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photo of What Is Everyone Saying About Silent Yachts Being 100 Percent Solar Powered?

What Is Everyone Saying About Silent Yachts Being 100 Percent Solar Powered?

By Rob Bowman | Posted On Jun 27, 2019
Updated On Jun 03, 2020

Silent Yachts are the first solar-powered and sustainable ocean-going production boat to be succesfully built. This statement inherently comes with a level of skepticism from boaters. How can a yacht function just on solar power and be a reliable cruising vessel? What about if it rains for several days? There must be an engine somewhere on the boat, right?nbsp;

Designed as a luxury power catamaran for increased stability and livable space, Silent Yachts powers their models through cutting-edge processes that harness the energy produced from the solar panels into a series of light-weight, lithium batteries that are among the most sophisticated in the world. With no diesel engines and even the generators running on solar power, Silent Yachts offers yacht owners the chance to enjoy noiseless, fume-less, self-sufficient "green" cruising. (Side note: Owners do have the option to have a hybrid set-up where there is a back-up engine and fuel-powered generator if desired.) In fact, Silent Yachts has proven themselves so thoroughly, the first 4 hulls of the new Silent 80 have already been sold and the first one will be delivered in 2020.

There are two models currently in production, the Silent Yachts 55 and Silent Yachts 80, however only the 55 to date has been launched. Now that the Silent 55 has made it's way to boat shows and been toured by editors, what is everyone saying?

Silent Yachts Is Racking Up Awards!

Thanks to its unique concept, dedication to the environment, and high-level of quality in construction and materials, Silent Yachts has won numerous awards in the past several months. "The word is out on Silent Yachts truly being fully solar-powered," said Dave Sell, United Yacht broker and Silent Yachts Brand Manager. "Cruising enthusiasts love the benefits of the power catamaran as far as space, storage, and living options. Combine those factors with the benefits of being solar-powered and offering an unlimited range, and you have a very compelling option. The power catamaran market has been growing rapidly for the last several years with owners using the boats part-time and then chartering the yacht part-time in the Caribbean or 'Med'. Now the magazines have caught on and editors are awarding Silent Yachts left and right!"

Silent Yachts recently won the Certificate of High Commendation in the Innovation Category at the Ocean Awards in London! In its fourth year, the Ocean Awards recognize and reward those in the marine industry for a commitment to fixing the largest solvable problem on the planet - the crisis in our oceans.


Back in May, the Silent 55 also received a "Highly Commended" recognition at the Motor Boat Awards. Out of hundreds of boat designers and builders, Silent Yachts was chosen to receive this for innovation and commitment to creating a new "green" yachting experience. The Motor Boat Awards are "the only marine awards with the motor boat buyers' best interests at heart", according to the ceremony description.

Back in March, Silent Yachts also won the Environmental Recognition at the UIM Environmental Awards in Monaco! This award recognizes outstanding achievement by companies who are leading in innovation, vision, and commitment to raising standards of environmentally conscious products. Below is an interview with Marcello Maggi who offers insight into the benefits of Silent Yachts.

Yachting Industry Magazines Can't Stop Talking About Silent Yachts

The tried and true test of any new yacht is how well they are accepted by the industry media. Publications like Yachting Magazine or Power & Motor Yacht will often cover any new boat that comes on the market, but only the select few that demonstrate to be of the highest quality and innovation are regularly featured. Silent Yachts is proud to have earned the respect and recognition from some of the most tenured marine industry editors in the world.

The new Silent Yachts 55 was also recently featured on the cover of Asian Pacific Boating. Owners in the U.S. should take note of this as chartering is certainly an option after purchase. Being a power catamaran has its advantages when it comes to chartering and is an obvious choice when vacationing in the Caribbean or Mediterranean. Owners could potentiall use the boat personally part-time and then charter it part-time to offset the costs of ownership.

Silent Yachts chose United Yacht Sales as their representative in the industry because of our expertise on power catamarans, our commitment to our customers to provide outstanding service, and our vast network of brokers which is known as the largest in the industry. Untied will be representing Silent Yachts in the U.S. and at all upcoming major boat shows. If you have any interest in learning more about Silent Yachts or their availibility, please contact Dave Sell at (610) 751-4719 or Darren Sell at (561) 351-7333.

Previosuly written article about Silent Yachts: "Solar Power Meets Luxury Cruising With Silent Yachts"

Seen below: Impressions of the new Silent 80 Power Catamaran:


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