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With origins in the Scandinavia, Albin Boats were built in the North Sea workboat design tradition to be capable of handling the very rough sea conditions off the Swedish coast. Albin Marine got its start in 1899 as a Swedish marine diesel engine and boat manufacturer.

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The company’s first vessels were sailboats launched in 1929. Albin entered the US market in 1966 and established a global presence, but it wasn’t until 1969 that the first powerboat was introduced—the Albin 25 Double Cabin. During the 1980s, thousands of Albin offshore trawlers were built in Taiwan. In the late 1980s, focus shifted to “Downeast” cruising and fishing boats.

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Some Albin owners have questioned the validity of the “Downeast” designation, but the style has been influenced by workboats, whether the Maine lobster fishing boats that originated the Downeast style, or the Swedish fishing workboats of the North Sea. The true Downeast semi-displacement hulls provide a safe, predictable ride at 12-18 knots in any sea condition, and go back to a long line of rugged ocean-proven workboats—sailing sloops and schooners of the 19th century with full displacement hulls that were relied on by generations of fishermen to take them out and return safely again in any weather.

When sail transitioned to power, the full displacement hull was modified to semi displacement; builders kept the long, narrow hull proportions, but shortened the keep (skeg), which is similar to a sailboat’s keel, though not ballasted. Eventually the Downeast hull developed into a longer, wider 3 to 1 length to beam proportion. The keel/skeg helps keep the boat steady, especially in a beam sea, minimizing rolling/heaving and also protects the boats running gear in case of groundings. And as engines got larger and heavier, fishermen’s workboats were built with flatter aft sections to support the engine’s weight and bulk, while retaining the traditional flared bow with wave-slicing fine entry. The Downeast hull design, built on 100-year workboat traditions, is optimized for a very comfortable, dry, sea kindly, safe ride in all kinds of sea and weather conditions.

Albin owners mention the same experience of seaworthiness and economical to run, though some later models, such as the 28TE (Tournament Edition series) were designed with planing hulls to satisfy the market demand for greater speed.

By 2007, as an established brand recognized for being extremely seaworthy, Albin was building trawlers, motor yachts, and tournament express yachts in a 147,000 square foot fabrication facility in Portsmouth, RI. Unfortunately, economic conditions in late 2007 hit the boat building industry especially hard and Albin was sold to Bladen Composites in North Carolina, but in 2009, Bladen was also forced to shut its doors. Some of the Albin molds found their way to C & C Marine in Bristol, RI, an experienced high-quality manufacturer of several top local brands.

Today, the only way to enjoy a handcrafted, diesel-powered Albin with its timeless lines and “North Sea Workboat” traditions, is with a well-cared for preowned Albin. Currently there are 32 Albins of varying models available in the USA yacht MLS ranging from model years 1976 to 2008. From 1976 to 1999 there are 16 models ranging in listing price from about $16,000 for a 1976 Albin 25 Deluxe to about $150,000 for a 1980 Albin 36 Trawler. From 2000 to 2008, there are 16 models ranging in listing price from about $79,000 for a 2005 Albin 28 TE Flush Deck to about $390,000 for a 2007 Albin 45 Command Bridge Sports Cruiser.

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