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photo of Father's Day Gift Ideas For Boating Dads

Father's Day Gift Ideas For Boating Dads

By Rob Bowman | Posted On Jun 07, 2021
Updated On Mar 23, 2022

Another Father's Day is upon us and what better way to celebrate Dad than with the best new boating accessory that perfectly fits how he likes to enjoy the water. Forget the ties or the new socks, Dad wants something new for the boat. For the ole' guy that has everything under the sun, there is always something new in the world of boating from tools, to electronics, accessories, and apparel.

Whether he owns a motor yacht or a sailboat, the sea is wide open for possibilities when it comes to boating gift ideas in all price ranges. With over 200 professional yacht brokers worldwide at United Yacht Sales, we asked a few of the Dads on the team to give us their feedback on what the best boating accessory gift ideas for Father's Day.


Gift Idea #1 - Customized Gaff With Your Dad's Boat Name On It

customized gaff for sportfish owner

UYS broker Greg Graham is a father, an avid angler, a successful yacht broker, and a professional captain for the owner of a tournament sportfishing boat. "Fishing gear is usually a pretty safe bet for a gift on Father's Day," said Greg. "No matter if he has one or not, saltwater and the sun take its toll on everything. If it were me, I think a customized gaff with his boat name on it would be a great idea."

Gaff company Stingerz offers high-quality customized gaffs (which they also refer to as 'Meat Stickz) that can be turned around fast. From 2 feet to 7 feet, the custom gaffs are available in a variety of weights, colors, designs, and materials. For an extra charge, Stingerz can build your customized gaff for you in 3 days. For more information, visit their website at


Gift idea #2 - Ironwood Pacific Top Snapper Canvas Snap Tool

top snapper canvas tool for boat

Save your Dad's hands this Father's Day with the Ironwood Pacific Top-Snapper Canvas Snap Tool. "The Top-Snapper works great on canvas snaps," said Dennis Demole, boating industry veteran for almost 40 years. "This is a great tool for sailboat owners. It works on rusted or corroded snaps, which happens over time, with all canvas. This is a handy tool that any boater will use almost anytime they go out cruising." 

Dennis, who currently has a 60' Beneteau Oceanis listed for sale, continued that the best place to order the Top Snapper was probably Amazon. We found it for $19.95 on and with free shipping!


Gift idea #3 - Personalized Decanter With Your Dad's Boat Name

personalized liquor decanter for boat

If your father likes to entertain guests on his boat, a personalized liquor decanter with his name or his boat's name would make an excellent gift. "A lot of my motor yacht clients enjoy a whiskey or scotch while enjoying the evening with friends," said Captain Jeff Palmer, professional broker. "I think any father would appreciate having a nice decanter and glasses with his boat name etched in them.

The Crystal Cave (TheCrystalCave.US) was created by an Austrian designer living outside of Chicago and has been in business since 1969. Their decanters and glasses can all be engraved with any name you choose and feature a nautical theme. is another personal engraver of decanters and other products that can quickly turn around orders. For more information on their products, you can email


Gift Idea #4 - BOTE Floating Private Island

bote floating private island

"As someone who loves to take their boat out to the sandbar for the day, the BOTE floating private island would make an awesome Father's Day present, said Rob Bowman, United Marketing Director. "As a center-console owner who doesn't have a ton of room for water toys, bringing this along for the kids is perfect. They can use it to jump off of and the adults can use it too for games." has several accessories that go with it too including a pump and travel sling. The material is military-grade PVC skin which means it's not only tough, but it going to last awhile as well. Yacht owners could even use this off of the swim platform for an extended space at the transom.


Gift idea #5 - Garmin Marine InReach

Garmin InREach for boaters

If there's anyone that knows a thing or two about boating accessories that make good gifts, it's Mordy Miltz. Mordy started out in the industry at age 19 and operated a fishing supply company. Mordy is now one of United's most successful brokers and is knowledgeable about everything from sportfish to downeast boats. "The Garmin InReach is a great gift for any boater, regardless of the holiday," said Mordy. "If you're fishing a tournament or just cruising up the coastline, it lets you keep in touch when your cell phone loses signal."

The Garmin InReach ( offers everything from weather forecasts, GPS, navigation, tracking, and two-way messaging. The Garmin InReach is even compatible with other Garmin devices like the Garmin watch.

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