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photo of Who Makes Downeast Style Boats And Which Are The Best?

Who Makes Downeast Style Boats And Which Are The Best?

By Robert Bowman | Posted On Jan 19, 2023
Updated On Jul 28, 2023

Owners of downeast yachts love this particular type of vessel not just because of its traditional, classic design, but also because of the comfortable ride it provides, while also being more fuel efficient than many other boats of similar size. Much of the socializing activity on downeast boats are enjoyed from the aft deck, which features a generous seating area, a large table for al fresco dining, and often has entertainment options likes a stereo system, television, and refrigeration.

In looking at all pre-owned yachts for sale in the last five years, the industry is averaging 700 downeast boat sales per year. 2021 was exceptional with nearly 1,000 pre-owned downeast boats sold, while the lack of inventory across the brokerage market in 2022 led to fewer sales. "The demand for downeast boats is still there," said Captain Jeff Palmer, President of UYS. "Looking at the last 12 months, you can see that it's taking just over 130 days on average for this style of boat to sell once listed. Many are selling in 30 to 60 days."

If you're new to this style of vessel you might be wondering, who makes downeast style boats? The main downeast builders include Sabre Yachts, Back Cove, Mainship, Grand Banks, and Hinckley. These shipyards are well-equipped to produce upwards of 40 to 50 boats per year. There are other custom downeast builders as well, including brands like Hunt Yachts, MJM, Legacy Yachts, and Reliant Yachts. According to the yacht brokerage industry MLS service, Sabre Yachts led the pre-owned downeast market in the U.S. with over 80 boats sold.

Of the Sabre Yachts sold, the 42 and 38 Salon Express were the most popular models.


How To Choose The Right Downeast Boat For You?

Without a doubt, the first thing to do when considering purchasing either a new or pre-owned downeast yacht is to find a professional, reputable yacht broker. This can not only help you select the right brand and model for you, but also save money, time, and stress. An experienced yacht broker knows the market and the reputation of the various builders, helping you to quickly sift through boats you may have wasted time on if searching on your own.

Having a conversation with one of our brokers will include discussing your budget, where you plan to boat, your equipment needs on board, and your overall skill level. Our broker can access boats both on and off the market by utilizing our biggest strength - our people. UYS has over 250 yacht brokers and is the largest brokerage firm in the world. We use custom-built technology to allow our brokers to interact with one another, often finding available boats for clients that are unknown to the rest of the industry.

United Yacht Sales uses a combination of two different MLS systems to bring you the most available downeast boats for sale on the internet. We invite you to search some of the most well-respected brands:

(Below: The Hunt Yachts Surfhunter line is popular on the brokerage market. The Hunt Surfhunter 29 is seen below.)

hunt yachts surfhunter downeast

Thanks to increased demand, new boaters in the market, and the rise in number of wealthy households, a recent report shows the yacht market growing considerably through 2027. This should allow the downeast builders to increase production and invest in new models.


When You're Ready To Sell Your Downeast Yacht

If you currently own a downeast boat that is valued at over $200,000, it makes sense from a fiscal standpoint, and an emotional one, to enlist the help of a professional yacht broker. While you may get lucky finding a buyer at your marina or placing an ad on a classified listing website, nothing can take the place of the ability for our team to get your boat in front of the right people. With an average of one yacht sold every 12 hours, there is no better professional brokerage form to list and sell your boat. Here are a few advantages we offer:

  • The largest network of buyers and sellers in the industry
  • A massive website that delivers well over 100k unique visitors per year
  • Your listing sent out to over a hundred websites in the industry
  • An incredible social media following on Facebook and Instagram
  • Nearly 100,000 boaters in our email marketing list
  • Professional photography and video (as seen above) marketed in the right places
  • Professional content writer on staff to write a search engine friendly description of you boat
  • Big investment with and that gains thousands of visitors for your boat

These are just some of the methods we use to find the right buyer for your downeast boat. If you would like to receive a no-hassle, no-cost market valuation proposal on your boat from one of our downeast experts, simply fill out the form here: What's My Yacht Worth?


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