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photo of Featured Yacht Broker Spotlight: Brett Jenkins

Featured Yacht Broker Spotlight: Brett Jenkins

By Robert Bowman | Posted On May 04, 2022
Updated On May 05, 2022

Brett Jenkins is a well-traveled man. Through the course of selling over 100 boats in his more-than-a-decade-long career, Brett has visited multiple countries throughout the Caribbean, Europe, South American, and other continents, always expanding his network. His father, Tom Jenkins, who has been selling yachts since the 1970's, introduced Brett at a young age to boating and has been a mentor in his career. "It's always a competition at boat shows," says Brett about being in the same industry as his Dad. "We like to see who can sell the most boats. He has definitely been a role model for me in yacht sales. It's a lot of fun to share that bond."

"We love having Brett Jenkins on the team," said Captain Jeff Palmer, owner of United Yacht Sales. "He has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to selling yachts. If you stand back and watch him at boat shows, the guy is a hard worker and is very enthusiastic. I believe it's one of the reasons he has been so successful this far. You can tell he's a sharp guy that knows a lot about boats and is excited about helping people."

Brett joined United Yacht Sales just over a year ago after working for another firm in South Florida and have been impressed with the level of support he's received. "It really does make my job more efficient and effective for my clients by having a true support team behind me," he says.

If you'd like to reach Brett about buying or selling a boat, he can be contacted at 1-772-201-1630 or by email at

(Seen below: Brett loves to catch a wave when he's not finding you a buyer for your yacht!)

Brett surfing


Here are a few fun 'Quick Facts' about Brett:

  • Hometown: Stuart, Fl
  • Retirement Plans: Why retire? This is the best job ever.
  • Favorite Restaurant: Clarettas, Palm City
  • Favorite Thing To Do On The Weekend: Anything on the water or outdoors
  • Favorite Concert: Trevor Hall
  • Dogs Or Cats?: Dogs for sure
  • Pineapple On Pizza?: Only if it’s not out of a can
  • Favorite Boat Show?: Palm Beach
  • Dream Car: Restored Land Rover Defender 110


Q. What has been the most fulfilling part about helping people buy or sell their boat?

A. "I really enjoy the whole process from meeting and building a relationship with the client, to help narrowing down how they will use the boat, finding the right boat and negotiating the deal, and helping closing the boat and getting them ready for their adventures on the water. But I think the most fulfilling part of the process, is seeing the clients happy with their new boat and enjoying the water with their family!"

Q. What has been the most memorable boat you have sold or the family you've sold it to?

A. "I have had the opportunity to work with really great clients over the past 12 years, and a lot of them have become really good friends as well! But as for the boats, I recently sold an 2020 88’ Delta. My client had a very specific idea of the style, use, and layout that he wanted to purchase which took a lot of research to narrow the search down to this boat! As soon as he toured the boat in person, we knew it was the right boat—it checked every box that he was looking for, especially because the boat was constructed completely out of carbon fiber. The boat is incredible and the new owner is thoroughly enjoying the boat right now!"


Q. What advice would you give to someone looking to buy their first yacht but are brand new to boating?

A. "There are so many different brands and styles of boats to choose from when starting your search, it really can be overwhelming, especially walking around boat shows. It is really important to have someone who you trust and knows the industry, help narrow down the options, then guide and educate a buyer on different models-in use, layouts, engines and drives, speed, range, etc. It is one of the most fun purchases you can make and most buyers have thought/dreamed about it for a long time. When I was first starting in this business, I was told by a long time broker, “Buy a boat for how you will use it 80% of the time,” which has helped a lot of my clients realize maybe they don’t need some of the things they thought they did when starting the process.....and make sure you talk to an insurance agent so you know, with your experience, what size boat they’ll insure you to run."


Q. How do you set yourself apart from other brokers in how you build a relationship with a client, as well as the job you do for them?

A. "There are a lot of yacht brokers, and more getting licensed everyday. For me, it all starts with honesty and integrity. It’s foundational in all relationships. I believe if you work hard, deliver on your promises and look out for your clients best interest, you build that relationship for life. Around half of the deals I do each year are with clients that I have worked with in the past. All my clients know that if they ever need anything even after the sale, they can pick up the phone and I’ll be happy to help them with whatever they need."


Q. What destination is on your bucket list to visit?

A. "Ohhh....thats a tough one to narrow down. I think the next big trip, I’d love to travel around southeast Asia—Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam. The landscape, culture, food...not sure I would want to leave. And the waves there are unreal to surf!"

Q. Who has been your biggest mentor in your career in the boating industry?

A. "Growing up in the industry, hands down has to be my dad, Tom Jenkins. I’ve watched and learned from him since I can remember. He’s one of the legends in the boat business in south Florida, and still helps any time I have a question about anything. He probably has forgotten more than I’ll ever learn about yachts! He is one of the most ethical, honest sales people you’ll ever meet and couldn’t imagine a better role model or mentor."

Brett and Tom Jenkins at boat show


Q. Has social media changed how you interact with previous customers and prospective customers? Favorite social media?

A. "Yes, definitely. As technology continually changes, more content is now available for customers. Video walkthroughs are available of most brands as well as reviews of each model also. The more information available, the better it is for both clients and brokers alike. Because Youtube allows longer content, it’s a great platform to be able to hire a videographer to create a full video of a listing, which can easily be sent to a potential client. But Instagram is great for keeping in touch with clients and seeing how they are using their boats!"


Q. While you aren’t new to selling yachts, you are fairly new to joining United Yacht Sales. What are some of the reasons you decided to ‘hang your hat’ with UYS? Did the fact that Peter Schmidt and Jeff Palmer both being brokers at one point influence your decision?

A. "I think its more than just being brokers, they understand the process and have great people in place throughout the organization. They are always asking, what I can do to help” or “what do you need” to either promote or add value to our customers, which gives great freedom knowing they are looking out for my customers. I have a couple core brokers that I work very closely with as well, and know if i ever need help or am out of town, any customer will be taken care of. Plus, our marketing team is incredible, and is always looking for ways to build content and promote listings."


Q. How is the level of support you receive at United Yacht Sales? Do you feel like there is a team behind you and your clients helping to get your boat sold?

A. "Yes, It really is amazing. The UYS team is incredible. I do feel like everyone is in your corner, always asking what they can do to help, or what you need to make a deal happen. There is so much more that goes into selling a yacht, that happens behind the scenes-and I am very grateful for each person that helps in the process. We really have an incredible team!"


Q. How has owning a youth surf camp in your past helped you with managing your business now? What experiences did you learn from?

A. "I started teaching surf lessons over 20 years ago and working for different surf shops around the area. When I was 23, I had an idea to start a surf camp, after a friend asked me to babysit their kids at the beach for a couple forward a couple years, and 3 kids became 20, which became 100, and now we run the same program 11 weeks a year, with over 1100 kids and almost 40 staff members. When dealing with kids, weather, and the ocean, no day is ever the same, it’s very unpredictable, and have to learn and adjust your plan on the fly-you have to be fluid and keep things fun and exciting. The preparation and the systems my partner Melissa (which is my mom) and I have created over time, are key to keeping everyone safe and making it really fun! We work really hard so parents are comfortable and the kids have the best week ever! You’ve got to see them after a couple days of camp, even the 4 yr olds are standing up and sometimes doing headstands on the boards!"

brett at surf camp for kids


Q. Tell us about your experience with Boosterthon and how you were involved?

A. "I got involved just after college with Boosterthon, which is an elementary school fundraising program. Our team was responsible for bringing the program to South Florida, which was really fun. Overall, it was a really good experience and training for the future, because every day, you were speaking to groups of kids and parents, and putting on events for entire schools. Little did I know, that would be a huge influence on the way I work with kids at the summer camp!"


Q. What has it been like to become successful in the same industry that your Father is in? What lessons were you able to take from him and apply to your own business?

A. "It’s fun and gives us new things to talk about all the time. Also, we work all the same boat shows, so it’s nice to spend that time together...and it's always fun to see who can sell more boats or who can close a higher dollar value in sales every year—I’ve yet to do either haha....But I learned my work ethic, values, and principles all from him, so I really look up to him, and think a lot of people in the industry do as well."


Q. Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

A. "I’ll be 56 then, and hopefully still doing what I love, on the water, just with a family of my own. I am happiest when I am making a difference and helping people, so in time, maybe the “what I’m doing” would change, but the “why” would still be the same. If you asked me 20 years ago the same question, I probably would have been way off on what I was doing, but life is an adventure and I wouldn’t change anything about it!"


With over 250 yacht brokers worldwide, United Yacht Sales has the largest network of boat buyers and sellers in the industry. We focus 100% of our efforts and marketing budget on our clients' listings, not new boat inventory or trade-ins we own. The result is a personal experience with our expert sales and support teams that will leave you excited to get on the water and satisfied with your experience. United Yacht Sales looks forward to many years of a successful relationship with Brett Jenkins and his clients!

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