor in its price. Take this 1987 G&S Boats 57' Convertible, for instance, that's priced at over $1.4 million. Because it is a custom sportfish, and with the re-fits done, this boat can still hold its value on the brokerage market.

The price of custom sportfishing yachts versus the production builders is also something to take into consideration. Viking Yachts and Hatteras Yachts have been the primary production builders over the last two decades, with Viking dominantly winning the majority of the market share. Hatteras has new owners, a subsidiary company of Bass Pro Shops, and are currently reconfiguring their model lines. Bertram produced a lot of boats in the 90's and 2000's, dropping off substantially in the downturn, but is now offering a 50 sport.

Of all of the sportfishing boats that sold in the last 12 months in the U.S., custom-built sportfish sold for nearly 10% more than for production brands overall. That being said, there were more than double the production boats sold than custom.

The size of the engine is also a determining factor in how much you will spend on a sportfish. Most builders offer the customer a variety of options in terms of engine manufacturer and horsepower. A base engine option might offer twin 1,550HP, but upgrading to larger 2,600HP's is going to cost more, even a million dollars more. Tournament anglers are willing to pay the extra money for the extra speed if it means a leg up in the competition.

Below is an example of a well-maintained 60-foot sportfishing boat with 1,800HP engines. It's a little over 12 year old, has been updated in several ways, and has an asking price of over $2.2 million.

60-foot sport fishing boat over 2 million

If you are considering buying a sportfishing boat, the best advice is to find an expert in the field, one that knows the market landscape, and someone that has a track record of successful referrals they can provide. At United Yacht Sales, we have many sportfish experts that have decades of experience listing and selling yachts of this caliber and style. They can sit with you and have the discussion about your needs, how you plan to fish, your budget, and what models might best suit your situation. Call our main office today at 1-772-463-3131 to get connected with an expert sportfish broker or use our Find A Yacht Broker Near Me page to search United brokers close to you.


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