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photo of Hatteras Yachts: Your Resource Guide To Buying A New Boat

Hatteras Yachts: Your Resource Guide To Buying A New Boat

By Rob Bowman | Posted On Dec 27, 2018
Updated On Jun 03, 2020

For the last 60 years, Hatteras Yachts has been "obsessively over-building" every model simply because this is in the DNA of the company. It is a result of living in a part of the world that can produce some of the angriest seas around, namely Cape Hatteras to which they attribute their name. The Hatteras factory was built in New Bern, North Carolina right off of the Atlantic Coast and near some of the most turbulent offshore waters on the Eastern Seaboard. It was the vision of Willis Slane, the founder of Hatteras Yachts, to design and construct a yacht that would be uncompromising in its build, unrelenting in its performance, and unmatched in its craftsmanship. The rough Cape Hatteras seas were often too much for Slane's wooden boat to handle safely offshore. Each vessel would need to be built to such standards if it were to challenge the open ocean in search of billfish. Willis Slane, who had a strong passion for big game fishing, hired the young Jack Hargrave to create a boat that was both functional for fishing and family cruising, but also durable enough to withstand the angry seas off of Cape Hatteras.

The first Hatteras built was aptly named Knit Wits and was called a "Convertible", due to the open-air, upper helm station and its ability to transform into a family-friendly cruising boat. Knit Wits was important not just for Hatteras, but also for the entire boating industry as it challenged other boat builders to improve their designs.

Today, Hatteras Yachts is one of the most iconic sportfish and motor yacht builders in the world with models from 45 to over 100 feet. Hatteras even recently resurrected Cabo Yachts with a new design for one of the most popular models ever built, the 41 Open Express.

In this Hatteras Yachts resource guide for new owners, we will touch on the available models being offered by Hatteras, what makes a Hatteras special, a look at the pre-owned Hatteras market, and tips on what to expect as the owner of one. The team at United Yacht Sales has spent hours at the Hatteras factory learning about the product and have the expertise to help you find the right model for your needs. Give us a call today at (609) 780-0309 to start your journey on owning a new or pre-owned Hatteras today.


What makes a Hatteras Yacht special?

 "People think we are crazy because our boats are a little bit heavier, but it's the strongest, most durable hull in the industry." - Lucas Harth, Hatteras Construction Manager

Hatteras was special from day 1 considering the first boat they ever built was the first fiberglass boat over 40 feet ever to be designed. Decades later, Hatteras continues to be a trend-setter with the launch of the brand new GT65 Carolina. The GT65 will be the industry's first hull to be infused with the stringer system to make on single part, resulting in reduced weight and an even stronger hull. It's this commitment to hull design and construction that makes each Hatteras special. Today, Hatteras is one of the only boat builders in the world that uses a solid fiberglass bottom. Competing manufacturers substitute a core or wood bottom to reduce cost, but at the same this this decreases its overall strength and durability. While a Hatteras may be slightly heavier than similar models built elsewhere (The Hatteras GT59 at 59'9" weighs 89,000lbs while the Viking 58C at 58' 11" weighs just over 80,000lbs) the comfort at cruising speed, and even at WOT, is noticeable. Additionally, the new models are designed with a convex and modified-v hull shape as well as double chine and side "step-outs". This gives each Hatteras the best performance possible under any sea condition and ensures that everyone on board will stay dry and comfortable. The interior space also benefits from this as it gives more volume to each living space inside. Hatteras' commitment to building a boat worthy of battling the waters off of Cape Hatteras is apparent in every sportfish and motor yacht they build.

Video: A Look Inside The Hatteras factory and what makes them so unique:

Video: The Hatteras Experience 

Construction and design aren't the only reasons Hatteras has separated itself from the competition. They have also invested heavily in the owner's experience. Recently, Hatteras launched a complete ship management control system called Hattcon in select models. This yacht automation system has been fully integrated into a proprietary new interface that allows you to control everything from lighting on board, video streaming, AC & heat regulation, and all of the boat's montoring systems right through an app downloaded on your apple device. The new system was recently integrated into the Hatteras M90 Panacera, making it the new standard in yachting when paired with Hatteras' seakeeping abilities and high-quality fit and finishes. Below is an example of what some of the Hattcon interfaces look like:

Hatteras Yachts Hattcon Control System

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You've Decided You Want To Buy A Hatteras Yacht. What's Next?

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a new or slightly used Hatteras Yacht. What size should you get and what is your budget? Will there be a boat in stock or do I need to order one? If I order one, how long will that take? Do I need a captain or can I drive it myself? The best advice we can possibly give you at this stage of the process is to consult with an experienced United Yacht broker who knows the Hatteras market and can guide you through the process of determining what the best fit is for your needs. A thorough consultation about all of the steps in the process, what you need to determine you want as the buyer, and what decisions need to be made to help the factory execute on their commitment will help you feel more confident and comfortable with this important investment you are making for your lifestyle.

1.) Where can I physically get on to a Hatteras and learn about the different models? Boat Shows are a great place to spend time with an authorized factory representative and crawl on board each of the different models. Hatteras typically brings almost all of their new boat models to the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show in November and the Miami Boat Show in February. Regional shows like the Palm Beach Show tend to have some new models there, but not as many as the major shows. If you're serious about owning a Hatteras, this is truly the best way to get to know the boats. There are also factory tours where you can meet your United sales professional at the factory to see how each boat is built, meet with the design team, tour the wood-working facility, and see the different phases of production. Finally, the "Hatteras Club" is held once per year, generally at the end of Summer in South Florida. Potential owners are invited to this exclusive event for two days of sea trials, tours of each model, and introductions to the Hatteras team.

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2.) How financially strong is Hatteras as a company? It's no secret that Hatteras struggled through the economic recession from 2008 through 2011 like many other boat builders. It was in the wake of this event that Hatteras and Cabo were purchased from Brunswick Corporation by Versa Capital Management in 2013. Versa, based in Philadelphia, is a private equity investment firm with over $1 billion in assets which includes companies like Eastern Mountain Sports and Bob's Stores. Versa has injected Hatteras with enough capital to invest in new models (the Hatteras GT59 is a great example which will debut at the upcoming Miami Yacht Show) and build stock boats without waiting on customer orders. In other words, Hatteras Yachts has the financial backing to continue building the highest quality sportfishing and motor yachts for a very long time.

3.) I already own a boat and I need to sell it before I purchase a Hatteras. What do I do? You have three options - trade it in, sell it yourself, or list it with a professional yacht broker. The Hatteras factory has taken trades in the past and would need to evaluate your boat. Typically the trade in value you receive on a boat, no matter what company you work with, is going to be less money than if you sold it outright. Selling it yourself will recoup the most money but will be hard to do without access to putting it on the industry MLS database and Yachtworld. Selling it yourself is also a commitment in time as potential buyers will want to see it and sea trial it, sometimes multiple times. Hiring a professional United Yacht broker to list and sell your yacht means that your boat has access to the largest network of boat buyers and sellers in the world. With more than 150 brokers worldwide, no other firm has the number of team members we do that work together to sell your yacht. With our custom marketing program to help sell your existing boat quickly and for the highest price possible, you will be enjoying your new Hatteras in no time.

4.) Do I need to hire a captain? This is a conversation that your United Yacht broker will have with you. Whether or not you need a licensed captain depends on what Hatteras model you choose and the experience you have behind the helm. The new Cabo 41 Express or the Hatteras GT45X are greatly entry-level sportfishing boats that are perfect for an owner/operator. Once you move up to some of the larger motor yachts like the M75 Panacera or a bigger convertible like the GT70, a captain and crew may become a necessity. Captains can also be hired to professionally maintain your Hatteras from making sure it gets necessary service, cleaning it regularly, running the engines consistently, and keeping it in optimal shape. This makes it easier to sell when you're ready and can demand more of an asking price on the open market. United brokers typically have relationships with captains that can benefit our customers when one is needed. There are also web services like Boat Captain's Directory for example that can help you find a captain, however they will not have been vetted by our team.

5.) Why are new Hatteras Yachts so expensive? Hatteras Yachts are among the highest quality, best built boats in the industry and are not a lower tier brand. There is more that goes into the construction of a Hatteras along with the premium components on board that demand and deserve a higher price tag. From the vinylester resin infusion process to the high-level of quality control that goes into each vessel, there is simply more time and more expensive materials than less expensive competitive brands that don't deliver the same experience as a Hatteras. We recommend watching the BoatTest video called "Hatteras Yachts - Why So Expensive".


What Hatteras Model Should I Choose?nbsp;

Which Hatteras Model To Choose

The first question you need to ask yourself when trying to decide what Hatteras you want to buy is whether or not you want to fish. The Hatteras GT series is widely known as some of the best sport fishing yachts built today and compete in the major Billfishing tournaments. While the Hatteras sportfish can also be used for pleasure cruising due to their spacious interior accommodations, the Hatteras motor yacht Panacera series is for the more traditional yachtsman that values entertaining and extended cruising on board their yacht.

Hatteras Sportfish:

As mentioned earlier, the Hatteras GT45X is the entry-level model for the brand which also has three variations: the GT45X Open, the GT45X Flybridge, and the GT45X Sport Tower. Each option is powered with twin Cat C-12.9 diesel engines with the option to increase your horsepower to 850 MHP for an exhilarating performance. Hatteras builds five additional models from the GT 54 up to the GT70 which is the flagship model of the sportfishing series. The newest models are the GT 59 and GT65 Carolina, both of which benefit from the patented Hatteras hull design and reach speeds in excess of 40 knots.

Marlin Magazine Boat Review of the Hatteras GT45X Review of the Hatteras GT70

New Hatteras GT65 Carolina Sportfish

Hatteras Motor Yachts:

Hatteras may have started with building high-quality sportfishermen, but they have also become one of the top motor yacht builders in America today. The Panacera series begins at 60-feet with the M60 which Hatteras describes as "sleek, sporty, and deceptively spacious". The fully-fiberglass hull is stronger than normal thus providing more available space and larger windows for the interior of the yacht. The Hatteras M75 and M90 Panacera complete the model series in spectacular fashion. Each model features a stunning moon roof, massive flybridge space for entertaining, multiple relaxation zones, and accommodations that rival any competitive brand. Hatteras also recently announced plans to build a 105' Raised Pilothouse Motor Yacht which will be their largest resin-infused hull ever built.

The latest motor yacht model from the iconic builder, the M98 Panacera, might only be 100-feet in length overall, but she was designed like a superyacht. Offered in either an open flybridge, partially enclosed skylounge, or fully enclosed bridge, the personalization options are seemingly endless. Built for both cruising and formal entertaining, the outdoor social spaces rival any luxury European yacht while the Hatteras fully fiberglass hull performs tremendously. There are multiple propulsion options as well from CAT and MTU from 1,600 BHP to 2,600 BHP diesel engines.

Boattest Review of the Hatteras M60 Panacera

Power & Motor Yacht Test The Hatteras M90 Panacera

Hatteras Yachts M90 Panacera Model Series 


Why does Hatteras use Caterpillar engines for their new models? From the GT45X to the M90 Panacera, every Hatteras is powered by a Caterpillar (CAT) engine. It's widely known that CAT marine engines set the standard for quality, reliability and performance even under strenuous decisions. With Hatteras having a slightly heavier hull than the competition, it was important for Hatteras designers to still be able to reach certain speeds at cruise and WOT. The new GT59 for example is powered with twin CAT C-32A diesel engines which offer the option to increase horsepower to 1,622 MHP. Even though she weighs 89,000 pounds, the GT59 is still able to attain a top speed over 40 knots. So, performance is important to Hatteras which was a main reason for choosing Cat to power each boat, but the after-service focus on the customer is what also sets CAT apart. CAT Concierge Service puts their marine engine professionals literally a phone call away for general maintenance and service questions as well as factory access to get issues fixed quickly. The extended service coverage offered by CAT also gives Hatteras owners peace of mind when it comes to the unknown maintenance issues that could potentially arise.

Here is a video walk-around on the CAT C-32A engines that power the GT59 and other models:


You've Looked At Your Options And Decided A Pre-Owned Hatteras Is The Best Choice. What Now?

With a company that has been building boats for more than 60 years, there are an abundance of different choices available on the market today (more than 500 pre-owned Hatteras Yachts on just the United States). This is where the team at United Yacht Sales can really make it easy on you. By employing one of our United brokers to help you find the right Hatteras for you, our team will diligently scour the open market to find the best options based on your criteria. They will also use our network of over 150 yacht brokers worldwide to find any boats that may be for sale, just not currently listed on the MLS.

Not only will a United Yacht broker take the "heavy lifting" off of your plate by reviewing the history of each listing and speaking to the representing broker about its condition, but it is at absolutely at no cost to you. Every pre-owned boat sale has a commission that is paid by the seller and is then split amongst the brokers and the respective brokerage houses. So not only do you get the guidance and advice of a trained, experienced professional, but it also comes at no cost to you.

Finding the right boat for you, getting a professional survey done, knowing how to understand that survey, negotiating the price of the boat, and knowing what paperwork needs to be completed are just a few of the important steps to purchasing a boat that can be daunting. United has some of the most tenured and respected yacht brokers in the industry that can make your boat buying experience memorable and enjoyable. If you aren't already working with a United Yacht broker, you can find one in your area by visiting our Search For A Broker page.

United Yacht Sales is a dealer for new Hatteras Yachts in the New Jersey market. For information on purchasing a new Hatteras, please contact Scott White at (609) 780-0309.

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