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photo of Featured Yacht Broker Spotlight: Greg Halligan

Featured Yacht Broker Spotlight: Greg Halligan

By Robert Bowman | Posted On Sep 12, 2023
Updated On Sep 14, 2023

Few athletes ever move on to play at the collegiate level, but those lucky few that make it learn invaluable lessons in self-confidence, teamwork, and motivation to achieve a goal. United Yacht Sales broker Greg Halligan harnesses the lessons learned through playing NCAA basketball to build relationships with his customers and help them achieve their best boating life.

"Greg is a guy I was talking to for awhile about joining United Yacht Sales," said Jeff Palmer, President of UYS. "Not only is he a very knowledgeable yacht broker, but he has a great reputation in the industry and his customers love him. Once he was able to see what we are doing here at United, he was ecstatic about coming on board and we are thrilled to have him here."

If you're interested in speaking with Greg Halligan about buying or selling a boat, you can contact him directly at 954-610-6448 or by email at

greg behind boat helm


Here are a few fun 'Quick Facts' about Greg:

Hometown: Worchester, MA.
Retirement Plans: Island life - which one exactly is TBD
Favorite Restaurant: Patio Pizza
Favorite Thing To Do On The Weekend: Golf in the AM, pool party with friends/family in the afternoon
Favorite Concert: Tortuga Festival
Dogs Or Cats?: Dogs, but love them both
Pineapple On Pizza?: I pick it off, but eat it. Cooked pineapple is delicious
Favorite Boat Show?: Palm Beach Boat Show
Dream Car: 1950's Chevy Bel Air
If you could own one boat, it would be: Westport


Q: What were your earliest memories of being on a boat?

A: On Lake Winnipesaukee. Three things standout; the fireworks with the family, my older brothers launching an entirely unsafe height into the air while tubing, and my mother having a panic attack from the dock. I also remember turning 13 and getting my lake license so I could take the boat out by myself and listen to the Kenny Rogers cassette over and over again that was stuck in the stereo.

greg enjoying time on a sailboat


Q: What has been the most fulfilling part about helping people buy or sell their boat?

A: There have been quite a few, but my personal favorite is seeing a couple or family that has worked hard for a lifetime buy a boat to retire on and go on an adventure they've been dreaming about for years.


Q: What has been the most memorable boat you have sold or the family you've sold it to?

A: There are a lot of relationships that I've built in this business. If I had to pin it down to one I'd say a customer from Wisconsin. He started looking for a boat without a ton of knowledge and we looked at about 10 different yacht builders. He decided on what he called an "Azimooot" (Azimut) after the first one we saw. He told me what he wanted and after a few months of searching we found the exact vessel for him, made an offer the day it went on the market without even seeing her, and it was perfect for him.

The best part was the friendship after. When he would visit, we'd go out often and have a lot of stories. He's a big Saturday Night Live fan and always calls me OLD GREGG!

He loved that boat! He met his wife on that boat and is now enjoying it as he starts his family.


Q: What advice would you give to someone looking to buy their first yacht, but are brand new to boating?

Do your research and work with a reputable yacht brokerage firm. Every boat and every person's situation is different. Find a yacht broker that's knowledgeable and cares enough to understand your situation. You want someone that guides you on how to fully enjoy the experience and avoid the pitfalls.


Q: How do you approach the conversation with a listing customer who is thinking of selling their boat? What advice do you give them?

A: I build a relationship with the customer. Every transaction is different and everyone's reason for selling is different. The most important thing to do is listen and solve the problem they are bringing to you. The next step is easy, be available. They are giving you the opportunity to sell their boat because you have the time and expertise to maximize the transaction.

greg standing on yacht


Q: How do you set yourself apart from other brokers in how you build a relationship with a client, as well as the job you do for them?

If you are seeing a theme here it is that everyone is different. Some customers want updates every couple of days on activity and I have a few customers who don't want to hear about their listed boat until it's time for them to negotiate. This goes back to listening and understanding the seller's needs.

When working with a buyer it's all about knowledge of the market and relationships. The goal is to not let the buyer waste their time looking at boats that are not the right fit. It's also paramount when it comes to negotiating because knowing the comps and recent sold prices will elevate your bargaining position.


Q: You were heavily involved in sports growing up. What sports did you play and how has that helped you professionally?

Growing up we played basketball, baseball, football and soccer the most. Ended up playing basketball in college and it taught me many life lessons. Hard work, teamwork and having a game plan were some of the most important. An attribute that translates to sales is performing under pressure, many deals get very intense as it's a large purchase for both parties so it's best if you can keep calm.

greg playing golf


Q: What destination is on your bucket list to visit?

A: An African safari, which I'm taking my mother on in September. Can't wait!!!!!


Q: Has social media changed how you interact with previous customers and prospective customers? Favorite social media?

A: Social media has changed the way everything in life is done. Whether you like it or not it's reality. I still feel that looking someone in the eye or speaking to them on the phone is the number one way to create and sustain relationships, if you don't take advantage of the reach of social media you're missing an opportunity. Instagram has given me personally the most opportunity and showings from yachts I've listed. Also quite a few referrals from influencers I've teamed with.


Q: What are some of the reasons you decided to ‘hang your hat’ with UYS? Did the fact that Peter Schmidt and Jeff Palmer both being brokers at one point influence your decision?

A: Jeff Peter and the rest of the team are always accessible. That's the most important thing for me. To other brokers I'd say, the opportunity is there, the name recognition is there and the splits are the best around. Call me anytime if you're looking to get into the business or make a change.


Q: Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

A: I don't know where I'll be in 5 years and I love that about this business. If you get your book built up you can work from anywhere in the world as long as you put the time and are willing to travel when necessary. If I had to pick I'd say retired on a lake and traveling the world as much as possible.

Greg on sportfishing boat with sailfish


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