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photo of Steps To De-Winterize Your Boat

Steps To De-Winterize Your Boat

By Emilie Barland | Posted On Mar 01, 2017
Updated On Feb 25, 2019

Spring is around the corner and for us boating fanatics out there this means that boat season is about to begin. But before you take out your favorite vessel, you need to de-winterize them first.

If you had stowed away the boat properly before the cold weather months, then de-winterizing it should be no problem at all. However, even boats that are properly stowed away need to be inspected before they head to the water.

For starters, clean the boat thoroughly inside out. While you’re at it, check for gouges or cracks in the hull. After getting the interior and exterior of your boat clean, you’re ready to take the next steps to de-winterize your boat and hit the waters.

1. Check your engine thoroughly. Change oil and remember that adding the right oil will keep your engine in top performance.

2. The cooling system should have been drained before the boat was stored for winter. This is to prevent coolant lines from freezing. To be safe before re-filling your systems, make sure there are no cracks or holes in any lines from coolant residue.

3. Check your battery. Use a battery tester to check volts and amps. Make sure to clean off any corrosion.

4. Clean the distributor by first removing its cap and hook up all connections tightly.

5. Carefully inspect the fuel line for any cracks from winter’s freezing temperatures. Replace the fuel filter if it wasn’t replaced prior to winterization. If no additive has been put in the gas to prevent water contamination, drain and replace the stale gas from the fuel tank.

6. Replace any belts that may have a lot of “give” or built up soot.

There you have it. A great starter checklist to get your yacht or boat out of storage an onto open waterways. Your boat is now ready to sail confidently during the season.

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