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photo of New Renderings And A Look Inside The New Hatteras GT65 Carolina

New Renderings And A Look Inside The New Hatteras GT65 Carolina

By Rob Bowman | Posted On Jun 20, 2019
Updated On Jun 03, 2020

Update - March, 2020

The GT65 Carolina made its debut at the Miami Yacht Show in February to an excited crowd. While official photography has not yet been realized, local CAT dealer Gregory Poole Marine was able to capture the GT65 Carolina "FISH TANK" heading to the show.

Hatteras has also released several new renderings of the interior. As you can see below, the dining area and galley counter offer great seating with a view. The interior styling is similar to what you would see in the Hatteras luxury motor yacht line.

Hatteras GT65 Dining area

The master stateroom on the GT65 Carolina offers plenty of room and storage for your fishing trips. The large island berth has storage under the mattress as well as in two nightstands on either side. There is access to the en suite bathroom and it has its own entertainment options.

Hatteras gt65 Carolina Master Suite

Custom rod storage anyone? Stay organized and keep your fishing gear in top condition with this generously sized rod storage room. United Yacht Sales would be pleased to answer any of your questions about availability and pricing of the Hatteras GT65 Carolina. For more information, please contact our Hatteras Brand Manager Scott White at (609) 780-0309 or by email at

Hatteras GT65 Rod Storage

Original article below, June 2019:

It's no secret that Hatteras is on the cusp of innovation in yachting. For years, the North Carolina builder has developed some of the most prolific sportfish and motor yachts available on the market today. The Hatteras GT59, the most recent model to debut along with the new Cabo 41, cemented the return of Hatteras among the elite yacht brands in the industry. Not ones to rest on their laurels, the new GT65 Carolina will debut later this year and threatens to be the most cutting-edge sportfish of the GT-series.

“The design goals for the GT65 Carolina were greater speed, improved efficiency, better fuel economy, and a smoother ride,” said Glenn L. Spain, Hatteras and Cabo Yachts mechanical engineering manager. "In order to achieve this," he continued, "the engineering team used high-tech Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis to test and refine the GT65 Carolina’s new hull-form. We create a digital model of the hull in the computer. We locate the center of gravity, weight of the boat and the desired speed. The program iterates the calculations for power required until the result converges. This takes approximately 23 hours per data point. We ran dozens of data points to establish the idea design for weight and LCG.”

(Seen below: Click the image to view the video of Hull #1 of the GT65 Carolina being pulled from the mold at the Hatteras Yachts factory in New Bern, NC.)

Image 0298:

Another new feature of the hull design on the GT65 Carolina is the new propeller tunnel design. This proprietary hull design is a result of years of Hatteras GT Sportfish series hull testing and research that has evolved over time. The new propeller tunnel entry design allows improved water flow into the propeller which results in more thrust per horsepower.

United Yacht Sales took a deeper look at the new Hatteras GT65 Carolina back in March when the first renderings were released from Hatteras.

(Seen below: New rendering of the Hatteras GT Carolina - cockpit view.)

hatteras gt65 carolina cockpit view 

Powered with twin Caterpillar C-32A 1600HP diesel engines as its standard power, owners do have the option to upgrade to either CAT C-32A 1800HP engines or 1900HP engines. While official testing has not yet been done, the GT65 Carolina is said to cruise in the mid-30 knot range and have a top-end speed of over 40 knots.

Hatteras Yachts' reputation for building some of the strongest hulls in the industry thanks to their philosophy of using solid fiberglass bottoms and only the very best materials possible. Visitors to the factory are sometimes treated to a live test that simulates what it's like to hit a log at 20 knots in a Hatteras.

Hatteras and Cabo Yachts Manager of Structure and Composites, Bob Arthur, had this to say about the process, “We used a technique to lay up the hull that we call ‘integrated infusion'." He continued,  “The longitudinal stringers, made of cross-linked PVC foam, are resin-infused at the same time as the hull, creating a monolithic unit. It saves weight and adds strength to the hull. We used a relatively new vinylester resin formula and special fiberglass in the layup. In the end, the GT65 Carolina doesn’t weigh appreciably more than the GT63."

(Seen below: A look at the infusion process of the GT65 Carolina inside the factory.)

Hatteras will also infuse the stringer system to the patented new hull which will make it one single, solid part. The result will be a further reduction in weight and increased performance, also an industry first.

(Seen below: A profile rendering of the new GT65 Carolina that will make its world premier later this year.)

hatteras gt65 carolina profile rendering 

Adding in a little more stability to the GT65 is easy for owners as the hull has been designed to accommodate twin Seakeeper 9's, the latest systems available. This dedicated space was added to the hull without compromising any fuel capacity or range on the yacht. If trolling for big game and staying overnight, the addition of the Seakeepers will ensure a comfortable and enjoyable journey, even if the seas get choppy.

(Seen below: Layout drawings of the propulsion system and dedicated space for the Seakeeper Gyros.)

layout drawings of the hatteras gt65 carolina

If you are interested in learning more about the Hatteras GT65 Carolina or any of the new Hatteras models or new Cabo models, please give United Hatteras Brand Manager Scott White a call at (609) 780-0309 or by email at

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(Seen below: A look up at the bow flare on the spectacular new Hatteras GT65 Carolina!)

bow flare on the hatteras gt65 carolina 


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