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photo of Yacht Sales Grow 29 Percent In 2021

Yacht Sales Grow 29 Percent In 2021

By Rob Bowman | Posted On Jan 06, 2022
Updated On Mar 23, 2022

At United Yacht Sales, we call ourselves 'A Service Company For Yacht Brokers' and this mantra has stayed consistent since we opened our doors twenty years ago. Our belief is that if we provide exceptional customer service and support to our team of professional yacht brokers, that our clients purchasing a yacht or selling their own will benefit in their experience. From providing expert advice, to thoroughly evaluating the options available on the market that fit your needs, to utilizing our industry leading support team to advertise your yacht and manage its closing, we strive to make every encounter extraordinary.

With over 200 professional yacht brokers worldwide, United Yacht Sales has developed the largest network of boat buyers and sellers available anywhere. Thanks to the efforts of our team and the continued loyalty of our customers, we are pleased to announce another year of double-digit growth in 2021. Here is a snapshot of our year in sales:

  • Total sales in 2021 grew 29% over 2020. This is after a 31% growth last year over 2019
  • Commission to our brokerage team grew 52% over 2020. This is after a 34% growth last year over 2019.
  • Our average price per deal increased 20%.
  • Unique visitors to increased 26% over 2020. This is after a 60% increase last year over 2019.

"Even though we've grown substantially in the last few years, UYS still very much feels like a family-owned, close-knit company," said Captain Jeff Palmer, co-owner of United Yacht Sales. "This is a professional brokerage firm designed by Peter Schmidt, a longtime successful broker who really understands the complexity of buying or selling a yacht. As a partner now in the company, keeping the focus on the success of our brokerage team is my number one priority."

Recently, United Yacht Sales also entered into a partnership with ForumPay, a leading global cryptocurrency payment technology provider. This partnership gives our customers the ability to buy a yacht using cryptocurrency. The seller receives their funds normally, as the conversion from crypto to fiat is done through ForumPay.

"The yacht sales environment right now is still a seller's market," continued Jeff. "Pre-owned boats that are late-model, have the right options, and are well-maintained are selling fast and for a higher price. If you're considering selling your yacht, we invite you to visit our 'Why Choose United Yacht Sales' page and learn about how we focus our efforts on your vessel differently than our competition."

For more information, please don't hesitate to contact our main office in Stuart, Florida at 1-772-463-3131.

Below is a small snapshot of some of the featured yachts sold in 2021 by UYS:

As you can see, our team sells a diverse mix of motor yachts, sport fishing boats, and other vessel types. Please don't hesitate to contact us today to receive a free market evaluation on your yacht.

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