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photo of The Marlin Mission Combines The Love Of Fishing With Love For People

The Marlin Mission Combines The Love Of Fishing With Love For People

By Rob Bowman | Posted On Apr 19, 2019
Updated On Jun 18, 2021

The love of fishing brings out a lot of amazing acts of kindness in people. Hundreds, if not thousands, of fishing tournaments are held each year across the world in honor of a charity or a good cause. So while it's not surprising that the crew of the motor yacht Dorothea III would choose to give back, the way they are doing it is nothing short of incredible. The Marlin Mission as its called was born out of the passion for chasing Marlin and the opportunity to help the people in the remote areas of the world that multi-million dollar sportfishing yachts normally just pass through.

The Marlin Mission seeks to raise money through donations and pledges that are raised by every fish caught. Supporters pledge to give money for every Marlin or gamefish caught by the team, who also abide strictly by the rule of catch and release, and so far over $25,000 has been raised! 

While the goal was originally to raise money to bring school supplies to communities that were in rural communities in Brazil and the Atlantic Islands of Cape Verde, the growing awareness of the Marlin Mission has driven donations up and has got the team thinking big. Future goals include building schools in these communities or purchasing a water-maker. (You can donate by going here and scrolling down.)

To date, over 140,000 nautical miles have been travelled through 75 different countries! 

Marlin Mission Voyage Chart

The Dorothea III is a 2007 44-meter Cheoy Lee Motor Yacht that serves as a mothership for the captain and crew. Originally named the Marco Polo, she has now crossed the South Atlantic Ocean three times, the South Pacific Ocean three times, and the North Pacific once. She is powered by a single CAT 3512B combined with a Schottle Controllable Pitch Propeller and in a separate machinery space, a Schottle Pump jet powered by a Caterpillar C7. Having undergone three major re-fits in the last several years, Dorothea III continues to cruise in excellent condition. With space and accommodations for the crew plus carrying the supplies to needy communities, it's hard to imagine a better suited mothership yacht for this mission. 

(Featured below is a picture of Dorothea III from the Marlin Mission website)

Cheoy Lee Motor Yacht Mothership

While the Dorothea III is a great option to rest at the end of a long day fishing, it is certainly not adequately designed to back down on a giant black marlin. For their sportfishing needs, the team chose the reliable and rugged Hatteras GT63 which has been named Post One. According to their website, the team chose Hatteras Yachts to build their sportfishing vessel after sea trialing and looking at the quality of construction. 

United Yacht Sales recently listed another mothership and sportfishing yacht combo in Pacific HQ and Hookin' Bull.

(Featured below is a recent video of Post One arriving in Ecuador to join Dorothea III.)


Whether you have a yacht or not, or even enjoy fishing or not, the Marlin Mission and the travels of the Dorothea III and Post One are an incredible story that has only just begun. The far-off destinations the crew is able to see by boat is the adventure of a lifetime that the rest of us can only follow on social media. If you're ready to create your own dream, United has over 4,000 yachts for sale online today.

There are a lot of reasons to catch a Marlin, but Elliott Stark said it best here, "The thrill and exhilaration of tangling with the ocean’s most magnificent animal has perhaps no parallel."

Follow the Marlin Mission on social media for more spectacular photography and videos from a truly remarkable team that is giving back to the communities they visit.

Seen below is Dorothea III next to a glacier in Alaska.

Seen below: The team from the Marlin Mission present a check to a local youth program.

 Seen below: awesome video of the Hatteras GT63 backing down on a black marlin!



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