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photo of Top Luxury Features You Can Add To Your Yacht

Top Luxury Features You Can Add To Your Yacht

By Emilie Barland | Posted On Nov 21, 2017
Updated On Feb 25, 2019

When buying a yacht, there’s a lot to consider. The type, size, features. It’s a lot to take in and can make the process all the more confusing. When buying a luxury yacht, though, there’s even more to look at. Luxury yachts can have many different features installed that may or may not be common on a smaller, more common craft. From Jacuzzis to cinemas and beyond, luxury yachts have it all and we’re here to help you figure out what you want to add to your dream boat.

Below are the top four luxury yacht features that are added to customized yachts.

Cinemas — While it wouldn’t seem like you’d want to just sit and watch a movie while you’re on the ocean, but cinemas are one of the top choices for an added feature. After a long day of play, sometimes you just want to put your feet up and watch a film or two in your personal cinema on the sea. Cinemas can be small, medium or large, with many seats or just enough for you and your special someone. Whether you’re using a large screened television or a projector and screen is up to you as well. There are many options to choose from, and your custom designer will help you figure out exactly what you want.

Beach Clubs — Beach clubs are those small docks on the back of the boat that were previously built to launch your water toys from. Now, though, they’re used for more than just launching and swimming. Often used as a water level deck, where parties, socializing, or just relaxing can take place, a beach club is a great addition to your yacht. Often when adding a beach club, one tends to add a bar and seating and deck chairs for sunning in. Even if you’re not looking for a luxury yacht and just want a simple yacht to relax on with your friends and family, a beach club would not go amiss.

Jacuzzis — There’s no better way to relax than in a hot tub, even when you’re on the water, to begin with. After a long day of play, soaking your muscles in a Jacuzzi on the deck of your yacht is a good way to unwind and take in the sights. Often, the Jacuzzi will be outdoors on one of the upper levels, allowing for the most stunning views the oceans have to offer. With deck chairs and refreshments nearby, you won’t want to leave for hours. If you want even more luxury, you can have your own personal spa as well, equipped with massage tables or saunas, depending on who you want aboard your yacht with you.

Gyms — Exercise is important to many, and having access to a gym may be something that you want even when you’re vacationing on the sea. It’s not difficult to get treadmills, stationary bikes and more onto a yacht, and if you want them there then they should have somewhere to live. If you’re looking to design the perfect place for your personal gym, consider glass-enclosed rooms, so that you can enjoy the views while you exercise. Of course, with your yacht, it’s up to you where everything goes.

If you’re looking to buy a luxury yacht, or build one, then it’s time to start considering what you want to be added to it. When built from scratch, you can easily add features to your desire, but you don’t have to worry when buying a prebuilt ship either. Yachts can be customized even after they’re built if you’ve got people that know who to do so. We’re here to help, so feel free to contact us.

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